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Strange Days 1995


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we “Jack In” … uh … “Jack on” … uh … “jack oo awww” … no can’t say that … We put on our sim-stim rubber … uhhhh … brain thing? … uh … we carefully place a SQUID on our head and cover it with a wig … and take a trip back to 1995 for a real mind fuh uuhh … head scratcher of a movie about the last days of the retro future past of 1999 when shit looked like it was about to go sideways for humanity…phew…we put that off for another 23 years. You got to have faith a faith a faith … baaaby.

Anywho, hand me my shoe box full of “As good as cash Rolexes”, defunct Double Chexes product placement and “Boy we were wrong about Mini Disc that we called Tapes” cause I’m about to pleasure your cortex with a brain to brain recording/playback of a 50 year old man taking a shower in 2023. Let’s go! Yeah do you feel that…yeah..the water hitting your body like little knives being stabbed into your back by your best friend…yeah… dropped the soap because you are old…you just have to carefully lean over and …oh no…you slipped and now you are falling like your so called best friend gravity 20 stories from the side of a building… and now you are naked, bleeding and curled up in the bottom of the tub and the water is getting cold. Ok..that’s all you get for today… Oh…you said you wanted to experience what it is like to be an 18 year old girl showering… yeah I don’t have that and if I did I wouldn’t share it with you … perv. now stop rubbing yourself and making noises…gross!

Randy, Have you ever tapped in… ohh… Slutty/Virgin brain.



 1995 ‧ Sci-fi/Thriller ‧ 2h 25m

Former policeman Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) has moved into a more lucrative trade: the illegal sale of virtual reality-like recordings that allow users to experience the emotions and past experiences of others. While the bootlegs typically contain tawdry incidents, Nero is shocked when he receives one showing a murder. He enlists a friend, bodyguard Mace (Angela Bassett), to help find the killer — and the two soon stumble upon a vast conspiracy involving the police force Nero once worked for.




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Strange Days (1995) – Like the Santa Claus of the subconscious … if Santa was in my VR Chat and he was pretending to be an 18 year old girl taking a shower. Well I lost my appetite…for about a year. #pass


