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The Mask Of Zorro (1998) – Filmsack Show Notes

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Jack Frost (1997) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Jack be nibble, jack be quick, jack jump over the…hold on…hold on…wait a second….are we just going to overlook the fact that the sheriff’s little maniac of a son Ryan who cooked up a sandwich baggie full of Anti-Freeze oats to feed his dad a week before Christmas is not at least as big of an issue as the killer snowman in our midst?! Deep Fried Jack Balls! That kid has the makings of the next mythical horror killer franchise.

So when Ryan “The Oat Bag” Tiler is not playing the role of Cop Killer by Antifreeze he is out front of his house pulling some Frosty the Slay-man shit by bringing a murderer to life with a magical strangling scarf and carrots to rape with. ..Happy Birthday… (like in that Frosty cartoon with the magic hat) Bam…Billy just lost his head by a sled and is totally dead. Let’s go make Oats!

Listen sheriff you got a problem and it’s not the 12 quarts of coffee and bottle of antifreeze you drank today…Touch my finger…touch my knee…thank the lord my kids aren’t trying to kill me!. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-ha-ha-ha-ha not the one with Michael Keaton.



Jack Frosty (1997) – What’s the difference between Snowmen and Snowwomen? Poorly sculpted snow boobs? Go get Doc Peters.


