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Virtuosity (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes


Please insert Show Intro 3.1…Loading…

Oh hi,

and welcome to Filmsack Labs where we straddle the line of what is possible and what is unquestionably going to end in a symphony of screams.

This week we have been working on bringing Virtual Reality based AI into the real world by inserting their programming carts into a pile of silicone nanobots. Essentially creating life! We here at the labs foresee great humanitarian possibilities as a result of this new technology.

Oh hands are going up, alright we have questions. Yes sir, what is your query. “Can we make real world animals like realistic snakes and such with our technology.” Good news! We already have! Would you like to hold her? You would! Excellent. Here ya go I! I expect you will be screaming by the end of this intro.

Ok, next question. Can our technology give Russel Crowe a better singing voice? No…..his voice is already perfect.

Last question! Can we create the perfect woman? Well, why would you want do that…Wait, do you mean like in Weird Science? So you don’t mean “The perfect woman” you mean “the perfect woman.” Oh hell yeah. Reach in that cabinet and hand me that crowd pleaser. No not that one. The one labeled Sheila 6.9.

Hey, anybody hungry? Grab that Sushi Chef 1.2 while you are back there. We are about to get this party started!

Oh no!  sensory overload….intro crashed…would you like to reopen? cancel. rebooting Randy.



Virtuosity (1995) – Just because I’m carrying around the joy of sacking your crappy film inside me, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.


  • What is this now? I’ve never heard of this…ohh…from the Director of Lawnmower Man! Is this the same universe?
  • Dig this groovy music man. I actually really like this….it is chill…maybe one of my favorite opening credits…
  • Characters come in singles and pairs. 01 11 00 10
  • All business suits
  • “Maybe it’s the uniforms”
  • This world is Matrix’esq
  • sadistic, dangerous…3 words that describe him
  • What do we look for? His eyes? They look like mine? Did they model him after him?
  • You got a rice on your face…no problem Gene Simmons of Kiss, or Miley Cyrus
  • Busting through paper walls is not as impressive as drywalls.
  • Poke my wound hole and I will derezz.
  • Too much Neural information.
  • Use the convicts to test the VR Trainer
  • Sid 6.7  Sadistic, Intelligent, Dangerous
  • haha. Denzel looks like Sideshow Bob
  • 9 months off for good behavior. 17 years off 9 months.
  • Give me my Chalk. I can use right now.
  • Metallic Limb detected!
  • He was in isolation. Not anymore. General population. Somebody is mad.
  • New travels fast. So was he a real cop at some point
  • oh…white power eh.
  • That guy brought a shiv to a metal arm fight. He gonna lose.
  • Denzel is a biter! A lover not a biter!
  • How are those prisoners throwing out all that trash through those slots.
  • Come get your boy!
  • Letac
  • Sushi Chef 1.2. A cart for each version
  • I can’t change what I am. I’m a 50 terabyte, self-evolving, neural network, double backflip off the high platform. I’m not a swan dive.
  • Just a little notebook flirting.
  • “Intriguing…can I write that down?”
  • His wife and and kids are dead.
  • Another chess Queen reference. Sacrifice the queen.
  • She is interactive Clyde.
  • Ahhh…Sheila 3.2 Brilliant…Grab her module and follow me.
  • Gettin busy
  • Just because I’m carrying around the joy of killing your family inside me doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.
  • Daryll likes to watch…nah.
  • Kicking Sheila 3.2 crystal under the table.
  • This guy is thinking Weird Science…and Sid is thinking…I want to kill you.
  • Duh…Its a new world Daryl
  • Prison run. hoof hoof hoof
  • Nanotech Synthetic.
  • Mr. Barnes gets a full pardon if he catches Sid.
  • So your virtual reality program comes to life and your go to move is to chip the felon and make a deal.
  • That is a big brain needle.
  • He kept his badge in Mothballs?
  • Sid is always getting shit on his face and then licking it off. In VR world he could just lick it off..
  • Oh it just got personal! Matthew Grimes killed my wife and daughter.
  • Do synthetics not know how to go shopping for clothes off the rack? Do they always have to steal it from folks. yes
  • Welcome to our dance club of “Come Hither” and Cameras
  • Time for a Rave Symphony! What kind of instrument are you? I am a whimpering.
  • Symphony of Scream! Time let very GnR
  • Remember the Scream Scene. Louder.
  • haha…the elevator bird.
  • Shot him right in the back.
  • He has to maintain glass mass.
  • The Symphony of Collision!!! mu ahaha
  • Our hero needs a phycologist. like 12 monkeys
  • “Reach in that backseat and hand me that crowd pleaser.”
  • Russel Crowe would have made a pretty good Joker
  • Sid 6.9 is better.
  • Matthew Grimes is a part.
  • “That’s how I know…because I know.”
  • My purple 150 dollar suit. Now interview me in my underwear.
  • All these TVs need to be showing the news.
  • Cameras are starting to pop up everywhere…we are almost here.
  • Hey! It’s the Rumble Guy! Let’s get ready!
  • Kapow…punch everything. Kapow! bum bum…Kapow…bum bum..Kapow
  • That guy failed at crowd surfing.
  • Sid 6.7 sure likes his human shields.
  • what? he killed her?
  • “Parker. This one’s for you”
  • No arm. No problem. Pew Pew Pew
  • When did Sid 6.7 have time to make a embroidered name tag?
  • Death TV
  • Ed did not enjoy being on Death TV
  • Oh great…that was a bad plan…land him in a bunch of glass.
  • That conversion process was way too slow.
  • Sid can tell the difference between gravity or not.
  • How did they fool him?
  • Billy is not interested in letting him out.
  • WTF Billy.
  • So the whole reason for the metal arm was so he could stop that big metal fan.
  • If you stand up. It is going to be very bad.
  • Bombshop 6.7