  • Is this one of them weird cyber movies?
  • 1:06:29 AM 30 Dec 1999
  • Ready? Yeah…boot it. I’m recording… Don’t ID Me!!
  • Gooo…get out the car…goooo
  • Noooo…not the Chinese restaurant.
  • Hit the cash register and it will make money?
  • First Person Chinese Restaurant gun robbery gone wrong. That is a big response from the police.
  • I don’t deal with Snuff… Clips … I don’t deal Black Jack discs
  • Bring me street … one man’s mundane is another man’s technicolor
  • So these crazy mofos do crazy stuff and record it … then let people jack in.
  • Mini disc.
  • Gas is over 3 bucks a gallon, kids are shooting each other over recess.
  • Prostitutes are tackling Santa!!
  • He wants guy and 2 girls…don’t use your mother like you usually do. Guy wears.
  • I want to give a shout out to boo.
  • Jacking in on the public toilet with some jacking material. gross.
  • The Squid Receptors. Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device,. keep the recording unit close by.
  • The cops are out to get you…they are as dirty as any criminal…
  • Black Male…35 to 40… looked more like a lady in her 30s… we are handling it.
  • Make a dash for the train..
  • Everybody wears a wig in the future. Squid Wig.
  • Man…this movie predicted a lot of tech and social stuff…but it took until 2023… not 1999
  • Got my shoebox full of TDK Head Discs. So real .. its Scuid
  • Is this the most nudity we have had on Filmsack?
  • I love your eyes…I love the way they see. That is what he meant by …you got to look like you mean it.
  • So was he recording his sex happy fun time…I wonder if she knew?
  • Watch my Squid Disc, take a nap and eat fireworks pop.
  • By the year 2025 there will be a second woman president… a swing and a miss.
  • Not to be rude…but are you a cop? Tassle shoes? What you want…it is behind your eyes.
  • Have you ever taped in… ohh… Virgin brain.
  • This conversation is not taking place.
  • I want the deck…I don’t have the deck..
  • This is not like TV … this is somebody’s life. You are hearing it, feeling it.
  • I’m assuming a guy like you…it’s about the stuff you can’t have…
  • Like to be that guy….for the right 20 minutes.
  • I’m your priest…I am your shrink … I am the santa clause of the subconscious.
  • I got a deck right here…step into my office.
  • Be wary of any guy who says…I have a deck right here…step into my office.
  • You were just an 18 year old girl taking of a shower… are you starting to see the possibilities here.
  • “cause I’m your priest, I’m your shrink… I am your main connection to the switchboard of the soul. I’m the magic man… Santa Claus of the subconscious. You say it, you think it, you can have it.”
  • I knew I should have closed up the sunroof/moonroof
  • Ok it was funny…but it cost me a lot of money.
  • Bobbby bobbby.
  • He used to be a he plays the Squid Game
  • Everybody wears long hair in the future…except … Bobbbby.
  • You can keep my watch for collateral. It’s a Rolex and I have a ton of them.
  • They hauled off my car.
  • The Prophets of Light.
  • Briefcase full of phones and watches.
  • Everything has been done…we used it all up.
  • He lost Faith
  • You sell porno to wire heads
  • A taxi? Somebody might see me.
  • Limo Driver / Squid Peddler and Private Investigator.
  • Are you a cop? Have you ever been wired.
  • I told you “No wire head shit in my car.”
  • On foot in LA? are you kidding?
  • Your ass is always broke.
  • It’s your brain you do what you want with it.
  • The Retinal Fetish… the happening bar.
  • Most future bars are Raves with Cage and screaming.
  • Burn the books…Mosh the pits…pierce the nips. ROCK ROCK ROCK
  • Wade Beamer …
  • I wouldn’t sell you the sweat off a dog’s balls.
  • When Wade Closed a Door Nero Cracks a Window
  • DJ Black and White.
  • He knows what you like and he finds it for you and then disappears.
  • Apparently…she can hardly wait…Early Juliette & The Licks
  • Lenny Stalker Much.
  • Keep talking…just oiling up my boobs.
  • You know Movies are better than playback…cause music starts and the credits come up and you know it is over!!
  • He has a really good memory.
  • I can write you a check. Ok ok.. Cash… how about a Rolex?
  • Not the eyes…punch…
  • Calmly back stroking in the toilet bowl.
  • Just gonna jack in in your back seat.
  • Oh man…I do not like how easy it was to navigate the balcony.
  • Don’t Taze me bro.
  • Go to the Sunset Regent right now! Goooo
  • He jacking into his own output. She’s seeing herself.
  • You don’t need to watch the whole thing you know…you get the picture way before then.
  • I have never dealt in Black Jack. Snuff Clip… it was Iris.
  • Well I lost my appetite…for about a year.
  • He needs an audience.
  • Squid Heads.
  • They keep calling the discs … tapes.
  • I have a gun. It is under my bed.
  • How did you get up here… Charm?
  • I’ve made my choice Lenny…kiss kiss kiss.
  • We tried to find a smaller girl…but it was Short Notice…muhaha
  • Safety’s on…made you look.
  • Everybody wants to beat up Lenny.
  • Back when Lenny wasn’t a loser.
  • Jericho is bad
  • Nero Note…Please buy my product.
  • All you have to do is find a guy wearing a fanny pack in 1999…bam…you got the killer.
  • wait…that is my shitty house..and my drunk ass!
  • I keep the gun under my bed…like way under.
  • and the gun clip…oh yeah!!
  • She never gave me a tape.
  • poor puppy … got the handy little attitude adjuster.
  • That is one pissed off pup.
  • Calm down…this is what I do…drive my limo away from danger.
  • Hmmm…do you burn of do you drown? Bullet resistant but not from the inside.
  • Me and faith in the hotub on my birthday.
  • Curtis says that shit is Wack
  • I can’t tell you…but you have to see it.
  • I don’t do the wire man…
  • Double Chex!!
  • Fish Hooking Jericho. Be cool Jericho.
  • 2 black males in a car.
  • Jericho One. Forming Citizen Groups
  • Robo Steckler.
  • You couldn’t have just told me that. Why you got to show me.
  • Weirdo in a garage who has the hook up.
  • He got killed by his Gekko! and Rock!
  • He’s been cooked off…His 2 frontal lobes are like runny eggs.
  • The issue is if you are paranoid enough.
  • He is such a wire trip junkie.
  • Crackling Faith Voice.
  • I thought he burnt the disc
  • Got knocked out by a wirehead.
  • Brought a gun to a fist fight.
  • Acting smooth like nothings nothing
  • Write the room number down with my head wound blood.
  • She is so mad at him always. And he needs it.
  • It’s Real Time. This is your life.
  • These are used emotions…time to trade them in. Memories are designed to fade.
  • Giving 20 dollar blow jobs to buy crank.
  • He is a romantic fool. Can’t let go of my promise. It is like all I have left.
  • 11:09 dec 31, 1999
  • Grunge and Heavy Metal played a much bigger part of the 2000
  • Let’s bail. The car is yours to beat up.
  • The most sold out party in history. Relax. This is what I do… go in through the kitchen.
  • Stop calling it a tape!
  • A lightening bolt from god.
  • I care a lot about you…a lot more than you know…you pawn mean nothing to me.
  • She offers a lot of ultimatums … and he keeps calling her on it.
  • His butt is so tight when he farts only dogs can hear it.
  • You go into that stall right now… and hit play.
  • He sobered up…kind of.
  • Getting throw out of parties is the thing these guys do.
  • Enjoy the party.
  • Where do you keep that gun? In your crotch cubby? Crotch Pouch? Thigh Gap.
  • Envelope with Nero name on it.
  • Hair Tribes.
  • You want to suck on this?
  • I hope you enjoy the show Philo.. take it!
  • Don’t make any assumptions about our friendship Randy.
  • Jesus is the second most common thing people people say before they did. Shit being the first one.
  • Faith and me found a place you can never reach.
  • You gotta have Faith uh Faith uh Faith…baby.
  • duh..of course he is bald…most obvious thing every.
  • He put a knife in his back…literally.
  • nooo…not the tie…
  • Trope – always lands on a car
  • He lost faith.
  • No death squad…just 2 dumb ass cops.
  • Now pay attention MotherF’er Stay down.
  • Get this women some medical attention.
  • I will drag my dead partner through confetti to express my racism.
  • Bye bye faith.
  • Questions for about 6 hours.
  • The mime. The death with the baby.
  • …and now we make out… Good Year 2000… we made it.
  • Hey…careful with my knife wound.
  • What are we going to do…Racism…solved with a kiss.
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