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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we …uh… we …. hold on a second guys. There is a large metallic ball forming in my office. I hope this isn’t a repeat of the Phantasm Incident…oh it’s really crackling and popping…I don’t like it…oh wait…a naked lady just emerged.

“Pardon me ma’am…it’s not my birthday and that is no cake you just popped out of. Can I help you?” What’s that? You like my glasses…well thank you… they are from the Elton John collection…fun fact…not all of his glasses are covered in glitter and shaped like……hey! Don’t take those I need those to read the rest of this….this….Jethro…no! no! Intro! yeah…Intro.

Oh wait…another ball is forming…It’s a naked guy! He seems equally pissed! Hey guy! Strippers around back ….and you really can’t call yourself a stripper if you are already naked! I mean what are you going to take off! Your head…oh my god he did it…

Uh oh…he must have said something because she is gesturing for him to “talk to the hand”…and he is doing it…literally talking to her hand…but that ain’t no hand buddy…it’s a flamethrower….

Hey Hey Hey…take that fighting outside…I’m seeing a lot of holes and dangly bits I don’t care to see in this context…aaand now there is a hole in my wall…thanks guys!

Well I don’t know what that was all about but it appears that fate is trying to murder 2020 and this episode of Filmsack. But I don’t believe in fate…so suck it ya naked…pissed off…. piece of poo… Randy



Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) – Like asking Arnold Schwarznegger to rob an AM/PM Store for 30 Million dollars. Talk to the hand. Wait..give me the money. I’ll be back.


