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The Evil Dead 1981


Oh hi,

and Join us… not you Cheryl,..not you…you stay in the cellar and decompose quietly….I mean, why did you even come on our “College Couples Going To A Creepy Cabin To Hook Up In The Woods Trip Anyways?”

I brought a date. Scotty brought a date…but not you Cheryl… nope…not you….YOU brought a Sketch Book and a number 2 pencil. and you know what…you can’t date a Sketch Book and a number 2 pencil Cheryl?…well maybe YOU can…but not me… I have a girlfriend. A girlfriend who probably has lead poison in her ankle thanks to you and now she is most definitely not “in the mood.”

But you know what Cheryl…I’m going to make the best of it ..because that is what we do. Now who’s turn was it to read from the book inked in human blood and covered in human skin? Oh yeah…it’s me again.. Cheryl! Hey, Did you notice this book has a face? Maybe IT can be your date…

Cheryl and Skin Book,
Sexing in a Tree

No I I know that’s not how you spell rape Cheryl! Now Shutup…No…I’m telling mom…and that is how a real weekend with your little sister in the woods would go. There…I fixed your horror movie. Love ya sis.

First comes rape….
Then comes miscarriage
Then comes Cheryl
With an empty baby carriage.


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The Evil Dead (1981) – This kind of looks like your old girlfriend sister you locked in the cellar of the cabin in the woods called Evil Dead 2? Hey is that creamed corn coming out of your sleeve. 1981 what time to be a deadite


  • It’s water! What does it mean?!
  • 4:3 Swampy Pond Bubble Bubble Toll and Trouble
  • Nice Bowl cut
  • This must be some 1981 kind of car singing.
  • Tennessee Border..
  • Lazy Mary Truck!!!
  • Which puts us right…here…dead.
  • Haha…Bruce Campbell …that car has a very inconsistent rolling up and down.
  • I wasn’t honking at you!
  • Why is the car owner in the back seat?
  • Dangerous Bridge indeed.
  • What are they riding in to get these car in the woods shots? Cause that is awesome!
  • No one even has seen this cabin in the woods.
  • Every disturbing camera angle you can imagine.
  • “We’ll wait here by the car.”
  • Oh man…I would not step into a smokey cabin like that.
  • All of these shots are eye level or above. nope…down below.
  • Room full of rusty metal tools…check.
  • Draw the clock…it broke.
  • I draw real good! Also, windy prompted book of the dead.
  • Perhaps it is in the basement
  • Party Down. I Nis mis Tu Tu Tu Tarim
  • A fine dinner party of mac and cheese, moonshine and salad.
  • Sure…let us go into the basement
  • Hey Scott…Scotty…Linda!
  • 2 dudes…3 girls…
  • The only way to watch this is on a 13″ to 19″ Tube TV.
  • This Basement has a closed door…never go into the room in a basement behind a closed door.
  • Boom Stick. The Hills Have Eyes
  • Scotty is a real shit…pointing guns at people
  • Bruce is a good sport…a little too good of a sport.
  • The book has a drawing of itself?
  • Ruins of Candar…Candarian Ruins.
  • Naturan Demanto. Book of the dead…Bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. Deals with Demons and Demon Resurrections.
  • Don’t recite this book. License to inhabit the human body.
  • Samerian chants. Don’t do that.
  • “Shut it off!” – Cheryl
  • Scott doesn’t know when to stop.
  • Hey baby…let’s listen to the thunder
  • Join Us Cheryl Art Hands…you lonely single lady in a couples cabin.
  • All the single ladies…all the single ladies. Scream
  • Attacked by the roots!
  • Raped by the roots
  • I want to leave right now Ashley…Ash
  • Bridge is out
  • Wife is possessed by Candarian Demon…only dismemberment
  • Demon Cheryl issues a dire warning…1 by 1 we will take you.
  • Pencil to the ankle. Lead poison
  • and into the hole you go Cheryl
  • Shelly is out!
  • For God’s Sake…what happened to her eyes!
  • These demons are always retreating and entreating.
  • Stay away from the durn windows!
  • Join us! Such pretty skin!!
  • The demon in the basement is really jazzed up.
  • While Bruce Stands By….with axe….
  • She’s dead…we got to bury her. now!
  • She’s your girlfriend…you take care of her
  • Linda done gone bad.
  • Scotty got bit!
  • No bridge…The Trail…the Tree…it knows
  • I think Linda and Cheryl are having more fun than you.
  • Come on ash…don’t punch your girl…shoot her. Choot her.
  • not another peep. time to go to sleep
  • Ash done lost it
  • Oh hi….join us
  • that is a back stabbing dagger
  • No. Remember Linda and the necklace…you can’t just chainsaw her! Of course you can.
  • OMG…that calve digging was painful as fook
  • Beat her with a railroad tie
  • Grody, next spurts right into the ole mouth hole.
  • Look at all the Fake Shemps
  • “Where did I see those box of shells?” oh yeah..
  • This cabin is full of blood.
  • Shut up Linda!
  • “c’mon why you torturing me like this.” – Ash
  • Hope is in the necklace…or Linda is regret? or love is hope?
  • haha…the futility of blocking a door 4 foot away from a giant window
  • Scott ain’t dead…but he does have eye goo!
  • Ow….poker to the back!!!
  • use the necklace as a hook!
  • Nooooo…he burnt the book of the dead! That is all it took?
  • Every Tool Music Video!!
  • is that creamed corn or oatmeal?
  • Giant monster hands!!! This is way worse!!
  • One last Join Us
  • Daylight!

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