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Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

Oh by all means American Business Men Type, please interrupt my game of Chinese Chess I was enjoying with my Mogwai in a cage, before you rolled your crappy TV into my tiny downtown shop filled with the priceless antiquities of my people. You break, it you bought it!

Oh I mean…welcome to Mr. Wings of New York…how may I help you? Uh huh…right…listen have any of you seen my grandson? Little Wing? No? Oh that’s right…I fired him 6 years ago for being a little shit. Speaking of little shits. You guys want to see what I have in this cage? No? Still set on showing me your little film? Don’t care…whoosh! Look at that! I bet you guys have never seen one of these! Clean up on aisle 6-6-6! Am I right. Seriously though, I know a guy who performs miracles on stained underwear. Ancient Chinese…oh nevermind…

Yeah he was a lot cuter last night before I fell asleep in my chair smoking my pipe. Had a bit of a beard fire…I’m old…it’s dry…set off the sprinkles….by the time I got back. Well you can see it. It was like one of those play-doh fun factories…you know the kind with the dough press….splurt…yeah…I know

Oh well, it could have been worse. It could have been a 2 hour movie about a Gremlin Super Spreader Event with a line up of Gremlin Themed Mutations that plows into the absurd right when Hulk Hogan demands cold soda, hot popcorn and satisfaction. I mean…who would watch that! I did..twice.



Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) – Like a rubber bat on a stick…maybe you could you it on your show! “Where is the moan…there is supposed to be a moan here.”

“Because of the end of civilization, the Filmsack Network now leaves the air. We hope you’ve enjoyed our programming, but more importantly, we hope you’ve enjoyed… life.”


