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final destination 2 2003


Oh hi,

You have reached the office of Death, We can not come to the phone right now as we are busy making asinine lists and planning elaborate ways to murder you.

But by all mean, Please listen to the following as our menu options have changed.

If you would like to report a gross injustice of death: press 9. (pause)

If you are calling to negotiate the terms of your surrender: press 8 and your call will be taken in the order it was received: average wait time – 300 years. (pause)

If you are calling about the Elevator to Hell: press 6. boop another 6. boop. and just once more. boop. You have chosen “Elevator to Hell” if you meant to select “Stairway to Heaven” please hang up and call back when you are a better person.

Still there?

Ok, If you are calling to report any of the following on the Elevator to Hell: “a faulty door that could decapitate a person” or “a guy with a box of hooks for arms” or “an inappropriate offer to lick your face” please stay on the line for an important message: (pause) It’s the Elevator to Hell. that’s it. that’s the message. It’s… the… Elevator to Hell…please hang up.

Also, don’t do drugs on the Highway to Hell.


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Final Destination 2 (2003) – If you create life that was never meant to be alive…then you cheat death and then Death rage quits to re-roll his list. Dude, Death, Chillax


  • Previously on Final Destination (1 year since the plane go boom)
  • 40 students. 4 Teachers Mount Abraham
  • All the kids died from 1
  • I appreciate you using the word Sinister…not supernatural.
  • I believe there is sort of force an unseen malevolent presence “The Devil” I prefer “Death itself”
  • You Dead you Dead.
  • Death gonna give it to ya. Uh…Death gonna give it to you.
  • What if you could do something about consequences
  • You can avoid it by being hyper vigilant
  • Teens on a road trip…the front yard goodbye with the parent.
  • These teens always have the best cars and the most loving parent with everything to live for.
  • Hey Girl…your brake fluid is leaking
  • Ha ha ha…the poor can lady…let’s laugh.
  • Can Lady, Pileup, 1 Year Anniversary, Highway to Hell,
  • Geez…took dad like 30 minutes to call about the transmission fluid
  • Biker Girl Titties.
  • Teenagers are horny and high.
  • I never have this much interaction with people on the interstate.
  • Things are falling into place.
  • Hice Pale Ale….Drink responsible.
  • This kid is making those trucks kiss. Spoiler
  • “You ever hear of the Ozone layer asshole?
  • All of these people are living on the razors edge.
  • This is the drug, alcohol, interstate…
  • This was a minute before distracted driving with electronic devices.
  • That cop ate it!
  • Murder Death Porn
  • ha…this is like PSA for shit not to do while driving.
  • Got to admit this is a pretty wicked opening. Too bad it’s all a dream
  • Burning truck of death.
  • Wow…that was a lot of vision.
  • Bus full of Pile Up…Chick in the bucket.
  • Kimberly is like…fook that.
  • How much weed do you have on you?
  • Be Cool! Daniel
  • Don’t blame it on the truck…that is the truck that is going to kill all of them.
  • This timeline don’t track with the 180 feet?
  • Ok…he saved her…so it skips her now. See I remember stuff!
  • oh…Flight 180…
  • Haha…love the horror tropes. Pretty smart how they laid this one out.
  • Scary story…but true…
  • 1 survivor! In the nut house!
  • This is a well crafted horror trope
  • The Different Strokes Curse
  • Mom must be dead.
  • Danger Evan is lucky to not be dead already…what is his relationship to the police chief?
  • Spaghetti Pan out the window. Hey E
  • Dude…cooking shirtless with oil….are you insane-o
  • EYE! Metal Magnet in Microwave
  • Evan won the lottery
  • haha…death don’t need to kill Evan..Evan kill Evan.
  • Evan is the smartest mofo…Death can’t kill you if you already dead.
  • That cop is surfing the dark web
  • Secrets of the Unkown.
  • neocities
  • Dude this is so the dark web…you don’t see this much death porn on the regular web
  • Route 23 – 18 People Dead
  • Brilliant…They needed to have a reason for disconnected individuals to connect. So they had Evan win the lottery so it would be iron enough that he died for it to be on the news but so low key that the reporters would not know he avoid death.
  • Why you have scary Marionettes
  • At the request of the patient…you got to come in naked if you want to visit.
  • Voluntary crazy
  • B 109
  • Ha! She has a murder trail wall.
  • Die in this order…death list
  • Someone intervened so you will be last on the list.
  • Wait! Death is mixing it up! Death learned his lesson…he’s going backwards!
  • “Watch out for the signs”
  • Alex got a brick to the head?
  • Clear be like…”I don’t care”
  • death by pigeons
  • “Oh Tim….If he gives me the gas and I wake up with pants unbuttoned…we ain’t paying.”
  • Death – The invisible spectre of doom.
  • 6th and 2pm 62!
  • Giving Tim the gas.
  • Man…if my Dentist was this cursy…I would have to reconsider
  • Oxygen 0 Nitros….nom nom nom…Goodbye Tim
  • haha…Tim is such a dick…Death is killing from the Dickiest to the less Dickiest.
  • If this guy in the hobbit hole owns a fiddle then we know how he beat the devil.
  • Ha! It’s the mortician.
  • Dead, yet still fresh.
  • Only new life can cheat death.
  • Life/Death it’s all in a circle.
  • If you create life that was never meant to be alive…then you cheat death and he rage quits?
  • New Life defeats death.
  • “Suck on my junk”
  • Kimberly is having visions….like a while bunch.
  • When does life begin? The age old question.
  • Let me lick your face in an elevator bro.
  • Doubter dude
  • Why does she need a secret code word when she calls them?
  • I’m just gonna put this is the closet/deathtrap
  • Nora and Eugene are dead
  • If you are trying to avoid death…for sure don’t take and elevator.
  • Death is really into irony…he wants you to see signs of the pending death.
  • This elevator is possessed with creepy.
  • Nora was all like. I’m ready to die…and then when it comes…she was like…nope!
  • Eugene is a control freak.
  • Eugene…you got to Chillax
  • haha…Death won’t let Eugene go out on his own terms.
  • Death is trixie. Your water broke.
  • All these people barely escaped death last year.
  • You caught the Flight 180
  • A rift in death’s design.
  • Final Destination 2: Death Tidies up the Loose Ends
  • Poor Jethro…he will be in part 3. Aww damnit They saved that kid.
  • Would you throw out my box of shame? So my poor mom
  • More like the jaws of death.
  • Will it hurt when I die? Rory…nope.
  • Why do they let the vision quest lady drive.
  • Kalarjian…Naijralak
  • Death is all like…You are trapped in here with me.
  • It’s ok…it’s over…it’s totally not over! Cause she never died…son of a boot
  • Death gonna give it to ya. Nooo…not Clear.
  • The Lake, White Van, Doctor K, I have to drown
  • Get Kalarjian
  • That is a lot of trees in that ambulance.
  • A leap of faith.

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