  • Where is Michael Keaton
  • I had that tree topper angel.
  • Uncle Henry…tell me a story…no it’s late go to bed…santa will be here…I want a story…do you want a happy story or a scary story…I want a happy scary story…. JACK FROST nipping at your nose. Because that is what he did. You wanted a story… you got a story.
  • Pretty sure the movie can not hold up to this intro.
  • Tinsel Garland to wipe off the window
  • What an oddly conspicuous vehicle “State Executional Transfer Vehicle”
  • He’s being executed in 30 minutes…they are cutting it pretty close.
  • Deep Fried Jack Balls
  • Gimmie a smoke ya screw…shut up convict..sniiiiiff…filtered
  • “Snowmonton County” ok Snowman Capital of the Midwest
  • FBI across half a dozen states. Backwater Sherrif nailed it.
  • Harv? Everything ok back there Harv…nooo
  • What a driving snow storm
  • Good thing these trucks are clearly labeled for what they do. Genetics Research. Caution- Acidic Solution
  • What…The…FRANK
  • What a festively decorated death truck
  • Deep Fried Jacks is off the menu.
  • Jack Frost…Stay of Execution…denied.
  • It sucked right into the snow….genetics
  • Sheriff has a nice casio digi watch
  • Jack Frost took that arrest personal.
  • Touch my finger…touch my knee…thank the lord it wasn’t me.
  • It wanted to run..but it didn’t have any legs!
  • Federal Authorities
  • Sam Tyler
  • Boom mic!
  • Yum Ryan…your goo looks great. Just fill up my zip-loc-bag…also…is that AntiFreeze next to the stove Ryan?
  • Snow man building competition!
  • Shannon Elizabeth! Slumming it.
  • Jay hid his snowman….stop peeking at my snowman.
  • Uh oh…foreshadowing…Sally is going to end up with a Christmas tree up her ass.
  • Billy and Jilly and Sally and Daddy.
  • What is this snow made of?
  • Get it Mr. T…snowballs!
  • “I’ll find a waaaaay!”
  • Guilt talk…but daddy I made those oats special for you…now leave them in the car.
  • Mr. Harper is dead but still rocking. was the deputy…
  • Don’t steal old man Harper’s apples
  • So was it accidental or did the FBI do it? Genetic research?
  • Snowman chase cam.
  • pluck pluck pluck.
  • Dangit Ryan and his special oats and special cookies
  • Lies! Sam is telling the people it’s all good…but he is gonna go home and bolt his door.
  • Hey Paul…there is an unfinished snow man in the front yard that spontaneously formed…wanna go decorate it with this bag of kitchen supplies and a snowman snow mit.
  • Nooooo…stop stroking the mouth!
  • Are you deaf as well as butt ugly.
  • Ryan Tiler and his snow golem.
  • Too bad for billy…he is out…holy moly!
  • Nice use of Christmas music.
  • That snowman has the twig eyes
  • Jack Frost the man was sending newspaper/magazine letter cutout threats and the sheriff was saving them?
  • Paul like to give that 20% off
  • “The lord Forsook this home a long time ago.”
  • Finish my scarf!
  • A smoking snowman?
  • If your kid died and some said a snowman did it and you start hearing talking snowmen….it’s bad
  • I guess that is one way to use and axe to kill someone.
  • What does momma put in her tea?
  • That is one fast moving snowman.
  • Haha…he made her the angel on the tree. Not as good as I was hoping for.
  • Jack got big
  • Go get Doc Peters.
  • Agent Manners and Stone
  • Maybe…is he even FBI? or is this some Genetic Research Conspiracy
  • Tractor Pulls and House Raisins
  • A 24 hour curfew.
  • Sleep community style
  • Paul needed a punch the face
  • The bird noises in this movie are hilarious. Crows..Pigeons.
  • The only thing the sheriff has done so far is drink coffee
  • Deputy home repair tip giver
  • How to plot revenge…not having sex in the sheriff’s house in the dark
  • That’s a lot of stripping
  • Want to have the sex? Build me a fire and pour me some wine.
  • Jack Frost is hiding in your freezer
  • Well it ain’t f’ing frosty
  • Frost Chop!!
  • “Worlds most pissed off snow cone.”
  • gross…brain pulse
  • Thank you Tommy!
  • So in addition to turning to snow and back to liquid Jack Frosty can make himself hot?
  • Are we implying that Jack is humping Jill?
  • Boom mic!
  • Who is the bullseye guy outside waving?
  • Chris’ Cop car returns home on it’s own like a faithful steed
  • Jack Frost is pissing himself under the door.
  • Stone slapping those aerosol cans like a punk
  • The keys left in the door cam pull is a total Sam Raimi thing.
  • Marla got all the great one-liners…Woman and Cowards first
  • Burnt up snowman.
  • Look mom…I’m a Picaso
  • Trust these people….we might be your only hope.
  • The Sheriff can’t shoot for shit
  • The soul is a chemical. Don’t you get it!
  • That priest sure likes to crank up the heat to remind his flock.
  • Jack Frost Vision
  • He’s wearing and Edgar Suit…this came out the same year as MIB
  • Holy shit…it was antifreeze in the kitchen
  • The son is the real killer.
  • Poor Paul doesn’t know that his son is dead.
  • What’s the difference between Snowmen and Snowwomen? No Balls.
  • The church is full of people doing…and even one with goats…just like in the Omen
  • owww…that hurts…ice dagger
  • oh chest wound and splish splashing in a redneck truck jacuzzi
  • hey forgot this arm..aaaaaaaaaaa
  • Baptism by antifreeze.
  • “What do we tell the FBI?”
  • Silent Night by Jack Frost…scary.
  • I’ts page 60 and there’s not a single morph credits
  • Shit in the credits : “Ohhhh nooo, I feel like a caboose.” “Mongo like movie” “Don’t eat yellow snow” “Roundy Round” “Maybe it will snow tomorrow” “Say, who was behind Door #3” “Where’s the carrot in the bath scene?” “The things about snowmen is that they really don’t have arms.” “How many times did you spot Idiot?” “Does anybody have a 20 on Yolanda?” “Is the soup ready yet?” “You want a B-12?” “Can I have fries with that?” – Title House – “Special Thanks to Idiot, Acts of Nature: Flash Flood, No Snow, High Winds.”
  • Did we ever get to see the secret snowman?
  • Campbell’s Soup “Let it snow.” 1994 commercial had a bigger buget

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Executive Decision (1996) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

We’re not gonna make it? You are! Seagal Out!