  • Will he be back?
  • Rumbly Intro
  • The Future has not been written…there is not fate but what we make for ourse…..NUKE! – Jon Connor don’t believe that.
  • They tried to murder me before I was born…and at 13…and at…
  • Mom said the storm was coming! 3 Billion Lives gone instantly…just us left.
  • We stopped Judgment day…but now…this life…
  • Living off the grid…no phone…no address…just this bad motoscooter a Terminator taught me how to use.
  • Is it always a skull intro for Terminator movies
  • Less than stellar CGI…but 2003
  • These bots are humanoid in apparence.
  • Bad Motoscooter in the dark dark wearing dark and going fast….Deer says…sup
  • Meanwhile in Beverly Hills. A store window.
  • Melty Manican
  • Terminators always show up nek’ed and with a bad attitude…
  • When a naked dude approaches guys laugh….naked lady….Can I get you some help!
  • Is she talking to a fax machine? “We need you to make your best 2003 modem face…”
  • This Terminator is not off the grid
  • In movies the police always talk to you from their loudspeakers in their car…happens in real life?
  • 20cc’s of cleveage stat.
  • I like your car…taken! I like your gun…taken…I like your cheeseburger….nooooo
  • She hates machines…she will be our love interest
  • Do father’s ever call their kids…kiddo? Hey Kiddo.
  • How many stars is her father.
  • She do no wanna get married.
  • Tricky Bastard Virus.
  • Use our AI! Noooo. Fly with a Bazooka
  • Skynet is not ready Daddy!
  • Now that is how you keep your Time Travel on the down low…pop your bubble out in the desert
  • Arnold Side Nipple!
  • Them dogs at the animal hospital be like…nooooo…those are my pills!
  • What kind of dog pills are good for on the run humans.
  • Stripper shows up naked is not stripper…he is just a naked guy.
  • haha…Talk to the hand! Hello hand.
  • Elton John glasses…I don’t think so.
  • T-1000 gear is pretty abundant…is that a choice when choosing your time travel landing spot
  • This drive thru is backwards.
  • Jose! You dead.
  • Global Digital Network
  • oh William…don’t tell crazy tracy who you are.
  • Just gonna do some doggy drugs and cutting.
  • We got a midnight (5:30 in the morning) sick cat coming in…that is some dedication.
  • Great we got junkies.
  • Chemical neuter dogs would be a bit risky
  • Crazy cat hairball lady’s cat’s name is Hercules.
  • Mike Cripkey’s basement…What does that mean!
  • His foster parents were murdered.
  • Catherine Brewster? A little late to ask…how about a blood DNA test. No!
  • Do Terminators have vision problems…they always looking through their eyebrows.
  • How does she have all the DNA database.
  • Catherine runs like a nerd
  • John Connor can not even break out a cage designed for a dog
  • Close range paint guns would hurt.
  • Gun or Truck. I choose truck.
  • Catherine Brewster…come with me.
  • Wow…she would just sell him out like that…
  • She is somewhere between mechanical and liquid
  • Good Terminator…or bad…Terminator
  • You can’t compete with that.
  • Hey son…your animal hospital van ain’t got no driver side door
  • Toyota Tundra…
  • Ok…Ok…I understand she could control electrons remotely…but how did she Maximum Overdrive mechanical things like shifting and steering.
  • Don’t yell at the driver
  • This is my company car…
  • Take this company car and shove it
  • ok…so she is a little bit OP
  • I am assuming nanobots?
  • I am the wide load champion…Who even needs a street with utility poles of people
  • uh oh…suburban neighborhood and front yard clearing could be easy kid death
  • Wiping Schwarzneggers from your wide load truck like a bug.
  • This is a massive care chase scene
  • How much large city equipment can we destroy
  • He is such a polite Terminator
  • Why can’t she just turn herself into a motorcycle and chase them?
  • No sign of Brain Trauma! nice check.
  • Drop dead asshole…I am unable to comply
  • A Tx was sent back? A Calculator?
  • We stopped Judgment Day…You only postponed it…It is inevitable.
  • Connor take the wheel.
  • Nano shit…there it is….
  • An Anti Terminator Terminator
  • Dropping fuel cells like tiny atomic bombs in the dessert
  • AM/PM store
  • This is Whack at the AM/PM Store
  • I need to shop like Schwarznegger at an AM/PM Store slamming shit into a basket.
  • She has a painful scream.
  • If she has Pet Doc 2…what is their other ride?
