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Daredevil 2003


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This week on Filmsack we turn our face full of clearly marked biohard inducing blind eye juice towards a 2003 superhero movie set in Satan’s Food Preparation district starring actors who are probably doing it in real life. No? not yet? Soon? Bullseye. Nooooo…yoooou got daddy issues…no you…wait…ohhh the credits said David Keith.. not Keith David!? I guess I can stop looking for a Winston Cameo now.

Anywho, this movie made me blind but gave me superpowers … somehow … (hold on…just let me turn on the audio descriptions for that last part. “This movie made me blind but gave me superpowers … somehow …” (Actor gestures wildy with hand waviness.) thanks a lot HBO … (flips bird)

Alright, I’m heading down to the red leather shop on 3rd to pick up a few thing. But don’t worry. I get my paychecks in cash now and the bank puts them in clear boxes for me, I guess? (actor gestures wildy knocking over best Screen Play Oscar from a better movie.) So I fold the tens this way…and I fold the fives this way…and I fold the ones…well…I don’t fold the ones. (actor stuffs ones in leather pants.) Can I get you guys anything? Like… Concentrated Rose Water Perfume you can smell over a New York City Diner? Or how about some lighter fluid you can spray on the ground to spell out your initials but depends on a smoker to activate…convenient…. or how about some bags of sand you can hang in your apartment to beat up on? (actor shrugs)

Randy, Oh my god…you are so beautiful…says the blind man.



2003 ‧ Action/Fantasy ‧ 1h 43m

Ben Affleck reveals the pleasures and pains of donning the red leather suit to play Marvel comic’s blind super-hero Daredevil in the new film.


IMDB – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0287978/

WIKIPEDIA – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daredevil_(film)

Rotten Tomatoes – https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/daredevil


HBO MAX – https://play.hbomax.com/page/urn:hbo:page:GWd-FgQj0mMNcawEAAAAb:type:feature

MORE WAYS TO WATCH – https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/daredevil


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Daredevil (2003) – They say your whole life flashes before your eyes before you die…good thing he’s blind. BlindFlack. #RedLeatherSale


