Pork & Bean

My first real attempt at a comic. A comic about a slob of a man (pork) who takes on a roommate; a bean shaped pig. An odd couple of sorts. I have higher quality versions of this comic somewhere but I could not find them. I also had some more strips but I can not find them.

The current working title of my reboot centered around Bean is ‘…and the pig’

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A Mission Deep

 SciFi Comic Fun.

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Guy In A Bush

And finally my most fully realized comic.

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and finally. The comic that never made it to primetime. 



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  1. Brian Dunaway says:

    Thanks John! It was nice meeting you over at I’m glad to say that you guys are inspiring me to get back into my comic making ways! Kudos on your comic and I can’t wait to see your new site up and running.

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