  • I have a fiance..he is going to be looking for me…I don’t like him…but he might.
  • Connor is a bit of a downer in the back of a beat up pet doc van.
  • Killing his captains.
  • Their paths cross every 10 years…or is that the convergence…they are going to be sweeties and make the baby that does the thing in the future.
  • TX is like a snake
  • Scott Mason Mask
  • Come with me if you want to Leave
  • I’ll be right back
  • No Fate But What We Make!
  • Don’t Do that.
  • Sarah Connor put a weapons stash in her will. They spread her ashes
  • Living in Baha. 6 months with Lukemia…fought for 3 years…long enough to make sure the world didn’t end
  • How did she shoot him in the face for him to spit out bullets
  • Thank gawd…just kill her already…she is all reasonable like a real person. I want fake movie people!
  • Anger is more useful that despair…basic psychology is one of his subroutines.
  • Right by the desert….Chest bursting hand for driving.
  • Cate…My name is Doctor Silverman…I’m a throwback…Hostage situation. Impossible things…crazy things.
  • hahah…Drop your weapon…and the coffin.
  • So is the doc in this triangle as well?
  • No Human Caualties…but a lot of pooped pants.
  • Contacts with military and his wife.
  • hey…that’s not my fiance!
  • Tx’s run fast
  • TX can take the form of any organic thing it touches…did it touch a snake? How about a cat?
  • We need a new vehicle. Valley of Peace is seen better days.
  • Primary weapon damaged..
  • Truck drive is nope….lady on the side of the road with a flamethrower for a hand…talk to the to the flamethrower
  • Healthy Female
  • Termanatrix
  • Robert Brewster – Air Force Cyber Research Skynet
  • It is all about your father…only he can shut down Skynet
  • Judgment day is today? 3 hours from now.
  • Robot….Cybernetic Organism
  • Resistance Captured me and reprogrammed me. I was an assassinationer
  • If you die I have no reason to exist
  • She is in charge.
  • July 4th, ded
  • So T1000 killed John and then she reprogrammed him to go back and protect him.
  • Skynet is taking everything down…
  • Is John actually doing anything with that C4? He is not making much progress.
  • Mike Crypkies basement….it was a good time.
  • Levity is good…it relieves tension and the ear of death.
  • Terminators are easy to spot…they all look pissed and on a mission.
  • Mr. Chairman. and Mr Brewster….all the monies you need.
  • T1-2 looks like a bad Johnny Number 5
  • Don’t press that Y
  • Daddy is like what….twins!
  • She’ll be back
  • Skynet has become self aware.
  • T1-2 is like a a gallery game….pew pew pew
  • no…the T1-8…oh they just have sequential numbers…no 7….don’t kill number 5…number 5 is alive!
  • the codes are in the the red envelope….you have to get to crystal peak.
  • Particular Accelerator leads to the runway.
  • Terminators need a purpose
  • 2003 CGI
  • Oh man…somebody blew up the toilet! Do not go in there.
  • Man down…all the man down
  • Everything on a swivel. Head…check…legs…check….arms…check.
  • Who let the drone inside?
  • Finally…Cate is a movie hero
  • You remind me of my mother…wrong thing to say?
  • Magnets…yes…magnets…take that you mechanical piece of liquid poo!
  • He has been reprogrammed.
  • She trained on her father’s plane…they are pretty quick to explain stuff.
  • CPU is intact but other things…not so much.
  • Desire is irrelevant.
  • Humans always reasoning with robots.
  • This truck makes me angry!
  • He shut himself down with his ass cheeks clinched in tight leather pants.
  • Reboot the machine! Virus gone…it was 2003…it is how we do.
  • Green screen run
  • Get a bigger chooper
  • I’m back
  • detachable legs
  • John’s limp explained
  • Fuel cell in the mouth
  • haha…conspiracy be splaining. It is just a fallout shelter to VIPs
  • Her daddy lied to get them to safety…cause they are the VIPs
  • They went all that way to get to a bunker when they were already headed to a bunker.
  • Daddy’s mission was the same as T1…which was like Johns dad. You can’t stop fate. Sometimes you just have to accept it.
  • All those bunkers with old isolated computers…this is the rise of the resistance. Fate…Crystal Peak.
  • I am in charge…screw Cate…I’m in charge…till I’m dead…then she is in charge.
  • It was software in the net…there was nothing to shut down.
  • Our destiny was to survive Judgement day
  • Daddy knew but I didn’t want to hear it.