  • BlindFlack
  • Meanwhile, before Phase 1? FOX! Marvel Fox.
  • Braille Intro…can you feel it. The city is made of it. also, can you hear the echo location.
  • DD is a City Hero.
  • Joey Pants!! and Jon Favreau…and David Keith… the 2nd bill is better than the top bill.
  • What is in those flashes? Spoilers?
  • I love this cross so much…I must hug it.
  • Kevin Feige as producer…how did this movie fail.
  • Sanctuary! Sanctuary!
  • They say your whole life flashes before you before you die…that’s true…even for a Blind Man.
  • I grew up in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Your dad is a bum!
  • Can’t fight…sure can run though.
  • Jack “The Devil” Murdock was a contender…he fought like the devil.
  • His dad is all washed up.
  • He don’t fight … so they bully him. But his dad is a fighter…
  • You don’t hit nothing but books… be a doctor or a lawyer. Don’t work down at the docks like me.
  • One day I took a shortcut from school…and it was the last thing I ever saw… me making all As and my dad shaking down some chump at the docks…where they have the dangerous chemicals in barrels and forklifts and no “don’t run” signs.
  • What was in those Chemicals? Was it bat guano?
  • I lost my sight but I got the bat vision.
  • his daddy is sorry…yeah he is.
  • We made each other a silent promise…to never give up…to never have any fear.
  • I had lost my sight but my remaining 4 senses enhanced..
  • my sense of sound gave off some kind of radar sense.
  • Acute sense of touch gave me balance.
  • Hey, thanks kid…you saved Stan Lee
  • Even bullies have to think….maybe we shouldn’t beat up on the blind kid.
  • Jack you are 42 years old…did you think he won those? Time to take a fall…you never stopped working for me.
  • Never give up remember.
  • No one is asking how this blind kid can watch his dad fight?
  • Uh oh. I fought the mob…and the mob won.
  • I waited outside the olympic for my father…in some ways…I am still waiting.
  • The Kingpin is gonna win…and leave you a rose.
  • I can’t see you dad…you ain’t got no heartbeat dad.
  • I’m gonna squeeze this blood rose.
  • Nobody cared much about a washed up boxer.
  • So now…I seek justice.
  • Daredevil…kind of like batman except poor and blind….I’m Batflack.
  • I sleep in a coffin/depervation chamber.
  • Have you seen my PDA
  • I fold the tens this way…and I fold the fives this way…and I folder the ones…well…I don’t fold the ones.
  • Who brushes my hair? no one.
  • I am a human lie detector.
  • I hope justice is found here today…before justice finds you.
  • I like to try my weapons out before I put them in my outfit…swa swa swa! and now I jump/fly through the night of the city!
  • Hey…what do you want? Justice
  • I both love and hate this dark bar fighting scene.
  • Daredevils weakness…the 4:15 choo choo.
  • Hey, that light at the end of the tunnel…that ain’t heaven…that’s the C Train.
  • Hose in 2 parts.
  • Daredevil leaves his calling card in lighter fluid?
  • Can 1 man make a difference…there as some days that I believe…and other days I have lost all faith.
  • 3 spinning combination locks…slap slap slap. I’m in.
  • Everytime we sleep together I wake up alone. Then I realized…this is the next level… 3 AMexits
  • I have 4 nunchucks
  • Teeth…who needs ’em. Not me…I mean…nobody chews their pills..except me.
  • Who made him the iron sarcophagus
  • A man without fear is a man without hope… he is the man without fear..
  • His priest friend is not too happy about the outfit either.
  • Your client Mr. Lee paid in Fluke…that is fish.
  • I don’t shake my ass to pay my phone bill.
  • You want honey…I got mustard for you.
  • What are you…blind?
  • She must be really odorous.
  • Those poor kids are getting a show.
  • I just want your name…you should try asking for my number.
  • My name is Elektra Nachos. Hmm.
  • I’m an outlaw…great theme song for The Kingpin.
  • The press wants a Kingpin so I will give them one…get me Bullseye.
  • Everybody has a theme song.
  • Noo…paperclips right into the double chin!
  • Bullseye has anger issues…and more peanuts please.
  • They don’t do “Crime fighters catching bad guys in alleys beating up helpless citizens” much anymore.
  • Stay out of the Hell’s Kitchen
  • I’m not the bad guy kid…but you look like the bad guy… “I’m not the bad guy.” keep telling yourself that.
  • Swish…
  • She wears Rose Oil…he hates roses?
  • They both have dead moms…and soon to both have dead daddies in common.
  • When it rains it is like a rooftop on the world.
  • I want someone to look at me like she looks at him.
  • He can see much clearer in the rain…neat concept.
  • Oh my god…you are so beautiful…says the blind man.
  • She can make the sounds go away.
  • Sorry dudes…sorry the Kingpin’s thugs beat you up…but I was up all night getting lucky.
  • Oh no! She left him!
  • We only represent innocent people…there are no innocent people
  • There is a lot of smoke
  • I sniffed you…not creepy at all.
  • Stop rubbing the eagle’s tits .. hey… hello … how are you.
  • I wish you could see me tonight…there…I rubbed it in…feeling good.
  • No damsel in distress
  • I missed…I never miss.
  • Bullseye…points at head. huh.
  • Looks like you got your story.
  • This movie has a song for every scene….this is something we used to do in 2003?
  • Kingpin finds in funny…rude.
  • The red rose of the kingpin
  • Is that how you fold a five?
  • Kevin Smith! I bet he thought this was the height of his career.
  • There is an old saying “Too much pride will kill a man.”
  • How do you kill a man without fear….by putting the fear in him.
  • Here is a rose..
  • I want a bloody costume.
  • They say that the Kingpin doesn’t just kill you he kills your family.
  • They should have called this movie Daredevil and Elektra.
  • Kicking bags of sand’s ass to Evanescence is what I do.
  • I didn’t kill your father…liar!
  • right into the shoulder….that is some deep meat
  • Hey orphan..let’s play.
  • Did I catch it? Yeah…I caught it. oopsie.
  • There must have been a red leather sale down at Hell’s kitchen.
  • Is there a back door out of here?
  • They got bats in the organ pipes.
  • you just know those organ pipes are going to be the bad and the good.
  • “Where the hell is my swat team?”
  • Hit him right in the bullseye.
  • I’m magic!
  • A few back flips always helps avoid projectiles.
  • Let’s bring on the pain…let’s bring on the noise.
  • The devil is mine.
  • Stigmata…you took away my hands…show mercy.
  • Bullseye…he said the thing he is.
  • Bullseye failed…send the guards home.
  • Daredevil…Kingpin.
  • Hey…was the Kingpin one of those bully kids?
  • The blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen.
  • You been in my business for too long.
  • I’ve been thinking about this day since I was 12 years old.
  • Hey…the blind guy missed.
  • I don’t understand….I’m not the bad guy. Sirens…they coming for you.
  • Justice is served.
  • Are there Alligators in the sewers?
  • Honey Mustard Coffee
  • I had set out to save the city…but with Elektra’s help…I saved myself.
  • A devil named Matt Murdock.
  • Delete delete delete
  • One man can make a difference. I am watching.
  • Hell’s Kitchen is my neighborhood…forever in darkness… a guardian devil.
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