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This week on… “Wait Is that Daniel Craig? Cause he looks a lot like Daniel Craig. Hmmm, does Daniel Craig have a brother?  Is there a Danny Craig…..maybe a Donny Craig? Hold up…..that is Daniel Craig!?”….

uh oh, I think I  just missed 15 minutes of the movie lost in some kind of Daniel Craig Brother Doppelganger mind loop… and for that brief moment… the world was just a little bit better for the possibility of two Craigs.

Twist ending he has a brother! Twisted Sister Ending he also has a sister. The Craigs….more interesting than this movie.

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The Invasion (2007) – Like guzzling a bottle of Mountain Dew. In the end. You are probably gonna to spew. Hey, has anyone seen Bobo? Bobo…here boy.


Take pocket full of pills!

Gotta Stay Awake! Apparently, I locked up the staff.

Shuttle coming in unscheduled. Debris

We didn’t let them touch it.

200 Miles Wide DC to Dallas…to keep out the spores…cause they ain’t from around here.

Dummy…don’t take sharp objects from strange kids….especially stuff that was on your roof.

Ya nasty beast…get up and clean up yo mess.

See…if you keep a nasty house…your man will end up in a cocoon.

That fever dream he was having was pretty intense.

Look at her clean house. Her ex was really looking for something different. Except…he prefers blonds.

Halloween! Perfect time for tha invasion.

Good thing she already doesn’t trust Tucker…who are these people…weird names.

“You’re a little early Wendy…”

Cup a tea for 4 years Wendy!

I have told you before…nothing in this office is stupid…oh…just wait!

Stop bringing me stuff to drink!! I don’t want your drink!

This is an actual phenomenon….thinking your spouse is someone else. BoBo has never attacked anyone!! Richard snapped Bobo’s neck…been wanting to do that for 4 years.

These spore aliens do not like dogs.

These pills will not fix Bobos neck!

oh shit…Andy is one of dem there spore folk. Spore Folk.

I swear…..I did not think that was Daniel Craig…I thought it was like Daniel Craig’s brother… Dougie Craig.

Just going to service this water pitcher with my spore vomit….tandem spore vomit!

Name the pickle game always ends badly.  Pointy shoe brake!


Fancy dinner party while your son is poisoned with hot chocolate spore

Dude..that census spore guy was scary as it gets. He kept opening his mouth. Don’t know why that freaks me out.

That’s a lot of results for “My son is not my son.”

Oh goody….I love when we get the slide show of science explanation.

It’s not the Flu!

I asked you if you had a camera on your phone…I didn’t ask you to take a pic! and turn off that damn flash.

grote! Don’t spew on me…if you are going to spew…hey…this is why we got a divorce!! No personal space!

Don’t look panic’d! Sure…I can do that…oh no…I shot a man.

Once you are infected you can’t sleep. Don’t show emotions or they will get ya.

Can you really stay up for a week? I can barely stay awake all day.

There are a lot of car gas/brake pedal shots in this film.

Hello Gene..

This is a typical uncomfortable dinner with the in-laws.

The new humans are curing AIDS. Delivering World Peace.

The trick to running…is to look like you are chasing someone else.

Spore-liens are not good seekers. Hide!

oh….we play the nuts game too. Peanuts! Choco Nuts!

If it is locked for the outside…do not unlock!

So sleep…You gonna get the shot to the heart!

Man…you would be so jacked up after a shot to the heart.

Can I shoot you? yes I can.

Get your alien asses off my car!

Well at least she got to take a micro nap.

Can the aliens not fly helicopters?

This is one of those increasing intensity movies.

Mufflers and Gas/Brake Pedals.

…molotov…oh no.

Man…if she wasn’t attracting attention…she is now…flaming car and bad driving.

“Let me out the car mom.” -Ollie.

Why are the new humans willing to sacrifice like 20 or 30 aliens for 1 human.

This has a very Star Trek ending. Everything solved with science in the last 5 minutes. Everything back to normal….

ohhh…the humans being human is the real tragedy! Spoooky!


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