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Final Destination 2 (2003) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

You have reached the office of Death, We can not come to the phone right now as we are busy making asinine lists and planning elaborate ways to murder you.

But by all mean, Please listen to the following as our menu options have changed.

If you would like to report a gross injustice of death: press 9. (pause)

If you are calling to negotiate the terms of your surrender: press 8 and your call will be taken in the order it was received: average wait time – 300 years. (pause)

If you are calling about the Elevator to Hell: press 6. boop another 6. boop. and just once more. boop. You have chosen “Elevator to Hell” if you meant to select “Stairway to Heaven” please hang up and call back when you are a better person.

Still there?

Ok, If you are calling to report any of the following on the Elevator to Hell: “a faulty door that could decapitate a person” or “a guy with a box of hooks for arms” or “an inappropriate offer to lick your face” please stay on the line for an important message: (pause) It’s the Elevator to Hell. that’s it. that’s the message. It’s… the… Elevator to Hell…please hang up.

Also, don’t do drugs on the Highway to Hell.



Final Destination 2 (2003) – If you create life that was never meant to be alive…then you cheat death and then Death rage quits to re-roll his list. Dude, Death, Chillax


  • Previously on Final Destination (1 year since the plane go boom)
  • 40 students. 4 Teachers Mount Abraham
  • All the kids died from 1
  • I appreciate you using the word Sinister…not supernatural.
  • I believe there is sort of force an unseen malevolent presence “The Devil” I prefer “Death itself”
  • You Dead you Dead.
  • Death gonna give it to ya. Uh…Death gonna give it to you.
  • What if you could do something about consequences
  • You can avoid it by being hyper vigilant
  • Teens on a road trip…the front yard goodbye with the parent.
  • These teens always have the best cars and the most loving parent with everything to live for.
  • Hey Girl…your brake fluid is leaking
  • Ha ha ha…the poor can lady…let’s laugh.
  • Can Lady, Pileup, 1 Year Anniversary, Highway to Hell,
  • Geez…took dad like 30 minutes to call about the transmission fluid
  • Biker Girl Titties.
  • Teenagers are horny and high.
  • I never have this much interaction with people on the interstate.
  • Things are falling into place.
  • Hice Pale Ale….Drink responsible.
  • This kid is making those trucks kiss. Spoiler
  • “You ever hear of the Ozone layer asshole?
  • All of these people are living on the razors edge.
  • This is the drug, alcohol, interstate…
  • This was a minute before distracted driving with electronic devices.
  • That cop ate it!
  • Murder Death Porn
  • ha…this is like PSA for shit not to do while driving.
  • Got to admit this is a pretty wicked opening. Too bad it’s all a dream
  • Burning truck of death.
  • Wow…that was a lot of vision.
  • Bus full of Pile Up…Chick in the bucket.
  • Kimberly is like…fook that.
  • How much weed do you have on you?
  • Be Cool! Daniel
  • Don’t blame it on the truck…that is the truck that is going to kill all of them.
  • This timeline don’t track with the 180 feet?
  • Ok…he saved her…so it skips her now. See I remember stuff!
  • oh…Flight 180…
  • Haha…love the horror tropes. Pretty smart how they laid this one out.
  • Scary story…but true…
  • 1 survivor! In the nut house!
  • This is a well crafted horror trope
  • The Different Strokes Curse
  • Mom must be dead.
  • Danger Evan is lucky to not be dead already…what is his relationship to the police chief?
  • Spaghetti Pan out the window. Hey E
  • Dude…cooking shirtless with oil….are you insane-o
  • EYE! Metal Magnet in Microwave
  • Evan won the lottery
  • haha…death don’t need to kill Evan..Evan kill Evan.
  • Evan is the smartest mofo…Death can’t kill you if you already dead.
  • That cop is surfing the dark web
  • Secrets of the Unkown.
  • neocities
  • Dude this is so the dark web…you don’t see this much death porn on the regular web
  • Route 23 – 18 People Dead
  • Brilliant…They needed to have a reason for disconnected individuals to connect. So they had Evan win the lottery so it would be iron enough that he died for it to be on the news but so low key that the reporters would not know he avoid death.
  • Why you have scary Marionettes
  • At the request of the patient…you got to come in naked if you want to visit.
  • Voluntary crazy
  • B 109
  • Ha! She has a murder trail wall.
  • Die in this order…death list
  • Someone intervened so you will be last on the list.
  • Wait! Death is mixing it up! Death learned his lesson…he’s going backwards!
  • “Watch out for the signs”
  • Alex got a brick to the head?
  • Clear be like…”I don’t care”
  • death by pigeons
  • “Oh Tim….If he gives me the gas and I wake up with pants unbuttoned…we ain’t paying.”
  • Death – The invisible spectre of doom.
  • 6th and 2pm 62!
  • Giving Tim the gas.
  • Man…if my Dentist was this cursy…I would have to reconsider
  • Oxygen 0 Nitros….nom nom nom…Goodbye Tim
  • haha…Tim is such a dick…Death is killing from the Dickiest to the less Dickiest.
  • If this guy in the hobbit hole owns a fiddle then we know how he beat the devil.
  • Ha! It’s the mortician.
  • Dead, yet still fresh.
  • Only new life can cheat death.
  • Life/Death it’s all in a circle.
  • If you create life that was never meant to be alive…then you cheat death and he rage quits?
  • New Life defeats death.
  • “Suck on my junk”
  • Kimberly is having visions….like a while bunch.
  • When does life begin? The age old question.
  • Let me lick your face in an elevator bro.
  • Doubter dude
  • Why does she need a secret code word when she calls them?
  • I’m just gonna put this is the closet/deathtrap
  • Nora and Eugene are dead
  • If you are trying to avoid death…for sure don’t take and elevator.
  • Death is really into irony…he wants you to see signs of the pending death.
  • This elevator is possessed with creepy.
  • Nora was all like. I’m ready to die…and then when it comes…she was like…nope!
  • Eugene is a control freak.
  • Eugene…you got to Chillax
  • haha…Death won’t let Eugene go out on his own terms.
  • Death is trixie. Your water broke.
  • All these people barely escaped death last year.
  • You caught the Flight 180
  • A rift in death’s design.
  • Final Destination 2: Death Tidies up the Loose Ends
  • Poor Jethro…he will be in part 3. Aww damnit They saved that kid.
  • Would you throw out my box of shame? So my poor mom
  • More like the jaws of death.
  • Will it hurt when I die? Rory…nope.
  • Why do they let the vision quest lady drive.
  • Kalarjian…Naijralak
  • Death is all like…You are trapped in here with me.
  • It’s ok…it’s over…it’s totally not over! Cause she never died…son of a boot
  • Death gonna give it to ya. Nooo…not Clear.
  • The Lake, White Van, Doctor K, I have to drown
  • Get Kalarjian
  • That is a lot of trees in that ambulance.
  • A leap of faith.

