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The Matrix Revolutions


Oh hi,

Why, Filmsack? Why do you do it? Why queue up another film on yet another streaming service? Why keep watching crappy movies? Do you believe you’re fighting for something? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it money? Or fame ? Perhaps respect? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Filmsack. Vagaries of perception.

The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Internet itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Filmsack. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep fighting. Why, Filmsack Why? Why do you persist? Because you choose to? Of all the stupid….beep. Reboot complete

Oh man this rebar that impaled me really hurts. Randy, quick kiss me…before I am a corpse and it makes this whole thing weird.

Also, Cookies are just a construct of my mom’s love.


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The Matrix Revolutions (2003) – Answering the important philosophical question, how many olives can this vampire program eat? #GiveMeTheBluePillNoNoTheRedPillNo…YouKnowWhatJustGiveMeBoth


  • Blue pills only
  • Dueling deads.
  • “I would like to run another search through the Matrix…for Neo” – Morph
  • What color palettes do we have for wardrobe? How about drab?
  • Oh…the oracle said.
  • The train is going to the Matrix…The Train Man won’t let you. Do what the Train man says…or he will leave us here…forever and ever.
  • When the oracle calls.
  • Wait…this ain’t the same oracle? She kind of sounds like the oracle…but she ain’t
  • The Oracle made a choice. The real test is making the choice again after already making the choice!
  • A Program Called “The Train Man.”
  • Between the machines and the matrix…
  • Serif program is a font!
  • Little girl at the train stop is full of questions.
  • The Program says it is between our world and your world.
  • You must go to the French Man.
  • Every program must have a purpose.
  • Can programs love? I was not programmed to love.
  • The Frenchman can run pretty fast for a french man!
  • That Frenchman has a lot of watches.
  • Everyone knows the Oracle
  • Karma is a word. Like Love.
  • I hope they didn’t let him carry a bag that was important…cause it is going to stay down there with him.
  • I made this place…down here I am god. But I couldn’t make a better body?
  • The maraschino cherry left me here.
  • Over my big dead ass.
  • Everybody know ceiling cartwheels is the only way to Zag in the Matrix.
  • She has killer legs.
  • More gimp suits than a Tom Cruise party?
  • How many olives can this program eat? Is he also French? I thought he was a vampire…can vampires eat olives?
  • The eyes of the Oracle can only be given and not taken.
  • Bring me the eyes of the Oracle and I will return your Oracle.
  • She does not have time for this shit.
  • Hey the Frenchman is here as well.
  • Is the Frenchman also The Train Man?
  • Everything needs love…. Cookies as well.
  • Red Candy…no. He took the candy last time…but not this time.
  • You came from the source.
  • Smith wants to destroy it all!
  • Smith is you…he is your negative.
  • she is the last exile
  • Oracle is his mom?
  • Creepy laugh is creepy laugh. I thought you couldn’t just take the eyes.
  • The Human Mr. Smith is pretty good . VDTs !
  • Nyobi lives!
  • The Oracle tells you exactly what you need to hear
  • “We can hope.”
  • How is this goober still alive? I’m 16 going on 16 and now I am dead.
  • Maybe she can fly through the tube!
  • It was the Human Smith in the sick bay with the scalpel.
  • We have made our plans under support and protest, we have said our goodbyes…and now it is time.
  • Trinity is like…You in my world now Smith.
  • Bane killed Maggie.
  • The humans can’t even wrap their heads around the idea that Mr. Smith has entered the real world.
  • Smith just won’t shut up.
  • Not impossible, inevitable.
  • How many Mr. Anderson’s was that?
  • Nooo!! Not Neo’s beautiful face!!! His eyes!
  • They should call this movie “Why so serious?”
  • Mechs!! yes! Mechs!
  • “If it is our time to die. Then it is our time…then I say let’s give them hell before we do!” pew pew pew
  • Give me 4 pads.
  • I told you we would bottom out.
  • Reloading 9…I changed my mind
  • That is a lot of screaming in those mechs.
  • Holy shit…once the swarm comes in you realize how futile this shit is.
  • “Dig This”
  • Damnit…they took out our radio! Now how we will listen to our podcasts!
  • “I think it is one of ours sir!” – Trope
  • No one pilot mechanical!
  • C’mon Morpheus keep up.
  • I like the machines that have break out the hearing aids to get a good signal. beep beep
  • Sir…we already lost the dock. Open the thing.
  • Damnit kid. You got me killed…almost…
  • The Hammer is coming…open the gate.
  • I didn’t finish the training program. Neither did I.
  • This 16 year old driving this mech is killing me.
  • Capn. Mcphony! You got 2 minutes.
  • Why didn’t they have EMPs there already? Seems like a no brainer.
  • Somethings never change…luckily…some things do.
  • Fall back. Seal the Shaft.
  • Jason is the mastermind. Your move.
  • Blind Man Flying! No. Trinity got this.
  • so he can still see energy? can feel it?
  • Sentinels! Nooo
  • Go above them!! Well why didn’t you do that to begin with?
  • The sky! I see the sky! and down we go…cause this ship was not made for this!
  • I said the ship will start…I didn’t say we wouldn’t crash.
  • Oh yeah…she dead. We made it….well you made it.
  • Nooo…don’t touch my rebar wounds!
  • Trinity sure takes a long time to die. Die already. “The whisper death.” Man…she is really going on with her final words.
  • Kiss me…before I am a corpse.
  • All Smith all the time
  • synchronized punchies
  • they are equal now
  • the purpose of life is to end
  • if he bleeds
  • one punch man
  • Why get up? Why keep fighting? Why Mr. Anderson do you persist? Because I choose to.
  • I don’t actually understand the human construct
  • I choose to .
  • Everything that has a beginning has an end neo. Is that what Trinity said?
  • Reboot complete
  • haha….The war is over sir. Zion. It’s over…the war is over.
  • Is this real? Morpheus wants to know.
  • Little girl. Did you paint the sky?
  • How long will peace last? For as long as possible.
  • Will he return. I suspect he will.
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