  • Die Hard with Gremlins
  • Meanwhile, down in ChinaTown
  • So far…great start…we already had bugs bunny and daffy with a fight…might as well start the movie.
  • Mr. Wang…I develop the biggest buildings in New York…you have the smallest things.
  • Big Time China Town.
  • Let us roll the TV Cart in and you can see an offer.
  • An Area of agreement that two people can reach.
  • It is more difficult to agree with oneself
  • Mr Clamp and his clamp on the world.
  • Please…keep the TV…TV TV
  • Rambo! That is Howie Mandel…saying Rambo!
  • 6 Weeks later…what is he some kind of clairvoyant?
  • Daniel Clamp Style
  • Sad Maugwai
  • Run Mogli!
  • Like I always said…If you want to find something weird…you have to go downtown.
  • Clamp Revolving door…Have a powerful day.
  • Oh no! Billy drew the plans that killed Mr. Wang!
  • Unauthorized potted plant!
  • Art by recognized artists?
  • Coffee Mugs. Rest your butt here.
  • Billy’s Department red head.
  • She is a tour agent and he is a conceptional artist?
  • “Where is the moan…there is supposed to be a moan here.” – Fred
  • Rubber bat on a stick…maybe you could you it on your show!
  • Mr. Clamp only likes color.
  • Mister Donut!
  • “Splice O’ Life”
  • Just Rabies…We have the flu on backorder.
  • Casper have this tissue analyzed.
  • A cow that enjoys giving milk…according to the cow talking colander.
  • Jerry Goldsmith always elevates the material
  • The real monster is on floor 13?
  • So Billy moved to the big city to get away from his Dad’s shitty gadgets to work in a big facility with pricey shitty gadgets…cause Gremlins.
  • So broken tech is a character?
  • A bottle of high voltage?
  • Alvin and
  • Mister…Welcome to the Men’s Room. Hey pal I sure hope you washed those hands.
  • Gizmo’s hands are scary.
  • Mr. Clamp should be an undercover boss
  • Oh are such a troublemaker.
  • Gomez is the worst janitor, handyman.
  • Like Exotic Canadian Cuisine
  • Everything that comes out of Gizmo is evil.
  • Goofy Gremlin
  • 1ag101 Your car is old and dirty
  • Murray is visiting with his veterans group.
  • He is still on about the Russians. Things have changed since last time.
  • Art from burbs…Joe Dante baby
  • Billy is getting fired
  • it must be after midnight
  • Arrested a truck load of mimes
  • Gizmo in the ductwork
  • They arrested Billy at work…yet he is back at work the next day
  • Clamp hat.
  • Clamp Cable network.
  • Asians take a lot of photos.
  • Gremlins love food fights.
  • Bologna and Bean Dip Rollups
  • Poking fun at their own rules about Gremlins.
  • These Gremlins are much larger!
  • Microwave with Marge
  • These Gremlins are various sizes.
  • The 3 stooges of Gremlins. Goofy, Angry and Mental.
  • grote…gremlin boles.
  • These novelty flash lights suck
  • The Pest infestation monitor is reading critical.
  • Photocopy Gizmo!
  • Bored Boss is bored boss
  • It’s a wonderful life in color…big deal in 1990 and Ted Turner.
  • Gremlins are made out of green jello
  • The Movie Police…I would rather have a 2 hour root canal…it’s a 10…
  • Wally and his bouncy tomatoes
  • I forgot that some of these gremlins suffered mutations in the Clamp Labs
  • Bat gremlin. Brainy Gremlin, Bottle everything.
  • It made a bat symbol…cause they can…cause it is Warner Brothers.
  • Salad Gremlin.
  • Right now…this building is on fire!
  • Love the building voice
  • Yay! He got the Gargoyle Gremlin and his is going to turn to stone!
  • Things…Stuff…
  • Breaking the 4th wall a lot
  • Volleyball Holiday…
  • I quit…call the union…call the national guard.
  • Ha…Hulk Hogan…I forgot. Cold Sodas, Hot Popcorn and no Gremlins in the projection booth…
  • Acid in the face…Phantom of the Opera Gremlin.
  • Busty Gremlin – Miss Piggy Gremlin
  • Electric Gremlin.
  • Work a camera. I am the camera
  • All the horror stereotypes? The late night host who wishes it were real. The regretful scientist.
  • Rambo Gremlin *Gizmo? Spider Gremlin
  • That is not a fire in there…it is Gremlins.
  • Beakers full of Gremlin Morph.
  • They come in electric too? They do now. He is in the phone system on hold.
  • End of civilization tape. We hope you have enjoyed life.
  • How to resolve…Adjust the clocks. Gremlins read the clocks.
  • The boss has a secret exit.
  • Giz is Rocky Montage Training.
  • Goofy Gremlin and his angry counterpart.
  • Gizmo: Master of paperclips.
  • Creature: What is it that you want?
  • Was that civilized? Probably not.
  • Gizbo. Flaming arrows. “What happened to him? I don’t know…I guess they pushed him too far.”
  • Something terrible happened to me on Lincoln’s Birthday…Peanut Butter Sandwich at the park…Hello little girl.
  • Mounting a Musical Number.
  • Going to war with the gremlins.
  • A storm is coming. No sunlight in New York
  • Our new plan…get them wet. Marla…Smoke
  • Loogi Gremlin.
  • Transfer the call.
  • That leaves electric Gremlin to run amuck.
  • When you give a gremlin a voice it makes it hard to kill them?
  • Hut hut hut…Keystone cops.
  • I’m ok…I didn’t hurt myself.
  • Hey Bill.
  • It smells like burnt meatloaf
  • George and Lenny Gremlins
  • Forester is pantless and getting married to a gremlin
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Gremlins (1984) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Ok Ok. Kate is 9 now and she is losing her faith in Santa Clause and as her dad and I have to fix that.

So I’ve climbed up here on the roof of our house on Christmas Eve and I am going to shimmy…..down the chimmy…hehe…chimmy…AND deliver these age appropriate Christmas gifts for my darling Kate. Who hates Thanksgiving. Weirdo

Ok ok, Straighten up Santa…time to take inventory.

Let’s see, Weird pet from ChinaTown. Check.

Santa Clause Suit 2 sizes too big from ChristmasTown aka JC Penny. Check.

Belly full of Egg Nog  from Dorry’s Tavern. Check. Check Checkity Check.

Ok, Ho ho ho, Here we go.

*Grunting and squeezing…a little too fat.

Oh, Hey little fellow what are you doing out of your box. Eww and why are you all slimy and gross.

Move you stupid thing you are gonna make me fall and break my neck. Oh no no no

The end. Merry Christmas Kate!