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Twelve Monkeys (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Ok Mr. Cole I’m going to ask you to relax while I attach these alligator clips to your “face fat” and then we’re just going to shove your “3-times-naked Bruce Willis Ass…ok…Will-Ass….” yep going to show you right into our Woody Woodpecker, cartoon inspired, “time tube.” Woo hoo.

Like a big ole naked wiener…covered in a condom… to insure your travels are safe. What’s that? You say you are good at remembering things…best not to remember this Mr. Cole. But don’t worry, it’s safe….like an MRI machine but it’s not an MRI machine in a basement and all of this is not just in your head in some sort of divergent reality on planet Ogo.

Alright, one more alligator clip. I think this one goes to your right nipple…nope nope… already got one there….this is your classic left nipple alligator clip situation…nom nom nom…and there..ok enough Monkey Business. Alright, hold onto your butts I’m firing up the time tube. Clear!

is he gone? ok, let’s go shopping! Randy, Colonics For Everyone!



Twelve Monkeys (1995) – asking the tough questions. What did you do with you time? Did you waste it on drugs? Women? This movie? Are you also divergent, friend?


  • how many monkees?
  • “…5 Billion People Will Die From A Deadly Virus in 1997…
    …The Survivors Will Abandon The Surface of the Planet…
    …Once Again the Animals Will Rule The World…”
  • Excerpts from interview with clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, April 12, 1990 – Baltimore County Hospital.
  • Break out the accordion.
  • Witness, the death of the man…into the eyes of old man Bruce Willis.
  • Volunteers come back to the 7th Floor…or they get pardoned.
  • Volunteer Duty!
  • Let me put on my body condom.
  • oh no. Christopher Plummer!
  • We need a volunteer to head to the surface….don’t let the suit become compromised or you are not coming back.
  • Hissing roach collection…and now there is a bear.
  • That bear don’t seem hungry.
  • So the end came during Christmas….
  • …also collected…spider.
  • Doves are good and it sounds like other birds as well. Owls.
  • and lions…oh my.
  • “We did it” – Red Monkey!
  • I could do with 100% less Bruce Will-Ass
  • 87645 (astrophysicists)
  • 25 to life…you are going to hurt us…are you mister cole.
  • Why don’t you sit down in the metal chair that is wired.
  • TV Ball…can you see us?
  • Yet among the myriad microwaves / the infrared messages / the gigabytes of ones and zeros / we find words, byte-sized now / tinier even than science / lurking in some vague electricity. / But if we but listen / we hear the solitary voice of that poet telling us / Yesterday this day’s madness did prepare / tomorrow’s silent; triumph or despair / Drink, for you know not whence you came, nor why. / Drink, for you know not why you go, nor where.
  • Meanwhile, 1990
  • See through lady’s raincoats
  • He put 2 police officers in the hospital.
  • Cole does not like to be asked about his ID. He gets agitated
  • He was volunteered because he was a good observer. Got a tough mind.
  • Need to go. Drooling.
  • He thought it was Oct. It is April. He thought it was 1996. It is 1990. Oops
  • South of France? I can’t go to South of France. I just need to make a telephone call.
  • More scrubbing…everyone is always scrubbing Bruce Will-Ass
  • They are always playing loud TV in the Asylum.
  • Jones is doing the turtle…
  • 5 thousand dollars….
  • Don’t play the games…you are volunteering.
  • plague of madness. Can’t let them call. Doctors discretion
  • Anti-capitalist Pitt.
  • He kept asking for shows that have already played….but the nurse change time.
  • L.J. Washington. He doesn’t really come from outer space. Ogo. I am mentality divergent….when I stop going there…I will be well.
  • “I don’t really come from outer space.” ….’Oh. L.J. Washington. He doesn’t really come from outer space.’….. “Don’t mock me my friend”
