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This week on Fuzz-sack It’s no accident  the Bad Boys of film review chase down a group of hooded figures from The Actors’ Guild of Great Britain. In fact it was quite inevitable that we would get around to this satirical parody that features many classically Sackable films;  Bad Boys II, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Point Break. We’ve sacked them all…and now this…

So sit back …grab those biscuits that you lifted from the local grocer and prepare yourself for some paperwork that looks a hell of a lot more exciting than it actually is.

Also, stealing biscuit is wrong. Yarb.


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Hot Fuzz (2007) – Like dual wielding with no handle bars. Car door!  pttthhhhhhlll…Jog On


Old school sirens!

Warrant Cards?

That is a long way to walk. Quickly!

PC Nicolas Angel

Urban Pacification

When is your birthday? Out!

Cake in your face. No thank you.

He had one thing you don’t have…A great big bushy beard!

The Swear box…what did it say. 17:30

This movie reminds me of a  Wes Anderson thing.

“Up to our balls in jugglers…”

Chunky Monkey…Flavor!

He don’t drink.

Neighborhood Watch

The living statue.

Stealing biscuits is wrong!

Fingered her up the dunghole…that is cranberry spewing worthy.

don’t kill the messenger.

It was an accident

he doesn’t know how to switch off

I’m with Stoopid Monkey

Pen and notebook.

Procedure and paperwork is the real police work…let’s make it look sexy

Japanese Peace Lilly

These are some mighty nasty murders

Swear box!

pttthhhhhhlll…Jog On

Hey big ‘un!

The greater good…greater good

The golden mime

No Danny

Kick to the old lady face

Twins at the front desk

where did he get the horse? missed that

Double fisted bike lady


All the action DVDs

I needed some Swan resolution

hurt by a real accident


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