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Blow Out 1981


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This week on Filmsack we break out our long-range ASMR Mr. Microphones (hey good looking we’ll be back to pick you up later … when the drugs wear off) and point our mics directly at Philadelphia’s early 1980s sleezy slasher film scene in pursuit of some wind sounds and the perfect girl being stab by a knife scream. Eeeek. I can do better! Pull my hair. ah ahh ahhh … Too much…what? … this is how the sausage is made … now get in the sound booth and listen to that sausage sizzle. mmm Dirty DePalma Sausage.

Anywho, I was sitting around in my filthy wife beater last night thinking…”hey, what is that…spaghetti sauce? How did I get spaghetti sauce under the arm pit area … I must be eating spaghetti wrong” … additionally I was thinking … “Should I be trusting the government? Seems to me they could be trying to cover something up. Like… Did we really land on the moon? Was there a second gun man on the grassy knoll? Was Grease really just a dream? I mean…It seems to me Sandy might have drowned at the beach in the beginning and the whole thing was a dream. I mean the car flies off at the end. Well Travolta, did she drown? You are saying No … but your eyes are saying “yes, take me like DePalma’s Wife in a spaghetti stained wife beater on a dirty hotel bed.” which also sounds like no.

Randy, you were just an ear witness to an intro assassination. Now let me hear you scream.



1981 ‧ Thriller/Mystery ‧ 1h 48m

While recording sound effects for a slasher flick, Jack Terri (John Travolta) stumbles upon a real-life horror: a car careening off a bridge and into a river. Jack jumps into the water and fishes out Sally (Nancy Allen) from the car, but the other passenger is already dead — a governor intending to run for president. As Jack does some investigating of his tapes, and starts a perilous romance with Sally, he enters a tangled web of conspiracy that might leave him dead.




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Blow Out (1981) – You know any good screamers? Travolta did. She dead. #8MillionSonsOfBitches #Spoilers