  • “It’s a condition of mental divergence.” “I find myself on the planet Ogo.” “Part of an intellectual elite…preparing to subjugate the barbarian hordes on Pluto.” “But even though this is a totally convincing reality for me in every way, nevertheless, Ogo is actually a construct of my psyche.” “I am mentally divergent…in that I am escaping certain unnamed realities…that plague my life here.” “When I stop going there, I will be well. Are you also divergent, friend?”
  • A board of intellects. Always a board of 6. With 2 enforcers.
  • Dr. Cassandra (complex) Railly (french to mock/jest)
  • Reoccurring nightmare of the death of who we assume are his parents when he was a child. His father is shot in an airport.
  • oh!! I found a spider! He is my spider now!
  • Crazy is Majority Rules.
  • Why did he eat the spider?
  • I’ve managed to contact certain underlings, evil spirits, secretaries of secretaries, and other assorted minions who will contact my father. And when my father finds out I’m in this kind of place, he’ll have them transfer me to one of those classy joints! 
  • Colonics For Everyone!
  • My father is god. I worship my father. – Jeffery
  • Monkey Business (Marx brothers)
  • No more monkey business…let’s take it down.
  • The real problem is polluting the timeline. We already destroyed everything else.
  • haha…The My Pillow Guy wants him to go to the Keys. Foreshadowing of his final demise.
  • You are the most bootiful woman I have ever seen….
  • It is always a party of 5 against him. Party of 5.
  • 4 year she has worked with the others.
  • The guy who shot him in the airport is the guy from the asylum.
  • Not a prob Bob.
  • Haha…alligator clips are one way to make a connection to your face.
  • Oculus symbol! Into the tube
  • 6 Scientists.
  • You failed again…this is not the 3rd quarter of 1996 dummies.
  • Chicken little is sane and “Let’s go shopping is crazy.”
  • Jose! They sent Jose back as well….More Bruce Will_ass.
  • ok…so was there just a short hop into the 1st world war?
  • So the scientist have failed a lot sending people back in time.
  • Now the radio is telling him to go to the Florida Keys.
  • He went underground when he was 8.
  • Little 9 year old Ricky Nueman boy cried wolf.
  • The time tunnel is a cartoon idea…Woody Woodpecker.
  • I love this air. I love this music.
  • The Army of the Twelve Monkeys
  • She had a chance to run….
  • No sir old bob…is he here…is he there…does he exist in time.
  • It’s in the tooth…I fooled ’em…I got no teeth!
  • He beats him up like a monkey. We all just a bunch of monkeys..
  • haha…All I see are dead people! He said the thing!
  • Do you recognize Pig Face. Pig Face!! FAA…
  • Jeffery Goines is a Judas! You Judas!
  • She is a doctor…of the head! not the leg.
  • He loves seeing the sun.
  • Maybe he is Jeffery Newman.
  • They lowered a monkey down the hole. The monkey had a roast beef sandwich.
  • You dropped your gun!
  • Maybe she is the crazy one
  • Goines thinks she knows everything he is going to do
  • cracked up whore and crazy dentist
  • she left the message
  • She doesn’t know the future…but she thinks she does.
  • Vertigo is always changing to the viewer.
  • …and now he is confusing “The Birds” It was a Hitchcock double feature!
  • Well it’s too late now. He released them all!
  • She mentioned she had seen him before. Was it in the picture she was researching for her book?
  • It is always the same movie. It always happens the same. But each time we see it different?
  • Reincarnated. She can still save us all. She can tell him when he is a boy and fix it.
  • Jones is my name….she is in insurance. She insures the future always ends.
  • This film has a lot of nods to the french
  • Numbers, 5 (goodness) number of deaths/amount Jeffery asks for, 6 (incomplete) 6 in the past/6 in the future, 7(complete) floor of the travelers (heaven?), 12(double incomplete!)
  • Goines is introduces as just playing around. Games.

