The Fast and the Furious (2001) – Filmsack Show Notes

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Cliffhanger (1993) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, and welcome to “Rocky Mountain High: the highest gift store in Colorado.” Elevation wise that is. Marijuana laws have taken a turn since we took on that slogan during 90s. Now, how may I help you? Do we have any discount harnesses of questionable quality? Why yes, yes we do…it’s one of… Continue reading Cliffhanger (1993) – Filmsack Show Notes

S.W.A.T. (2003) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO oh hi, Hold on a second guys, I have to finish cheating on my wife with this blatant product placement from Dr. Pepper and a quick nod and a wink to Mr. Pibb. (take a drink. ahhh) You feel me? Alright, I’ll make this simple….you passed the test and are now part of an… Continue reading S.W.A.T. (2003) – Filmsack Show Notes

Quigley Down Under (1990) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Dear Family, just an update on my job search so far. As you know it is difficult to find a job for us Aboriginals in British occupied Australia during the 1800s so you can imagine I had high hopes when I came across Mr. Marston’s newspaper ad for a manservant on his… Continue reading Quigley Down Under (1990) – Filmsack Show Notes

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

INTRO Oh hi guy, This week on Filmsack we are mining the very depths of Canadian Horror Entertainment … (exasperated breath) …. SAH-ree guys. I don’t know if I can do an intro this week. I’ve just been pretty bummed ever since I found out they canceled the Valentine’s Day Dance. I was really looking… Continue reading My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Twelve Monkeys (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Ok Mr. Cole I’m going to ask you to relax while I attach these alligator clips to your “face fat” and then we’re just going to shove your “3-times-naked Bruce Willis Ass…ok…Will-Ass….” yep going to show you right into our Woody Woodpecker, cartoon inspired, “time tube.” Woo hoo. Like a big ole… Continue reading Twelve Monkeys (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes