Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

Oh by all means American Business Men Type, please interrupt my game of Chinese Chess I was enjoying with my Mogwai in a cage, before you rolled your crappy TV into my tiny downtown shop filled with the priceless antiquities of my people. You break, it you bought it!

Oh I mean…welcome to Mr. Wings of New York…how may I help you? Uh huh…right…listen have any of you seen my grandson? Little Wing? No? Oh that’s right…I fired him 6 years ago for being a little shit. Speaking of little shits. You guys want to see what I have in this cage? No? Still set on showing me your little film? Don’t care…whoosh! Look at that! I bet you guys have never seen one of these! Clean up on aisle 6-6-6! Am I right. Seriously though, I know a guy who performs miracles on stained underwear. Ancient Chinese…oh nevermind…

Yeah he was a lot cuter last night before I fell asleep in my chair smoking my pipe. Had a bit of a beard fire…I’m old…it’s dry…set off the sprinkles….by the time I got back. Well you can see it. It was like one of those play-doh fun factories…you know the kind with the dough press….splurt…yeah…I know

Oh well, it could have been worse. It could have been a 2 hour movie about a Gremlin Super Spreader Event with a line up of Gremlin Themed Mutations that plows into the absurd right when Hulk Hogan demands cold soda, hot popcorn and satisfaction. I mean…who would watch that! I did..twice.


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Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) – Like a rubber bat on a stick…maybe you could you it on your show! “Where is the moan…there is supposed to be a moan here.”

“Because of the end of civilization, the Filmsack Network now leaves the air. We hope you’ve enjoyed our programming, but more importantly, we hope you’ve enjoyed… life.”


  • Die Hard with Gremlins
  • Meanwhile, down in ChinaTown
  • So far…great start…we already had bugs bunny and daffy with a fight…might as well start the movie.
  • Mr. Wang…I develop the biggest buildings in New York…you have the smallest things.
  • Big Time China Town.
  • Let us roll the TV Cart in and you can see an offer.
  • An Area of agreement that two people can reach.
  • It is more difficult to agree with oneself
  • Mr Clamp and his clamp on the world.
  • Please…keep the TV…TV TV
  • Rambo! That is Howie Mandel…saying Rambo!
  • 6 Weeks later…what is he some kind of clairvoyant?
  • Daniel Clamp Style
  • Sad Maugwai
  • Run Mogli!
  • Like I always said…If you want to find something weird…you have to go downtown.
  • Clamp Revolving door…Have a powerful day.
  • Oh no! Billy drew the plans that killed Mr. Wang!
  • Unauthorized potted plant!
  • Art by recognized artists?
  • Coffee Mugs. Rest your butt here.
  • Billy’s Department red head.
  • She is a tour agent and he is a conceptional artist?
  • “Where is the moan…there is supposed to be a moan here.” – Fred
  • Rubber bat on a stick…maybe you could you it on your show!
  • Mr. Clamp only likes color.
  • Mister Donut!
  • “Splice O’ Life”
  • Just Rabies…We have the flu on backorder.
  • Casper have this tissue analyzed.
  • A cow that enjoys giving milk…according to the cow talking colander.
  • Jerry Goldsmith always elevates the material
  • The real monster is on floor 13?
  • So Billy moved to the big city to get away from his Dad’s shitty gadgets to work in a big facility with pricey shitty gadgets…cause Gremlins.
  • So broken tech is a character?
  • A bottle of high voltage?
  • Alvin and
  • Mister…Welcome to the Men’s Room. Hey pal I sure hope you washed those hands.
  • Gizmo’s hands are scary.
  • Mr. Clamp should be an undercover boss
  • Oh are such a troublemaker.
  • Gomez is the worst janitor, handyman.
  • Like Exotic Canadian Cuisine
  • Everything that comes out of Gizmo is evil.
  • Goofy Gremlin
  • 1ag101 Your car is old and dirty
  • Murray is visiting with his veterans group.
  • He is still on about the Russians. Things have changed since last time.
  • Art from burbs…Joe Dante baby
  • Billy is getting fired
  • it must be after midnight
  • Arrested a truck load of mimes
  • Gizmo in the ductwork
  • They arrested Billy at work…yet he is back at work the next day
  • Clamp hat.
  • Clamp Cable network.
  • Asians take a lot of photos.
  • Gremlins love food fights.
  • Bologna and Bean Dip Rollups
  • Poking fun at their own rules about Gremlins.
  • These Gremlins are much larger!
  • Microwave with Marge
  • These Gremlins are various sizes.
  • The 3 stooges of Gremlins. Goofy, Angry and Mental.
  • grote…gremlin boles.
  • These novelty flash lights suck
  • The Pest infestation monitor is reading critical.
  • Photocopy Gizmo!
  • Bored Boss is bored boss
  • It’s a wonderful life in color…big deal in 1990 and Ted Turner.
  • Gremlins are made out of green jello
  • The Movie Police…I would rather have a 2 hour root canal…it’s a 10…
  • Wally and his bouncy tomatoes
  • I forgot that some of these gremlins suffered mutations in the Clamp Labs
  • Bat gremlin. Brainy Gremlin, Bottle everything.
  • It made a bat symbol…cause they can…cause it is Warner Brothers.
  • Salad Gremlin.
  • Right now…this building is on fire!
  • Love the building voice
  • Yay! He got the Gargoyle Gremlin and his is going to turn to stone!
  • Things…Stuff…
  • Breaking the 4th wall a lot
  • Volleyball Holiday…
  • I quit…call the union…call the national guard.
  • Ha…Hulk Hogan…I forgot. Cold Sodas, Hot Popcorn and no Gremlins in the projection booth…
  • Acid in the face…Phantom of the Opera Gremlin.
  • Busty Gremlin – Miss Piggy Gremlin
  • Electric Gremlin.
  • Work a camera. I am the camera
  • All the horror stereotypes? The late night host who wishes it were real. The regretful scientist.
  • Rambo Gremlin *Gizmo? Spider Gremlin
  • That is not a fire in there…it is Gremlins.
  • Beakers full of Gremlin Morph.
  • They come in electric too? They do now. He is in the phone system on hold.
  • End of civilization tape. We hope you have enjoyed life.
  • How to resolve…Adjust the clocks. Gremlins read the clocks.
  • The boss has a secret exit.
  • Giz is Rocky Montage Training.
  • Goofy Gremlin and his angry counterpart.
  • Gizmo: Master of paperclips.
  • Creature: What is it that you want?
  • Was that civilized? Probably not.
  • Gizbo. Flaming arrows. “What happened to him? I don’t know…I guess they pushed him too far.”
  • Something terrible happened to me on Lincoln’s Birthday…Peanut Butter Sandwich at the park…Hello little girl.
  • Mounting a Musical Number.
  • Going to war with the gremlins.
  • A storm is coming. No sunlight in New York
  • Our new plan…get them wet. Marla…Smoke
  • Loogi Gremlin.
  • Transfer the call.
  • That leaves electric Gremlin to run amuck.
  • When you give a gremlin a voice it makes it hard to kill them?
  • Hut hut hut…Keystone cops.
  • I’m ok…I didn’t hurt myself.
  • Hey Bill.
  • It smells like burnt meatloaf
  • George and Lenny Gremlins
  • Forester is pantless and getting married to a gremlin
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