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the car 1977


Oh hi,

and Good Morning Southwestern Sheriff’s Office Staff. As you ma have heard. Last night Sheriff Peck was killed by a large black sedan. Yes, the same dark car that has been terrorizing our small desert town in recent days. As you may know, I will be stepping into the role of acting Sheriff. My name is Wade Parent and I am the son of Sheriff Parent, Any questions? Yes…yes Sheriff Parent was my Dad which makes him my Parent Parent…look…let’s not get caught up in a whole thing here…we got a killer out there and we have to find a way to stop them and quick.

What’s that Officer Token-Southwestern-Native-American Type…you have something to say? No? Odd…I would have thought for sure you would have had something to suggest this was a car possessed by an evil spirit or something. Well good for you. It’s 1977 and it is a weird time for Native Americans in America.

Say what? You do have one working theory though? ok…I’m all mustache and ears..go…uh huh…right…ok….so you think maybe This car could possibly be possessed by my dad’s spirit? Hmmm….well he did hate Sheriff Peckerhead, Hitchhikers and “Bikers Not Biking in the Bike Lane.” But our movie is only an hour and a half long so let’s put a “pin” in that and just spring the wife beater from his cell and blow up the car with some dangerous explosives…Honk Honk…Boom…Mushroom Satan Cloud! We all go home and kiss our kids. The end…or is it? Yeah…it’s the end.


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The Car (1977) – Liking this movie is like trying not to wiggle your ass while brushing your’s impossible. oh deep cut. “Send an ambulance…tell them there is no rush.”


  • Beep Beep
  • So far…music good….atmosphere good….is this Shining music? Nice establishing shot…fat from blue (cool) to brown (warm)
  • You are a little slow this morning Peter…you are getting old!
  • Race you through the tunnel!!
  • Uh oh…this sepia tone car interior can’t be good.
  • Road Runner Tunnel…flat black on the inside..
  • A little bike ride in the mountains….no problem.
  • Jaws type music…
  • It is 35..Speed limit
  • Who puts a train horn on a car…
  • Look at that blood trail that car left behind.
  • C’mon…we have dismiss the idea that these bikers won’t just stop biking and get off the road.
  • I’m watching you sleep…and eating your face….Dragon Breath.
  • “Did you know it is impossible brush your teeth without wiggling your ass.”
  • Lauren wants his 2 kids to like her…
  • 2 kids listening to their dad and his lady friend.
  • She grabbed him by the balls…literally.
  • She has to go to school.
  • Cop jokes…cause he is the cop.
  • These kids have native american portraits of themselves over their beds.
  • Santa Ynez
  • Some guy with a french horn.
  • Even my little friend in my treestump is singing.
  • Farting music for a year.
  • I’m moving as fast as my thumb will take it.
  • 34 year old nympho and head to amazon basin and water ski. – Johnny Norris
  • Johnny Norris said “up yours” and shot the car a bird…bye bird….honk hooooooonk…
  • Mrs. Humphers. (Lauren)
  • Mom is separated/divorced.
  • As long as I don’t have to eat Brussels sprouts.
  • A lot of impressions and a lot joking around.
  • 4 times….all together…
  • No Plate…Domestic?…lowered.
  • They must be deep in the reservation.
  • The Obligatory School Marching band that is slightly out of tune.
  • Tommy Ness 13 imagine his teacher naked.
  • This small town has a lot of cops.
  • Beat up Bertha
  • Uh oh…Deputy Drunk Duke is back on the sauce. He is next….
  • I went to high school with Bertha…she was the first…now she is hooked up with Drunk Punch Husband.
  • Putting pins in my topiary.
  • Don’t be a bully…I hate bullys…
  • Uh oh…who is hating the sinners in this town
  • Don’t covenant your neighbor’s wife.
  • Are you the car?
  • Big and Black.
  • Bad Things are coming with the wind. Says the little old native American Lady.
  • Your the Chief now buddy.
  • This while movie plays like an episode of Twilight Zone meets Perry Mason?
  • “She said…there was no driver in the car….! Why you lying other guy!”
  • Luke….small town sheriff…should we cancel our event? YES! too late.
  • Time to get my sun on! Take a nap on the hood of my police car.
  • “Send an ambulance…tell them there is no rush.”
  • Marching Band…that is The Car Fodder.
  • This car hates horns….I am the horn blower. Did the Chief have a horn?
  • Jenny you are too Slow…and Bobby you are too…bunch of slow marchers.
  • The wind is blowing
  • Those horses are out!
  • Get to the walls…fuck the horses.
  • Terror is The Cars greatest strength.
  • Why is that old lady slowing down her kid…oh…my arm…I fell…my arm…
  • Into Hallowed Ground they go….where the hell are they practicing that they can run to a graveyard…an old graveyard?
  • Hey You, Why don’t you get out of your big ugly car…I’d like to see what a creep like you looks like. Let us all see what a big lunatic. I got your story…in your car you are big and bad…Are you back again…what can we do for you sweet thing.
  • This is Margie Johnson…The Car is locked in on the police frequency.
  • What is Tadpole? as an insult?
  • Now the teacher is in tight with the girls.
  • He can’t take on both of us…Do a Barrel roll
  • This is the most sensitive police force I have seen. Especially motorcycle cop too big for his bike.
  • The wind just blew your paper into the road…get the hell out of the road fool.
  • I love the painting that she has been working on for Wade…and now she is gone and so is Wade’s portrait with the cocked eyebrow. You failed me Wolf…oh…the painting survived!
  • She cursed him…he crushed her.
  • Get the other guys…we are creating a posse
  • Everybody in this town is a cop.
  • Copland…100 cops…3 citizens and some kids. Nobody else.
  • Here is your box of Dangerous…easy now.
  • I hope I make you proud daddy.
  • 4 foot off the ground the car can bust through a house…is that the max height.
  • Maggie now owns some kids.
  • The Wife Beater and his Explosives…we need you.
  • Oh shit…The Car is in his garage….
  • Dude…care….why you in my garage? Are you my daddy?
  • If this car is this guys Daddy…there is going to be a Not Luke…I am your Carther.
  • This car does not want you to open the garage door…
  • Gonna Carbon Monoxide you to death.
  • Weakest point of the film is the speed up scenes.
  • Going north across Jelly’s field.
  • This thing can ram a cliff and you think you can bury him?
  • Oh Damnation!
  • Fatboy Slim running up a hill is humorous.
  • Thelma and Louise this shit…honk honk!
  • A pile of white men and one native american watching a demon emerge in the night sky after blowing up a canyon. Roar
  • Well whoever he was…he ain’t no more. But in the fire….it’s over Luke…but the first…over! It ain’t over.

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