Film Sack Filmsack Notes Thoughts

Dreamcatcher (2003) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Greetings human, I am Dudley Duddits of the  Space Mounties and I am in pursuit of Donnie Duddits. He’s….uh…how do you humans say…special?

Apparently, he has emotionally attached himself to a cartoon dog with a speech impediment and hopes to endear himself to you humans by taking on these properties. Wow, this is more complicated than necessary.

Anywho, have you encountered such a being?

Also, did you know, it’s butt weasel season? Be sure to cover your orifices human.

Coincidently, we have been monitoring your people…and I have a friendly bet going with the crew.

if it is bestiality when a human attempts to mate with an animal…gross by the way…is it then called me-stiality when one attempts to please oneself? The Galaxy wants to know.

Geez, how much Oxy and Day time TV was King watching when he wrote this. Kiss my bender.




Dreamcatcher (2003) – Like expressing something in 280 characters when 140 is sufficient. Still room for a Butt Weasels.


This sure is a lot of opening credits

This was 5 minutes after X-Files movie?

It’s a dream-catcher and SSDD

EARLY GRAVE! I prefer being late.

King never shy’s away from Fat as Fear…

Memory Warehouse

Time to off yourself. Psycho Psychiatrist. Jonesy?

Great you just shot the guy next door.

So far…office jobs.

Is everybody Psychic?

another desk job.

Best fried clams in the state…that is a weird first date.

The key trick does not get you dates.

Half past 6…she ain’t gonna be there.

Jason Lee is the only one without a job. Unless you count drunk with a toothpick.


Beaver has nothing. Jonesy has wife and kids.


As soon as we figured out a way to show people getting hit by cars on film. We used the hell out of it.

Otch Out Fo Miestr Gay

Bite My Bag.

Wait…Beaver got a blow job from a lady after Bingo?

Derry? Like in IT and other Stephen King small town stories?

In the movies. Kiss when you wake up?



Mental Warehouse.

Keep Duddits on the 3rd level

20 years out to Hole in the wall.

Duddits is our dreamcatcher.

Remember when….

Scooby Doo lunch box!

You want to eat half of this dog turd? I mean that is like 5 way turd

Pete can fly.

What kind of bully standoff is this. Happens all the time in Stephen King world.

Blue Buyousuusi

Oooby oooby dooo…

I duddits!

No Bounce, No Play…sometimes I think Stephen King writes down everything he thinks.

Jonesy’s brain warehouse is the warehouse where they meet duddits

Snow in the eye!! glasses..phew.

That’s no deer! That’s a maaan! A stumble man.

Jonesy got ran over by a car and 6 months later only has a limp.

Indian Charm…catches nightmares.

They keep the Dreamcatcher in the hole int he wall.

Is it on the wagon or off the wagon.