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Cutthroat Island (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Well I got to go. Thank you for making the sweet sweaty 1600’s Caribbean love to me in your man wig, you heartless Lieutenant of the royal army. Ahhh..that’s right….I knew that you knew that I was the Lady Pirate More-gaaaahn and you were only fiddling with my lady bits to get to the bounty on my booty.

Oh don’t bother with your gun. See…I took your balls….well actually the monkey took your balls…anyway…the point is…I have your balls…so I guess the takeaway here is it’s a real Cuttscrote Island around here and you let a monkey touch your balls.

Now I must go ride horses as fast as horses will let you ride them…so fast in fact that they will have to film us in slow motion making it seem like we are going even faster…. yet… somehow slower. Confusing I know…but you have the next 2 hours to try and make sense of it all.

I can’t believe you let the monkey watch. Randy.



Cutthroat Island (1995) – I knew that you knew you would not like this movie. 2 hours later. Monkey likes to watch.


  • Yarr….CuttScrote Island! There…I said it
  • It is Lionsgate…oh ….and then another Lion MGM…how about a 3rd? Nope. Carolco.
  • Swashbuckling music intro….let us go on an adventure
  • Renny Harlin! Genna Davis! Matthew Modine! Frank….oh yeah…I don’t know him.
  • 1668 Jamaica Man.
  • There is an indication that there was hot monkey love.
  • She is a pirate!
  • I knew that you knew…I took your balls…well the monkey took your balls…anyway…the point is…I have your balls…good monkey ball taker.
  • Father sent for you 2 days ago…
  • She ride horse fast…the angry the human the faster the horse….Go horse go.
  • It is slow mo Genna Davis everything.
  • Our Brother Richard’s Bloody Map from his bloody dead hands.
  • The Reaper! Boat.
  • Harry hid the map in his head. Harry peg leg.
  • Taking an anchor dive to die….
  • Dawg is a bad, Uncle Mordacei
  • The Morning Star is yours. mmm veggie burgers
  • On his head…not in his head.
  • So that is a horrible plan….did he wear a hat while his hair grew back over the map?
  • Plopper, Squitter….Mandy Rickets…say hi.
  • Feeling up the Rickets
  • Man there are a lot of ugly people at the dance…how to have that casting call?
  • The men aren’t going to listen to you.
  • Daddy is dead…let’s get drunk
  • Holy hell….she scalped him! Did they cut that scene. Also, She can’t read Latin…or maps.
  • Port Royal.
  • 3 pieces of map. Dawg Brown. Harry Black. Mordechai, Red? Richard White?
  • The sword challenge…
  • Ah Latin. The Romance Language. – Stop your chatter and say something Latin’ish
  • 40 Pounds…sold to the lady with the monkey…
  • Knife to the ass.
  • The Monkey’s name is King Charles.
  • What a healthy slave trade in Port Royale.
  • Genna Davis; action star
  • At least his is proper slow-mo and not that trash slow mo.
  • Oh wow….”I must visit that shop again, when I have the time.” Genna Davis … “I find myself being fired upon by an entire ship”, “You certainly left your mark on this town.” – Modine
  • 200 pounds to find her
  • Who is this John Reed…writer.
  • So it was not Latin…but mirror writing…but he is a map reader as well?
  • Pirate writer.
  • Dinner for Crows.
  • Wow…how is Francis from Malcolm in the Middle so young in 95!
  • She found a Genna Davis look alike…I wonder if she was the stunt double.
