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Super Mario Bros. (1993)


oh hi,

Hello, is this the Dinohattan Police Department? Well this is Big Bertha down at the “Evolved Dino Dance Club” located in the alternate earth dimension where dinosaurs evolved into people… and I would like to report a theft. Yes, a plumber stole my necklace like he stole my heart. Additionally he took my jumping rocket boots. Well I sort of gave them to him and his cute little Leguizamo brother. But I’m pretty sure they are not bringing those back either.

Hello? Are you even listening? What am I hearing right now? It sounds like you are getting a back rub by some dino-prostitute in high heels using their stinky dino feet.

Sounds accurate, because it is accurate?

Listen, get in your Road Warrior Hybrid Police Vehicle and/or Walk the Dinosaur down here and get my necklace back before I de-evolve your dino-bits.

Oh wait…the police cars in this alternate dino reality all run on electricity because they don’t have fossil fuels. In fact the whole reason for their lagging behind earth one is because there was no industrial revolution fueled by the oil industry! Could this movie perhaps be more than what I thought?

Nah…Dino Mario…Swing your arms from side to side
Come on, it’s time to go. Dino Mario!


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Super Mario Bros. (1993) – I think Luigi Mario said it best when he proposed the question “It was a pleasure to meet me. Do you eat?” Trust the fungus.

Dino Mario…Swing your arms from side to side
Come on, it’s time to go. Dino Mario!


  • A long time ago…ruled by the dinosaurs.
  • Parallel dimension Intelligent Fish and Dinosaurs…wiped out by meteor found their way back
  • Brooklyn 20 year ago…dropping off the baby at the church
  • and back to the sewers you go mom. Oh…it’s an egg…she left an egg.
  • Kuppa wants the rock…which is an egg…with a baby in it. and a rock…baby girl
  • 3 plungers of varying sizes!
  • Mario Brothers…no leak too small
  • On a Miraculous World.
  • University is digging for dino bones…keep your construction away Scapelli
  • Sniffing dogs….
  • Found her. …2 Arms…1 Head…2 Legs
  • “It was a pleasure to meet me. Do you eat?” -Luigi
  • Everybody’s got tap water…3 dollars for a bottle of ater?
  • Free Tans!! Thanks Mario’s Brother!
  • She is the baby!!!
  • Luigi is not Mario’s brother? He was adopted?
  • Wake up Spike!!
  • No I bag her and you grab her…no I grab her and you bag her.
  • Weird is working at a bone pit.
  • They are both low self esteem people.
  • Mario is batting way out of his league.
  • No security at the bone pit
  • She feels comfortable in the pit
  • 0 for 5
  • Luigi always has a feeling..shortcuts…and phasing rocks.
  • From Brooklyn to Koopa Dinohattan
  • Princess Daisy and the Rock
  • 2000 Koopa Coins for the plumbers.
  • Moon boots took the stone …meteorite.
  • Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.
  • Check in Cop and his foot to shoulder massage.
  • This is like living in Beetle Juice world for far too long.
  • The Old king was de-evolved into the goo.
  • Egg Sucking Son of a Snake
  • T-Rex is Koopa
  • Toad to Goomba
  • Vote Koopa
  • Evolve the dummies
  • Yoshi is a pet
  • Dino Descendants
  • Plumbers – Disgusted Voice
  • I am with you cousin!
  • 65 Million Years ago.
  • K – Koopa Towels
  • Yoshi is a throwback
  • Big Bertha with the boots
  • Uh oh…he stole Bertha’s heart and then her necklace…this will end badly.
  • Time to walk the dinosaur.
  • Koop Pizza.
  • These pipes haven’t been serviced for years.
  • Take care of your tools Luigi
  • Trust the Fungus

Mario : [trying to get a dance with Big Bertha] Hey, the name’s Mario. I’m your main man, your ram-a-dame, your can of spam…

Bertha : [punches him and laughs]

Mario : [second try] Excuse me. Will you hit me again? I’ve never seen such fluidity. The way your knuckles crunched as you smashed ’em into my face.

Bertha : [grabs him by the jacket] Dance with me. I’ll hit you all you like.

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