Well Steven, here we are explosively decompressed at 35,000 feet without a parachute again. Now, based on my training the average human should have about 30 seconds of useful consciousness at this height. But, I’m way cooler than the average human…sooo…45 seconds….buuuuut I just wasted 15 seconds of that on a word-math problem or is it math-word problem? Whatever, we have been in worse situations…you are! now focus up Sha-gaul…….Shuh-gal…See-gal…….no it’s Suhgal right? I mean how have I been saying it?…Shuuuguuuh…Ahhh…snap out of it, Whoever you are!

Ya know what…I don’t need useful brains…I’ll just fly the brain…so hee-ya! take that fluffy cloud and that…and this roundhouse kick to your fluffy face. Oh wait…look clouds! Did that experimental bomber pilot just eject from our mission plane! oh ho ho… Hello plot hole here I come. All I have to do is skyfall towards him and take my position on his his lap for a free ride back down to earth.

“Hello fellow American! May I hitch a ride back to mother Russia!” I mean….ah shit..covers blown…quick fly to safety Sea-gull! Cah Cah Cah Cah



Executive Decision (1996) – Like 2 hours of intense zip lining, wire cutting, lights flashing action to get the attention of some while hiding from the attention of others. It’s sweaty work but Leguizamos got to do it.

Show Notes

  • Man this movie is pixelated
  • All Star Cast!
  • Very Military Thriller Music.
  • DZ-5 Russian Nerve Toxin
  • Jim and John wrote this…twins? Predator. Wild Wild West
  • Collins took one…he’s dead…for nothing! no DZ-5
  • 3 months later
  • Gee I wonder if Kurt is going to have to fly a larger plane later on. You are not prepared!
  • Flying anxiety. Relax and Fly the Plane. Stick and Rudder
  • What a weird side flash on the Jaffa Terrorist Wedding Napping.
  • 15 years of unrestrained Terrorism.
  • 6 months later.
  • Movie planes ridiculously large on the inside
  • Overhead luggage. Stupid Woman!
  • Sweaty Terrorist are prone to blowing up and sweating
  • Oceanic Airlines
  • Gun Reassemble
  • QA Has Bathroom Face Wash
  • These Terrorist look like Terrorist
  • I like calling the embassy and playing pre-recorded threats.
  • Hide my gun in my sock.
  • Circle that US Marshal…circle him!
  • Where is the Passenger Manifest…You destroyed it?
  • Sucking on Twizzlers and scrubbing audio.
  • Remember Guys…this is a think tank….we get paid to think
  • We do not negotiate with Terrorist…unless we do.
  • Do we like London that much…enough to negotiate. Is the President in London?
  • So we got this crazy plan. Let’s spend 20 minutes of the movie with some nut ass stunt to dock on a commercial jet with a stealth fighter and let’s let Seagal lead it and Kurt wear a tux and tag along.
  • So Allison died from the Million Dollar Baby death
  • This whole plan relies on a clip
  • How many wind shears happen while doing some crazy ass maneuver
  • Why is Cappy so damn heavy?
  • OMG Seagal died in most spectacular fashion.
  • I kind of like that Seagal held out for a better more heroic death
  • Castle Rock. Big Eye Six. Hail Mary.
  • Top 2 are dead in the team replaced with 2 non-supposed to be theres.
  • Shh…double finger sssssh
  • We only have part of our equipment
  • Whispering in the belly of the plan…time for a heated power struggle
  • Photo from 25 years ago…but I would recognize his voice…and know if I saw him.
  • Co-Pilot saw Americans…Soldiers…ignore this cut and bump on my head.
  • Yep. Still dead.
  • I traveled all this way to lay on the cold floor with a broke neck. That’s why I get paid the big bucks.
  • uh oh Velma…ya dropped your glasses
  • What is the in flight movie? Looks like Kurt Russel and a Monkey.
  • The Barefoot Executive (1971) Ha.
  • They have enough nerve gas to wipe out half of the eastern seaboard….time to just blow up the plane.
  • Scooting up and down the tube of a plane like some kind of Leguizamo Rat
  • How nice of them to include the captain with the bomb research
  • Why not just eject the bomb…lose pressure…
  • All the tech guys in this movie have oral fixations.
  • Whatever you do…don’t look into his eyes…his dreamy dreamy eyes…OMG I LOOKED INTO HIS EYES!
  • I need me a laser wire cutter
  • This operation has too many rookie factors
  • Red Handled Dikes?
  • Cappy
  • Coughing Cappy Death
  • Yaffa is Freeee…Free Yaffa for all!
  • 1:22:22 .. It’s an executive decision now.
  • 2-1 K…21 K!
  • The bomb wiring is a decoy…what else is a decoy
  • The under bomb has laser beams (Photo something beams)
  • The president is out of the country
  • This is more wire cutting than I had signed on for
  • Least fun game of Operation every
  • Also, way too many flashing lights in this movie.
  • Haha…wardrobe change.
  • Kurt Russel slowly morphs
  • The look of surprise on the sleepers face…priceless
  • Who Bye Box of Diamonds
  • When is this morphine supposed to kick in.
  • They are totally NOT in control
  • Whats wrong..FLAPS!
  • I love that Russel is announcing everything he is doing while trying to figure it out.
  • Shit…landing gear down.
  • Just fly the plane.
  • Just land the plane
  • landing field!
  • hey…thanks…a chewed up coffee stirrer.
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Dante’s Peak (1997) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

C’mon Ruth this is your best dog pal Roughy barking and freaking out because you just gotta open that door and let me lead you down this mountain to safety! I mean c’mon Ruth what do you want…do you just want to take a lava bath Ruth…well ole Roughy here has too much life to live to tread molten hot lava death…Now open the fricken door ya stubborn old lady! Listen…someone is here! Oh good, it’s grandkids….they’ll talk some sense into you Ruth and then I can lead you all down the mountain to safety. Door’s open… Enough talk…follow me… rough rough roughy

Don’t worry fam. I got ya. I know a path down the mountain that leads straight out of town. Oh man. Did you guys see what happened to those Twonset Hot Springs lovers…Burnt Bubble Butts Up in the air without a care in the world…well I guess that’s one way to go…right fam…..fam? Ruh Roh Roughy.

Ok Roughy….I guess it’s just me against this mountain. One lone dog on a journey to freedom. Woo…Lava flow…hup…Let’s see if I can get a better look at things from up here on this rock. ..oh good…there is the Vulcanologist with the great hair and the carefree willingness to drive through anything no matter what the insurance cost. He really is quite dreamy though. and Jump! Hey fam…have you seen Ruth? Wait, what smells like burnt up old lady legs? oh…I guess that closes the chapter on that part of my life. Say…could you guys do me a favor and not tie me up until we get out of here…Roughy thanks you.