  • “The old Turtle has its needs.”
  • She is going to take care of them all…later…
  • Harry’s Blessed Head!
  • If you were an Adams! Uncle Moracaieaiai
  • His map is well hid…is it on his ass?
  • That guy is a Chain-iac
  • Nasty Eel is Nasty…also, easy movie prop…just have an actor giggle it around.
  • The slave trade didn’t give her the key.
  • Accidental running through…you killed my brother!
  • This music is pretty tight but derivative.
  • Uncle Douglas Dawg remembers a lot about her childhood.
  • Mordechai Map was on a plaque? Board?
  • Was Mordechai’s place made of explosives?
  • That Hand Cannon was pretty sweet. Is that an actual thing?
  • Was that Barrel to the head intentional? I have a feeling there was a lot of happy accidents.
  • The numbers! On the Hand. 11, 75 and 42…it is the longitude….duh…what did you think would be on a map. As they relate to the hand?
  • His map was in the Eel Barrel
  • Congratulations Madame…that was another town you destroyed.
  • I have been shot!
  • It is festering….the ball in her wound….hot poker should do it.
  • Spanish Gold Ship. The Largest
  • Have you even taken out a musket ball from the body if you don’t drop it into a metal bowl and here it plink once you get it out.
  • Monkey likes to watch.
  • Monkey Smell No Evil
  • Uncle Dawg will have his day.
  • Using this Piratical Stuff for writing.
  • “In the boat under the seaty thing.”
  • that is always the answer in pirate movies…I will strand you.
  • Fly little bird! Take the map to the bad people!
  • I’m the captain of this longboat now. Row hard!
  • Uh…you missed Shaw.
  • We found Cutthroat Island! We don’t have a boat…but we found it.
  • So is there not 4 pieces to the map? at least one of those maps would be shit and useless.
  • Why is Dawg’s map all bloody? If it is his map and it the part that shows to actual treasure.
  • Underestimate the con man.
  • Bitch Stole My Map!
  • Do spiders bleed human blood?
  • Now he can smell her? He seen her flinching when she was a kid…
  • Quicksand. The trouble with liars
  • She just wants everyone to bend the knee…is that so much to ask?
  • Is that scalp getting flatter, smoother and less hairy?
  • The problem with paces is that they are paces.
  • Paces are apparently non-directional.
  • “Down the throat to the belly of gold.” Harry I found it.
  • Just a pile of treasure….perhaps the most unassuming pile of treasure I have seen.
  • I got 4 million pounds…let’s make a trade…gimmie Morgan
  • haha…They have a lot to say to each other don’t they now.
  • Love. Who can explain it.
  • Trotter is a goober.
  • Privateer of the crown…much better than pirate
  • Governor of Jamiaca is his aim.
  • Mor-Gone – Glasspole
  • King Charles in a box. Salut
  • Smile Mr. Trotter…Goood…Goood
  • Blair’s eye!
  • Mr. Shaw. ..hanging
  • I think Mr. Blair has a crush on Shaw…saved him
  • They are so many. We are so few.
  • Can she not hear him?
  • No…Not Blair! The wheel of doom!
  • That is a lot of back and forth at the wheel of doom.
  • Sure we could fight on the deck…but it is way more pirate to do it on the Main Sail
  • Join Uncle…you don’t have to die.
  • This fight is exhausting.
  • Ha! Bad Dawg…that was the payoff to the whole setup?
  • We are alive together.
  • I got me treasure…let’s do some farming.
  • You win the pirate lottery and you don’t quit your pirate job because you love pirating.
  • Madagascar is up next.