Henry forced the guy to eat himself to death. Is that ever listed as cause of death?

Toothpicks are gross.

Mother used to feed me pea soup…

Have you been eating wood chuck turds?

There are fart jokes….there are lots of gross fart jokes.

If you need to urk. also, don’t take a shit in the linen closet.

The kids do not look much like the adults.

Know what is a bad idea…getting a run at a hill in the snow.

I’ve never flipped a car. Unsure if I would be laughing about it.

Peanut Butter calms me down. How do you eat peanut butter…spoon? butter knife? finger?

Great jump scare…saw it from a mile away…but still. Miss Roadkill got me.

Trying to keep a toothpick in your mouth while yelling at a helicopter.

Why is God (Morgan Freeman.) watching me with his huge prosthetic eye worms?

Is this SSDD? In other words is this just weird shit or has the day finally come?

haha…Scooby Dooby Doo we got some work to do now.

What the hell does No Bounce, No Play mean.

Turd is a clinker.

Did you guys used to soak toothpicks in cinnamon?

Humor and Horror go hand in hand.

Blue Bayou comfort song.

Blue vs Gray?

That is one strong worm creature.

Oh man…that door handle coming off in your hand…that is the worst!

Beaver made a sacrifice. Was his power premonitions? bad feelings? I got a bad feeling about this Jonesy

That is one big alien. He’s translucent…and slimy.

Oh…his head popped into a red mist…gross.

Time to mobilize the military.

Is it my imagination or are Morgan Freeman’s eyebrows even bigger in this movie.

Named after that broad in Aliens.

Grey Boy look…

The Shit Weasels!

Blue Boy…Bucko

The alien only infects some.

We are not regular army…thank goodness Maple came in to explain it back to us.

Oh…do not Scout’s honor when the general has a loaded gun.

So much blood in this movie.

25 years he has been fighting aliens.

In Fast and hard , out clean and smiling.

She ain’t napping for farts!

The scene everybody loves…the Jonesy snap to smile.

The truck that handles like a luxury car.

Know things. Talk to one another. Duddits gave them the gift.

Writing your name in the snow….dick chomp!

Fire to the crotch is the only way to stop those things.

Mighty Mouse is on the way!

Beaver had nothing in his head.


Pete knows Mr. Gray is a bond Villian.

whisper messages while talking. Repeat emphasis?

The red stuff looks like rust for organics.

He used Beaves catchphrase.

Did he not notice the dead man in the tub?

Oh. They lay eggs…really gross eggs.

Liquid Fire!!

oh no…they already hatched!

King uses leaches and wormy things a lot.

What is up with these guys and dropping sticks.

Can you light a match with your finger? Strike anywhere matches.

ohh…they use a maneuver called dreamcatcher with duddits in the middle.

Love this music they use when trying to locate the missing girl. It reminds me of 90s Goosebumps music.

Kids love hanging around trains! In King stories anyways.

Alien space crash.

I’m that dog. I’m that monster.

Aww…the greys are so swee….oh fuck! What are those things! Wormy shits…kill ’em all.

That ship has a self destruct and boy..

Bite my bag.

Wait…has he infested Jonesys body or is he mimicking it? Cause he just morphed into an alien.

Where is Jonesy? Is he in the head?

Grote…don’t eat the meat!

He’s got 4 boxes of Duddits…I could eat 4 boxes of Duddits at the movies. mmm…Milk Duddits.

That is a lot of hazmat suits.

Do we still say “Getting too old for this shit?”

The study shows squats.

A hitchhiker is our greatest fear.

Blue Boys, Blue Zone, Blue Camp. Blue Blue.

Shop at Walmart and never misses an episode of Friends

hehe…in true military fashion. He calls Eddie Dr. Boston…cause that is where he is from.

Over the Curtis line!

Time for some Star Wars wipes….lots of them.

call 1-800-Henry…that ain’t even numbers.

How much crack am I smoking right now? The gun is a phone. MY GUN IS A PHONE..EVERYTHING IS A PHONE.