Hey is that Coffee…Coffee Coffee Coffee



Dante’s Peak (1997) – Like


  • Where is Tommy Lee Jones when you need him?
  • This Music and intro…awesome! That Volcano eruption is startling at any audio level
  • Bikes, Umbrellas, Suitcases and crosses…oh my
  • Muddy Bloody mess
  • Marria didn’t make it.
  • 4 Years Later
  • Those are the worst push-ups ever
  • Meanwhile in Washington
  • Foreshadowing…Going on Vacation isn’t going to kill ya
  • The Devil’s Face in the eruption on the posted newspaper on the wall.
  • Yellow Balloon…good…Red Balloon Bad
  • Earth Nipples. Erupting Nipples
  • Second most desirable place under 20K
  • Linda Hamilton the softer side.
  • Pierce Bronson the Vulcan side….doing his best Dr. Grant
  • Pioneer Town…on Pioneer celebration
  • Hey…Money Magazine! We have things
  • Twonset “Too” Hot Springs.
  • Gram is in so much trouble….go home boys.
  • He hates kids! He’s not a family man…
  • Ruth is such a pleasant ex-mother in law. Where is the Ex?
  • Like a pool man…Yes…just like a pool man.
  • Do you know when those trees died? Yeah…just let me check my dead tree journal.
  • This movie plays like a Richard Donnor film.
  • Last active 7 thousand years ago.
  • Screaming kids…don’t help us screaming kids.
  • Ruth says the Squirrels are dying..more clues…I’ve seen this before.
  • A hot dip and some hot nookie.
  • Bubble Butts
  • Acid Lakes…Carbon Dioxide oozing out of the ground…Paul…listen to me Paul.
  • No one wants to believe. Harry is just an alarmist.
  • Norman…get the evac plans…
  • The Politics of science.
  • USGS is a lot more cautious of
  • We will be bouncing laser beams off of it…and checking it’s gases….hell we even have a robot.
  • You need a vacation…I’ll see you in 2 weeks.
  • Pizza Stein Bar
  • Politics and Economics
  • This town is all about being the best.
  • Holy Hell…she just burnt his hand with that coffee…most painful
  • Do you like EggPlant Parm? For Breakfast? No…for Dinner!
  • Greedy Helicopter Pilot…Overtime! Whatever TV
  • Professional Volcanologist / Amateur Hanky Magician and Domino Designer
  • Vulcan Life…got too close to the show.
  • Dr. Espresso from New York
  • Coffee…Coffee Coffee
  • Spider Legs. Gas Readings Up front.
  • turn around while I remove the ELF
  • Terry’s Masterpierce
  • The pilot is a dick? or…is he taking hazard pay for increasing his rates after an accident?
  • Your favorite movie glorification of a mundane scientific job? Twister, Dante’s Peak, Jurassic Park…
  • The Frog in boiling water analogy.
  • I promised you 2 days…I gave it a week.
  • One Lane Bridge
  • She is always making the coffee…
  • I am not a fan of the “past battle” discussion… Just like back in 85 at Mount Something
  • “I tole you so”
  • Why is the hotel owner and Paul wearing the same shirt?
  • oh no The Gas & Lube is on Fire
  • The roads are gone! Where we are going we don’t need roads
  • He keeps saying it is ok…it’s not ok
  • Get real Bevis. She’s just clearing her throat.
  • Up at Mirror Lake.
  • Harry sure trusts his vehicles…how is that working out for you.
  • Who invited the lava!?
  • now…a round of Row Row Row your boat
  • 2nd round…same as the first.
  • oh shit.
  • He has some pretty good
  • Damn-it Ruth…she got the acid legs
  • Grandma. Dead. Row Row your acid legs
  • Uh oh…a house…hit the bridge…bad timing
  • Better to be in a Humvee than that crappy cargo van…come on Paul…see ya Paul. Really…a Wilhelm scram on Paul’s death
  • The sin of inaction. You die.
  • Do you think we can drive over this lava in this truck? Sure…how hot is Lava? like 100 degrees
  • Ruffie……can’t let the dog die! Grandma…sure…dog…no f’ing way!
  • 8 years to get this town on it’s feet.
  • ELF…you got to have the ELF. Chekhov’s Elf.
  • How tight is everyone’s butthole in that truck while they are running from the fire cloud.
  • So long Harry…oh…he’s a magician. He’s skilled…not lucky.
  • Let’s go deep sea fishing. A fisherman of men
  • Why the hell would you tie up Ruffie…Ruffie needs to be free to run from the bad things.
  • This movie moves from a larger to smaller and smaller world until he is literally in a box.
  • Gotta have faith a faith a faith…baby
  • This Volcano really really wants to kill Harry.
  • Trope…all machines are broken until you kick them. Work damn you…work.
  • That damn light has been flashing for a day or two….hey asshole…check flashing red lights more often.
  • Thank you Nasa!
  • At least Paul got to see the show….bye Paul

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The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) – Filmsack Show Notes

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The Fifth Element (1997) – Filmsack Show Notes

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