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GoldenEye (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

Hold on just a second. They just delivered my mid 1990s v0ice activated Russian virtual assistant that is programmed to only respond to English performed in bad Russian accents.

Wow, it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be! It’s like the size of a microwave. In fact…I think it is a microwave. No wonder shipping was like 7000 Rubles. But hey! Hot lunch!

Ok, there is a sticky note attached…”To activate…just ask your stupid American question….slug head…” oh…how rude… “flip note” … “just kidding, we are totally not always listening. Please use the wake word ‘Hey Natalya’ followed by your request.” oh…ok…I think I get it.

Hey Natalya, set timer for 6 minutes. No…I said 6 minutes. 6…minutes… Ok guys, this thing must be broken it keeps setting the timer to 3 minutes. Which is fine for a baked potato but not if you are trying not to burn the Beans, Sean Beans. Shaken but not dead. Oh sorry…wait…and…now he’s dead.

Alright guys, For England…

oh yeah and…“screw you, I said no Odd Job” or something like that.



Goldeneye (1995) – Like making your safe word “Xenia, I can’t breath.” Meanwhile in Cuba, unnecessary Crotch shot!


  • Hey is that Remington Steele?
  • Bring on that sweet James Bond Intro!
  • Oh…it’s a quickie…just gun and blood.
  • Dam plane
  • Is that Tom Cruise? He is running like he needs to be Tom Cruise
  • We need some bells shaking for this intense Dam jump…weeee
  • Bungie!
  • Meanwhile at the Chemical weapons shot in the USSR 1995
  • That gun can do everything!
  • Oh yeah…it’s 1995…nobody shits with a newspaper anymore
  • We all wanted Pierce Brosnan to be James Bond…how was his tenure?
  • 006 Sean Bean…shake them bells! For England Alec!
  • He would have been sooner but he had to stop off in the lou!
  • Alec just shot that Russian scientist in the back. Poor Show old man..poor show
  • Alec thinks half of everything is luck…and fate the other half.
  • Set timer for 6 minutes. Is that going to be enough time?
  • The double 0 teamup
  • The Sean Bean kill to death ratio is pretty good.
  • bump to 3 minutes
  • Gee I wonder if they will fake Alec’s death
  • Don’t shoot…you’ll blow the gas tanks.
  • A bum rush would solve this shoot…don’t shoot. Squeek…squeek
  • Geez man…why were those barrels under so much pressure…they came flying out of there.
  • All these poor Russian guys just doing their job at the plant and 007 is just doing his thing.
  • This Russian bad guy is the king of “Wait…let’s just see where this goes…” A little too easy.
  • So which half was luck and which half was fate?
  • Pluck pluck pluck pluck!
  • Ahhh…here we go…the intro. Funky
  • Goldeneye! I hope the bad guy really has a Goldeneye…you just never know with a bond movie.
  • Do I need to listen to the lyrics to predict the story.
  • 2 faced girl! Is she a double agent!?
  • Honey trap…it’s in the song..
  • 9 years later! Why he has hardly aged a day. So that would set the opening scene around 1986…Russia
  • Hey, it’s the next girl…Funky beat…funky beat
  • Scratch that record…weee
  • Can I tell you the number of times I have gotten into a “size of my penis” contest while driving?
  • Those cyclist are lame.
  • Leather seat frolicking and smooching are my least favorite sounds in a movie.
  • France? Countryside?
  • High stakes poker game for them high stakes car drivers…tuxes and fancy dresses
  • Those cards have no numbers or backs!
  • None of these French words sound French. is it French? Italian?
  • Vodka Martini…shaken and not stirred…or straight up with a twist…oh…On A Top!
  • Damnit…mimes! Why does it always have to be open air theater mimes in France!
  • use my monoscope to tack Yatch Manticore! On A Top
  • Note…that helicopter