Nice sweater jacket. Lukemia! No…not Duddits! Not the duds! Also, those Scooby Doo lunchboxes are indestructible.

Victory pose mom!

Uh oh…that gun has a tracker in it.

Keeping an Asian in your Truck closet.

What happened in Montana? Several mentions. Shit must have went bad. Tell us that story!


He ate the trooper!

Poor old Donnie. He looks sick!

Mr Gay is Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray wants war…or water. Duds

One worm…One worm to kill the world.

Would the military let a helicopter just fly away without pursuit?


Go faster! Oops…car and snow no go. No Snow. No Go.

That may be overkill to kill somebody with a helicopter.

Mutual Kill.

Morgan Freeman wore fake eyebrows! What!

Shoot him! Shoot him!

How heavy are manhole covers?

I can understand that big eel weasel getting int he water and causing problems. But that little jiggly worm would prolly get eet.

So the alien was inside…but is a mist? that can become solid? or did it come out of his butthole? or did the mist come from his butthole?

I want to dress as Duds for Halloween.

Duds needs to blow his nose.

Duds is heavy man. Heavier than he looks.

You thought you got me…I got you!! I Duddits!

Do all aliens have scorpion tails?

ew ew ew…red stuff! red stuff!


But to black!

Meanwhile back at the hole in the wall.

Fuck Me Freddy

Kiss My Bender

Bite My Bag


Jesus Christ-Bananas


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Matchstick Men (2003) – Show Notes


Oh hi Filmsack Men, Who shall we con today? The listeners? Little Old Ladies, Randy? Hmmm… .unsure if I meant Little Old Ladies THEN Randy or Randy likes to con little old ladies…. or perhaps Randy is just really into geriatrics.  Show note problems…am I right?

Well I hope you enjoyed that little distraction. Meanwhile, I swapped your Sacks of good intros with bad impressions of Nicholas Cage.  Good Luck, Randy.

oh look! A little old lady.

Filmsack Notes

Paycheck (2003) (Show Notes)

Paycheck (2003) –

Like a janitor who comes out to sweep every time  a subway train passes by. Predictable and pointless. but I can’t stop watching!

[usr 5.0]
*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes. Listen Now

– FilmSack Edition

Opener: wait, wait wait wait…stop spinning the integration chair for a second…I’m getting really dizzy guys…just let me put my head between my knees for a minute. Hey what’s this?…does this thing recline? Does this thing vibrate? Did you guys get this thing at Brookstone? I love that store. I mean I pretend like i am there to buy something. But I’m really just there to get a free chair massage. alright guys, let’s get this over with…I got to get home and watch some sports that I recorded on my VCR…that’s right…I recorded it using video cassette technology…it’s the future!  Also, I been Philip K Dick’d again!



Paycheck (film)




Paycheck (2003)


Stuff I Loved:

It’s time to wake up and get a life!

split screen!

A-life….better than your lame B-life

I am fancy fleck. I wear a suit and I make this suit look good.

See you in a few months sucka.

that motherboard has lasers!

oh…I haven’t been this impressed with lame ass responsive screen technology since Minority Report.

Reverse engineering.

Suck it…I don’t even need monitor.

muhaha…100% market share…muhahaha

It’s generally easier to work backwards…

Memory wipe!

I’m Fleck Man

Jesus Rita.

1 c above 43…he’s a veg.

Hologram technology sure…but if you bump the computer…blammo

I haven’t seen Paul Paul Giamatti this hairy since Planet of the Apes

260K for a month of your life.

John Woo had to work in some Kung Fu

Paul Giamatti red track suit.

Did he just load up a VHS tape…I’m pretty sure even in 2003 we had to know that was not the tech of the future.

What the hell is up with the 6 pink bows in the back of Uma’s head.

She was still Kill Bill’ish during this time.

“Do you work for Jimmy? Cause Jimmy likes you.”

Issac is a robo moron.

8 weeks was the longest.

He still has to do the work. He may not remember it afterwards…but he still has to do the work.

John Wolf…my name is John Wolf…that’s right…I’m way cooler than you.

