My Bloody Valentine (1981)

INTRO Oh hi guy, This week on Filmsack we are mining the very depths of Canadian Horror Entertainment … (exasperated breath) …. SAH-ree guys. I don’t know if I can do an intro this week. I’ve just been pretty bummed ever since I found out they canceled the Valentine’s Day Dance. I was really looking… Continue reading My Bloody Valentine (1981)

The Evil Dead (1981) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, and Join us… not you Cheryl,..not you…you stay in the cellar and decompose quietly….I mean, why did you even come on our “College Couples Going To A Creepy Cabin To Hook Up In The Woods Trip Anyways?” I brought a date. Scotty brought a date…but not you Cheryl… nope…not you….YOU brought a… Continue reading The Evil Dead (1981) – Filmsack Show Notes