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Virtuosity 1995


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Oh hi,

and welcome to Filmsack Labs where we straddle the line of what is possible and what is unquestionably going to end in a symphony of screams.

This week we have been working on bringing Virtual Reality based AI into the real world by inserting their programming carts into a pile of silicone nanobots. Essentially creating life! We here at the labs foresee great humanitarian possibilities as a result of this new technology.

Oh hands are going up, alright we have questions. Yes sir, what is your query. “Can we make real world animals like realistic snakes and such with our technology.” Good news! We already have! Would you like to hold her? You would! Excellent. Here ya go I! I expect you will be screaming by the end of this intro.

Ok, next question. Can our technology give Russel Crowe a better singing voice? No…..his voice is already perfect.

Last question! Can we create the perfect woman? Well, why would you want do that…Wait, do you mean like in Weird Science? So you don’t mean “The perfect woman” you mean “the perfect woman.” Oh hell yeah. Reach in that cabinet and hand me that crowd pleaser. No not that one. The one labeled Sheila 6.9.

Hey, anybody hungry? Grab that Sushi Chef 1.2 while you are back there. We are about to get this party started!

Oh no!  sensory overload….intro crashed…would you like to reopen? cancel. rebooting Randy.


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Virtuosity (1995) – Just because I’m carrying around the joy of sacking your crappy film inside me, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.


  • What is this now? I’ve never heard of this…ohh…from the Director of Lawnmower Man! Is this the same universe?
  • Dig this groovy music man. I actually really like this….it is chill…maybe one of my favorite opening credits…
  • Characters come in singles and pairs. 01 11 00 10
  • All business suits
  • “Maybe it’s the uniforms”
  • This world is Matrix’esq
  • sadistic, dangerous…3 words that describe him
  • What do we look for? His eyes? They look like mine? Did they model him after him?
  • You got a rice on your face…no problem Gene Simmons of Kiss, or Miley Cyrus
  • Busting through paper walls is not as impressive as drywalls.
  • Poke my wound hole and I will derezz.
  • Too much Neural information.
  • Use the convicts to test the VR Trainer
  • Sid 6.7  Sadistic, Intelligent, Dangerous
  • haha. Denzel looks like Sideshow Bob
  • 9 months off for good behavior. 17 years off 9 months.
  • Give me my Chalk. I can use right now.
  • Metallic Limb detected!
  • He was in isolation. Not anymore. General population. Somebody is mad.
  • New travels fast. So was he a real cop at some point
  • oh…white power eh.
  • That guy brought a shiv to a metal arm fight. He gonna lose.
  • Denzel is a biter! A lover not a biter!
  • How are those prisoners throwing out all that trash through those slots.
  • Come get your boy!
  • Letac
  • Sushi Chef 1.2. A cart for each version
  • I can’t change what I am. I’m a 50 terabyte, self-evolving, neural network, double backflip off the high platform. I’m not a swan dive.
  • Just a little notebook flirting.
  • “Intriguing…can I write that down?”
  • His wife and and kids are dead.
  • Another chess Queen reference. Sacrifice the queen.
  • She is interactive Clyde.
  • Ahhh…Sheila 3.2 Brilliant…Grab her module and follow me.
  • Gettin busy
  • Just because I’m carrying around the joy of killing your family inside me doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.
  • Daryll likes to watch…nah.
  • Kicking Sheila 3.2 crystal under the table.
  • This guy is thinking Weird Science…and Sid is thinking…I want to kill you.
  • Duh…Its a new world Daryl
  • Prison run. hoof hoof hoof
  • Nanotech Synthetic.
  • Mr. Barnes gets a full pardon if he catches Sid.
  • So your virtual reality program comes to life and your go to move is to chip the felon and make a deal.
  • That is a big brain needle.
  • He kept his badge in Mothballs?
  • Sid is always getting shit on his face and then licking it off. In VR world he could just lick it off..
  • Oh it just got personal! Matthew Grimes killed my wife and daughter.
  • Do synthetics not know how to go shopping for clothes off the rack? Do they always have to steal it from folks. yes
  • Welcome to our dance club of “Come Hither” and Cameras
  • Time for a Rave Symphony! What kind of instrument are you? I am a whimpering.
  • Symphony of Scream! Time let very GnR
  • Remember the Scream Scene. Louder.
  • haha…the elevator bird.
  • Shot him right in the back.
  • He has to maintain glass mass.
  • The Symphony of Collision!!! mu ahaha
  • Our hero needs a phycologist. like 12 monkeys
  • “Reach in that backseat and hand me that crowd pleaser.”
  • Russel Crowe would have made a pretty good Joker
  • Sid 6.9 is better.
  • Matthew Grimes is a part.
  • “That’s how I know…because I know.”
  • My purple 150 dollar suit. Now interview me in my underwear.
  • All these TVs need to be showing the news.
  • Cameras are starting to pop up everywhere…we are almost here.
  • Hey! It’s the Rumble Guy! Let’s get ready!
  • Kapow…punch everything. Kapow! bum bum…Kapow…bum bum..Kapow
  • That guy failed at crowd surfing.
  • Sid 6.7 sure likes his human shields.
  • what? he killed her?
  • “Parker. This one’s for you”
  • No arm. No problem. Pew Pew Pew
  • When did Sid 6.7 have time to make a embroidered name tag?
  • Death TV
  • Ed did not enjoy being on Death TV
  • Oh great…that was a bad plan…land him in a bunch of glass.
  • That conversion process was way too slow.
  • Sid can tell the difference between gravity or not.
  • How did they fool him?
  • Billy is not interested in letting him out.
  • WTF Billy.
  • So the whole reason for the metal arm was so he could stop that big metal fan.
  • If you stand up. It is going to be very bad.
  • Bombshop 6.7

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