  • No contact! Don’t do it James
  • Xenia Warrior Princess of the crazy bed lady.
  • Apparently their safe word “Xenia, I can’t breath” was a poor choice….for him!
  • These French workers are very French…
  • odd…she ended up being On A Bottom
  • The electronic Battlefield. The Tiger is Stealth and Hardened against EMP and so forth
  • You know the French and their airforce
  • Meanwhile Space Weapons Russia…a bunch of dogs
  • Select Mir…space station
  • This computer is voice
  • Boris would not know a woman if she came and sat on his head.
  • You know Russians…they like to sit around and use English with heavy Russian accents.
  • They are right in front of you and they can open doors
  • password: Knockers
  • The American’s are slug heads….they will never detect me.
  • You sit on it…but you can’t take it with you…the password. No way…I spiked them.
  • This movie is like one long “That’s what she said” gag.
  • Boris sent them a spike
  • A lot of voice recognition software in Russian in 1995
  • ahhh…Test fire GoldenEye…it’s a weapon then!
  • 2 satellites available
  • Fire the GoldenEye…I am timing you.
  • To fire the Golden Eye you need 2 keys and a UMD disc?
  • She likes killing a little too much.
  • They just hiding the GoldenEye in a space box?
  • Durn Russians and their Nesting Doll Satellite technology
  • Their best response time is 19 minutes..they’ll be late
  • Did she just lick that coffee off the floor! gross!
  • Moneypenny actress is played by Bond…Samantha Bond
  • Sarcasm I would talk to my Children…thank you very much
  • Space based weapon GoldenEye
  • This lady is a cat! 9 Lives and all that.
  • They EMP’d their own place. Also, I don’t think EMP works like that.
  • Natalia…that computer is off.
  • Why is everything trying to kill Natalia!
  • GoldenEye is a nuclear explosion in the upper atmosphere to generate an EMP
  • oh thank God! The puppies are ok!
  • Boris and the girl are alive!
  • Air Bag Phone Booth
  • 3 click explosive pen
  • I promise to buy a lot of IBMs…I just need to test them first
  • Crazy American.
  • Durn drafty churches.
  • Nothing better than Russian interpretation of “Stand By Your Man.”
  • Onnatop spends a lot of time on the thigh master
  • James Bond nap to the back of the neck
  • Where we gonna store all this Soviet stuff?
  • This whole Sean Bean story is twisted around and around.
  • I said 6 minutes! Not 3 minutes
  • haha! Bond saving himself and the girl using his head…literally using his head to eject from the Eurocopter
  • The only way to calm a hysterical lady is with a Bond Hug
  • Bond uses a lot of spray and pray
  • Trust me…this belt will only hold my weight….so long lady
  • Love the Tank Chase! Who else could make that look cool?
  • I think our mid-tier bad guy may have a drinking problem
  • that is one bad ass soviet era train!
  • James Bond and his sneaky tank…how the hell did he get ahead of them?
  • Ramming speed
  • That is always the solution with a train…full speed! Ram him!
  • “Why can’t you just be a good boy and die.”
  • Tastes like strawberries.
  • Arse, Butt, CHAIR
  • Boys with Toys
  • Meanwhile in Cuba. Crotch shot!
  • It took a helicopter to squeeze Onnatop out
  • Hidden Dish
  • This was nominated for special effects? miniatures and reverse video
  • Target is London Baby!
  • It’s all about da money
  • So I know what you are thinking…did I click this pen 3 times or 20?
  • Boris would be a faster coder if he used both hands
  • Did we establish that Bond was a good card counter earlier to imply that he could count the number of pen clicks?
  • “I am invincible!”
  • Apparently nobody ever just wants to kill Bond…they want to talk about killing bond….
  • Killing Sean Bean is not enough…no we have to smash him as well.
  • Yes! I am invincible!