  • Like the hair style?
  • MGM Roar!!
  • Shh…Listen…heart beat.
  • Must be a party down at the sex dorm.
  • Ground Level Windows are the best…now let’s dance in our victoria’s best … back stabbed!
  • Barbara!! I am trying to study…well.. we are trying to Disco… Time for Modern Dance finals.
  • I’m going to sue.
  • This guy has breathing problems.
  • They danced until their clothes fell off and they had the sex.
  • Man…all the sexy underwear.
  • The little thing brought back the monster thing.
  • This place is full of dorm ladies doing lady things.
  • Ahhhhhhh…check out my scream…sounds like a cat.
  • Run that back again. I want to hear the scream.
  • Kill all the effects except for the scream. You are right…the scream is shit.
  • I met you on Blood Bath … Bad day at Blood Beach.. Co-Ed Frenzy…this is our finest film.
  • Get some new wind. You know any good screamers.
  • Just worry about the scream.
  • I call this clip…THUNDER!
  • clothes by Ann Roth
  • Coffee Sounds.
  • Centennial liberty day bell ringing after the fireworks.
  • Split Screen news and effects transfers.
  • I am going to mark this one as Kissing Betsy by the Riverside while a creep records her from a bridge David!
  • Just pointing my audionoculars at you … oh wow… Blow Out…ohhh… it was a tire… I heard it!
  • Glug Glug… should I save them or should I record it… I don’t think I have any audio clips of a car going off a bridge and a lady drowning in a Lincoln.
  • Feet first!! Don’t worry…I got you..and your panty shot.
  • So far…we have seen every lady’s panties on screen.
  • I know what an echo sounds like…I’m a sound man.. and a smoker…
  • I jumped in the creek and pulled out the girl.
  • The shot came before the blow out.
  • Have a a glass.
  • Did you pull the girl out of that car.
  • McRyan is dead.
  • Would you like to take a dip in my chin dimple.
  • The Govern had a lady.
  • You want to tell his wife he died with his hand up a girl’s skirt..
  • Now forget you ever met her.
  • First its a drink, then my place and now a hotel…things are really moving fast.
  • Tucking her in is his part time job.
  • I like this music in a late 60s groovy kind of way.
  • My pencil is my recording wand.
  • What is that zipper sounds…is it that guy pumping up his BB gun.
  • Jesus Christ.
  • That was no accidental blow out
  • That noise is that guys bad habit…smoking is Travoltas
  • Key pull…zip
  • So um…you want some coffee…how about a poke in the head…hi how ya doing…what are you doing here…you listening to some music.. oh…movies huh…what do you mean sound effects…big movies?..oh…bad movies…I love movies…I do makeup. I know how to fix her face. recorded the accident. Now here…listen to that traumatic episode over again.
  • His movie production is above the adult filth.
  • Frank Donahue Eye on the City News.
  • Man…that magazine has like 6 pages of photos of the crash.
  • I think I will go hide in the animation room…cause we don’t use those in our adult film-making Studio… haha…I”m going to go make a flipbook.
  • This movie should be called…investigating a murder with movie technology cause the guy has access to all of the equipment.
  • Lure of the Triangle.
  • Empire of the Ants.
  • I have 3 ladies on a couch…wanna hear them scream… go… keep looking…what are you talking about?
  • Jack and Sally.
  • What is the first thing you see when you meet somebody. Legs…ok ok…Face.
  • It took me 2 hours and this is the no-makeup-look
  • He was in the Military and then into Police corruption and then the movies.
  • I wired Freddy and his hairy chest … it was a great wire …
  • 5000 dollars … ya little prick.
  • Freddy got nervous…he done sweated into the battery and it was burning a hole in him.
  • Hung him with his shoe laces in like 5 minutes? That is the mob for ya.
  • That is when it all went south.
  • Split Screen shots is a trademark of this movie.
  • Weeee… down the hill we go.
  • oops…close…but not quite
  • But the Liberty Day Jubilee!!…Dead lady… Liberty Day Jubilee… Dead lady… stab! Stab!
  • Hey Sal! I haven’t MAID it yet. – Manny
  • They were working on a scam Manny and Sal. Manny can’t swim…but can run out on you.
  • haha…no way did he make that movie out of like 6 photos.
  • he is scratching it on the head.
  • muzzle flash.
  • Windows are a real privacy issue in this movie.
  • I have a conspiracy theory.
  • He falls into a crick.
  • You are an ear witness to an assassination.
  • Save your paranoia for public television.
  • He has some bad blood for setting up some cops.
  • Burk! What have you done!
  • I am calling from a secure public phone sir. I suggest you call me back on the same. sir.
  • Just get me some pictures!
  • The objective was achieved. Burke…I don’t know you…
  • I have decided to make it look like a local serial killer.
  • 2 bad screamers in a sound booth pulling each other’s hair.
  • he erased all of the sound guys tapes….now they just make cool bump and beep noises.. you spin me right round baby…right round.
  • All my tapes are blank! They…oh “They” erased your tapes.
  • Frank Donahue believes you Jack Terry.
  • They don’t want to hear about my gun shot
  • Cut the shit Sally…I know what you were doing.
  • Nobody want’s to know about conspiracy. Now I am going to drop the F-Bomb.
  • You can be crazy or dead…or a loose end that gets cut off.
  • I’ll look after my own ass thank you …. Sexophone music plays… booze is drunk.
  • 6 grand… you told me 3 .. so when were you going to tell me about the 3 after?
  • Drinking Dunkin.
  • Shoot out the tire..police show up…little crack up.
  • Manny we got him killed… we didn’t do nothing.
  • So please…don’t give me any of this conscience shit.
  • Vultures…pigs…did you eat a box of animal crackers
  • Manny took a bottle to the head.
  • Fantastic.
  • Can I make you something to eat? How about some corn flakes… anything…obviously.
  • Never talk on a public line.
  • She made me do it.
  • I like to have private phone calls at the window.
  • My TV is just a tube.
  • Lithgow spends most of his time on phones impersonating other people
  • Reporters have a way of getting numbers
  • Maybe the phone company is in on the conspiracy too. In this case…yes.
  • I’m going to wire you…cover all the bases…but this time…I water proofed my battery.
  • I don’t have time to copy the film!!
  • The Central Station monotone lady is great.
  • Liberty Bell Strangler…likes to stab in bell shapes
  • about 60 minutes and 60 dollars…I got 20 minutes and 20 dollars….that is about a dollar a minute…thanks Sailor…know what I mean…yeah ya do.
  • I’m on the phone getting a blow… 10 for you baby… you blew it…Hello…uuuuuhh…we better keep this short…
  • My watch is a strangler.
  • $50 dollars…not for Lithgow junk in my mouth.
  • Brusha Brusha Brusha.
  • Don’t look up…this will be the last call … all the way to Chicago…
  • Need a close-up of Travolta’s face…sure thing.
  • What? This is just my Sony Walkman.
  • I’ve made my own plan…I’m using the one you rejected.
  • The story…about that guy in New York
  • They had a transit strike…and then he disappeared.
  • Franklin Bridge Express huh.
  • Huh…yeah… huh..
  • Never chase somebody during a parade..
  • Hope that horse prop didn’t get hurt when he ran in there with his jeep.
  • Geez man…he is going to kill everybody with his Jeep Liberty. Wrangler
  • Somebody get an ambulance.
  • Too bad he didn’t have a blowout.
  • Jack is going to kill you.
  • This movie is really cutting it close.
  • haha…finally…a good scream…hope he caught it on the recording.
  • Slow Mo Tra-vol-toe RUUUUN
  • He should use Lithow’s screams for his movie. Guh Guh Guh…
  • Sally dead? You failed again.
  • Don’t wear Jack’s Wire…it will get you expire – d.
  • Dramatic music…fireworks.
  • Do you know what it sounds like when snow falls.
  • Sally killed her attacker…nope..
  • Wow…he used her scream in the movie…time to smoke.
  • It’s a good scream…no…you are crazy…no…you.
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