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Bandits 2001


Oh hi,

Thank you for the lovely dinner Mrs Banks. Please don’t cry. Mr. Banks could we bother you to set up the Monopoly Board? You da best Mr. Banks! Now remember what we told you. We aren’t like those horrible “sleepover bandits” that spend the night with a bank manager and then rob them the next morning. Nope, we’re just going to play a little game of Monopoly and we’ll be out of your hair. We’re the Board Game bandits!

Now hand me the car Mr. Banks (beat) because I’m always the car (beat) and I have a gun, now stop crying. Also, you are the Banker Mr. Banks because…. ‘duh.’

Oh, so you picked the fancy little dog. no no.. I almost picked the fancy little dog…but I’m sticking with the car. Ok, I’m rolling first annnnnd I rolled a 10…hmm…that lands me at jail…give me the dog…no… can be the car…. in jail…what? I know it’s just visiting! whatever…

I’m rolling as the dog…stop crying…your turn was the car and the car has already rolled. aaaand I rolled another 10! You know what…just give me the money…stuff it in this crown royal bag I stole from your liquor cabinet…don’t bother with the 1’s…c’mon hurry up Mr. Banks..

Alright, So thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Banks for a lovely evening. Oh look…their mailbox says “The Ibbotts” Boy did I get that wrong…oh well…I guess there are worst ways to spend a Saturday Night. Boom…TWIST ENDING! Epic long intro and done! Boom…give me my prize…what…it’s not a competition…whatever….keep telling yourself that loser.


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Bandits (2001) – Some Dialogue soup..Below my belt and above my knees, My Spaghetti is too long….and the sauce is too red…I hate it…Do you smell burning feathers


  • The tale of 2 hair styles
  • One last big heist. Yes sir Joe knows what he is doing.
  • Alamo Savings and Loan
  • Most successful Bank robbers in US History.
  • They Dead.
  • “Criminals at Large” – The Sleepover Bandits
  • Previously, in the Oregon Prison.
  • Banned Garlic…but it cures it all….except a sucker punch.
  • Harry has symptoms
  • Joe needs some anger management!
  • Medication is quicker.
  • Cement Truck escape from the yard. Go Joe
  • Backyard Cement Truck…coming through.
  • We are going to need clothes, money, food.
  • Matching denim uniforms that say inmate on it.
  • Bandits don’t need a plan.
  • Joe is a ladies man. Terry not so much.
  • Highlighter bank robber
  • “May I please go back to prison.”
  • Hypochondriac partner
  • Stoned Phil….something funny about being an inmate Phil?
  • Party crashers…
  • Paradise…always trying to get to Paradise…
  • “I have sanitation issues Joe.” – Terry
  • Terry along for the ride…Tuxedos and Margaritas in Paradise
  • “We are bank robbers.”
  • Below my belt and above my knees…where is it…
  • Sleepover Bandits…Tuxedos and Margaritas…life is one big sunset.
  • Who is her dad?
  • Don’t borrow Phil’s car…it has a new transmission.
  • Harvey Pollard…Time malfunction…I’m gonna get a beer. “He’s honest and he follows real good.”
  • The Front Man: He rents the room, get’s the supplies, he drives the get away car.
  • “My Spaghetti is too long….and the sauce is too red…I hate it…” Thanks Betty
  • Crying lady…Saffron
  • “Know what they call me in prison?”
  • That is some seriously red hair…Kitchen Dance with a fridge black-light
  • Kitchen drunk. She is so emotional…highs and lows
  • Like a Billy Bob Thornton the hood of your car.
  • Kate is desperate…thank you for the lift.
  • “I’m feeling very fragile at the moment. I don’t need to be alone.”
  • How long has Terry been in prison…he don’t even know what onStar is.
  • Run over Billy Bob and end up a Hostage.
  • Spent 200k …one thing led to another and I am throwing out 50 dollar bills at the crowd
  • It’s hard being smart…that is a lot of nickels and the stress level is too damn high.
  • Finger Brush!
  • I saw it in a movie…a curtain between the bed. Some like it hot?
  • “Beavers and Ducks” nightmare again!
  • It must be a sign! Total Eclipse of the Heart! – Bonnie Tyler – Ultimate Chic Song. Haiku
  • I love all the pony songs. Wildfire…
  • Banker with emotional stress paralysis.
  • Let’s extend the 24 hour rule
  • It’s ok Larry.
  • Harvey is always lighting himself up.
  • Sick with Vaginitis.
  • Rob a bank…split up…spend a lot of money…repeat.
  • Are you achieving a low profile.
  • Go home Kate!
  • Billy Bob is always getting a concussion.
  • OMG…they have to go!
  • Live Fast and loose and wreck a lot
  • Ha. He jacked the box trick that almost killed them?
  • Joe has whiplash and cant find Kate!
  • That is a lot of Pink Flamingo
  • Ahh…the old…only 1 room left and you have to bunk with .
  • This weeble wobble song scared me half to death.
  • Jaw popping…grote.
  • Her husband was a terrible kisser.
  • Kate is just looking for an adventure.
  • Many happy returns. Sneezing fit! She fixed it. She scared him…suffocated him and slapped him.
  • Fear of getting smaller.
  • Antique Furniture is scaring me.
  • Black and White movies
  • You are not a cockroach…more like a beaver.
  • Looking for love in all the wrong places.
  • Joe is not handling it well
  • You broke Joe’s Heart
  • Just let me have her Joe.
  • Let Kate choose…
  • in other words…me or that guy…good looking or itchy.
  • Kate don’t want to choose.
  • I will be in Spain next week…but the house is right here…waiting on you…it’s where you belong.
  • Kate loves music…but music does not love her.
  • Kate has 2 loves.
  • Do you smell burning feathers?
  • Terry is very susceptible to suggestion
  • Dance paralysis.
  • Brain Tumor…Joe doesn’t have a brother Albert.
  • Together you are the perfect man.
  • Waiting for a fight club moment…they are one man and they are all in Kate’s head.
  • They never actually show the sleep over part.
  • Dinner and then breakfast then off to the bank.
  • 1 million dollar reward?
  • Fade to black.
  • That is why he was a stuntman.

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