Some star wars type quick wipes.

Not my cool ass shades!

Corporate espionage is a bitch.

why are scifi needles way more scary than modern needles. You would think we would try to figure out a way to make needles less scary in the e.

Impressive….you are growing plants here.

Who turned on the wind machine.

What the hell do you need a giant robot arm in a hydroponic science lab for anyways…these people are just pending money to spend money.

sometimes suitcases contain LEDs

3 years and he only has like a small pile of mail.

If you fire your computer up after 3 years of being gone…do you have any idea how long it would take to run all the updates.

Stamps…you only needed 4…that’s going to come into play.

Hold up…I gotta get my taser face on…gaaaaaa

Here…I need you to sit in the integration chair….you may think you are getting a haircut…but you ain’t…instead we are going to spin you right round baby. right round

A watch that is a perfect fit…yeah…that ain’t a Cinderella slipper bub.

What!? What a sec…this chair reclines? why didn’t you start with that!

All the way to the danger zone….43c.

Brain scanning is painful

Shit we lost it…

Is that some of those trick cigs? Guess we never saw vaping coming in 2003. how about some spicy gum.

Best fire and safety suppression ever…it generates more smoke and turns off the lights and flashes so you are essentially blind. Fuck the safety of people…we gotta protect this integration chair…do you have any idea how much this thing costs.

I need a vanilla envelope with all the answers…or a plot hole device. “This damn manilla folder holds the answers to everything.

I was eating pie….cherry

Ahh…the good old Error 41

Could you find a skankier hotel.

Code on the back of a fortune cookie is always a lottery code.

How many movie mysteries have been solved by the old “branded book of matches”

This music and tone reminds me of The Saint.

Memory Montage.

Look at you…Soul patches are back in style!

Level 5 federal lasers.

500 billion dollars

“C’mon…I’ll show ya” guy…I have to show you instead of just saying it.

reading …From Naked Ape to…

What was that Janitor sweeping when he came out of the subway access tunnel. Do he come out like one of those dutch clock people every time a train passes.

Let’s see what I have in my little nilla folder of plot devices.

3rd rail…used to happen in all the movies.

Affleck must have been good at hackie sack

Time to search your room. Especially when we see you mouthing words to the mirror.

“This is what I want you to do….go back to the bathroom and take a dump.” Good thing she didn’t take a dump before reading the message…he would have had to do that too.

How come everybody knows how to pronounce Cafe Michel properly. We can’t even agree on how to say Angelina Jolie on Filmsack

Man…that coffee really needed stirring…

You got floaty contacts.

You are not Sarah!

It isn’t a car…this is a John Woo film…it’s a motorcycle!

Bike helmets of the future are boring and drab.

and helicopters!

Noooo…not the magic envelope

Man…I can not believe my luck…all these really convenient open containers for me to drive my motorcycle on.

The classic too big to chase you in that small hole.

man…the LTD cost of this movie is too big

Man don’t you know you don’t go through a ladies things when she is washing her hair.

Apparently movie couples only ever record birthdays

This Einstein has microfiche in his eyes!

Precogs like problem

Apparently, alarms of the future are designed to confuse the hell out of it’s operators.

Let’s take a look at the future before we destroy this thing? Have you learned nothing! Monkey wrench the hell out of that stupid thing.

That scientist must have been blind as a mofo to not see that big ole bug chip that looked like it didn’t belong.

on the catwalk.

Your future viewer is also into film making…since it shoot everything looks just like a movie.

Who is he talking to? He just says outloud…”reprogram the door.’

Ok…so he sent himself a package of stuff and nothing set off any alarms. Crossword Puzzle…nope…cigarettes…sure…bullet…uh…bullet!

Robot assisted gun swapper program

What the crap does a hydroponics lab have to do with time viewing machine?

He sure looks cool in slow motion Aaron Eckhart

what was that ice made out of! It blow’d up real good.

Philip K Dick stories must take place in greenhouses.

Why can’t you go in the birdcage?

Nice low profile lottery ticket.