Film Sack Filmsack Notes Podcasts

Se7en (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi sir,

Welcome to Discreet Delivery Services, where we promise to not ask you “What’s in the box…” yeah

With that being said….I do have to ask…is there anything fragile in the box? There is….alright I’m just gonna slap a few fragile stickers on the box…wow…this box is pretty heavy for it’s size. Ok, that’s weird something seems to be rolling around inside…is it a bowling ball…no wait! Don’t tell me. We have a strict policy on not asking “what’s in the box.” yeah

However, I do have to ask….is there anything perishable in the box? Oh there is. and you need it delivered by 7…this afternoon! That’s same day delivery dude and I’m the only one here until 6. Seriously though, this thing is sloshing around like a rotten cantaloupe…is it a cantaloupe? NO DON’T TELL ME. Policy. yeah

Alright, based on the size, weight, vague content description, strict deadline on delivery and the fact you are covered in blood and creepy as hell. I’m gonna go ahead and ask for $500 dollars up front all of which will go straight into my very 90s “wallet on a chain” wallet. Screw you greedy corporate bastards. yeah

Oh and Dude, be safe out there. It’s been like raining for a week and everything is dark as hell…a storm is coming yeah.




Seven (1995) – Like late night switchblade darts. Hey, I’m trying to sleep over here and I can’t stop thinking about What’s in the box?


Setup. Over the next 7 days he has to prove himself

Listen to all the things. Will you be able to deal with it long term? let’s start the metrognome so I can go to sleep.

NIN closer

You got a flakey booger

Is he breathing spaghetti?

Is his sin Spaghetti?

Wait…finish telling us the story about the guy who stabbed himself in the back?

Does the glutton not have any lights?

That ain’t rain…hitting that windshield.

Yeah Morgan Freeman…not jerk me off.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…we have ourselves a homicide.” – Mills

Rookie Mills.

Sinning starts on Monday?

Gluttony, Greed…

“This is not even my desk.” – Police Captain

The doorman….he’s the bus driver from Speed?

What library is this?

This is the most beautiful investigation ever.

You’re welcome. I did all the work…here you go Mills…an envelope

fucking Dante!…pretty sure the cliff notes aren’t going to cut it.

Mills and Pepper have 3 dogs

That is the most I have ever seen Morgan Freeman laugh.

Yell fire…not help. People come running for fire.

Post-it note redacts.

so many corpses go unrevenged

He’s got a little forest in his kitchen.

Dicks! He’s yelling for the detectives…dicks…

Wednesday is Sloth?

Sloth scared the crap out of me.

FRIDAY! I’m missing my 1 sin a day deadly sin.

Tracy hates this city…and she’s pregnant.

Somerset had a relationship once…and she was pregnant. But he convinced her to have an abortion?

Apt. 306.

Brad Pitt is guilty of all the sins.

Brad Pitt being antsy helps ratchet up the tension.

Paranoid much…Flag book for suspicious and put it into a FBI database.

This is one intense foot chase. Maybe the best…also, call for backup!

Freeman is like Frankenstein cop….just slowly walking and still keeping up.

2 rooms…together but apart.

A little late night switchblade darts

Did they really have to shave their chests at the same time together? Is that the official chest shaving sink?

This movie doesn’t show as much as I remember. The violence is graphic…but it’s mostly in our imagination.

Brad, Yeah, Pitts, Yeah.

Dead dog…I didn’t do that.

7:01…is the time.

What in the box….whhhaaaats in the box.

somebody call somebody.



Film Sack Filmsack Notes Podcasts

Heat (1995) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

How you doing? What do you say I buy you guys a cup of coffee. Perhaps talk about our careers and poor life choices?

What’s that Randy? Additionally you want a slice of pie? and instead of black coffee you want a  Cappuccino? Yeah…that’s not going to happen. Now drink your cold nasty drip coffee swill and shudd’up.

Huh Scott? A guy once told you “don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat… if you feel the heat around the corner.” Well…I believe they call that podfading Scott and I was the guy!

What Ibbott?! Something about a woman’s ass…

Alright, I think we’re done here. Who’s got the check? No I don’t have facebook messenger. Split bill pay…it’s 1995 ya goon all I got is this here beeper that ruins marriages.