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Oh hi,

Psst…Ben…over here…it’s me…your pal Harry…Listen..dying here on the cellar floor has got me thinking about what’s important in life and our roles in society.

It’s like the universe is trying to tell us something man.

I mean, the dead are coming back to life and You, a black man, shooting me, a bald white man named Harry…irony… and my ghoul of a child eating my flesh…. and then there is my wife…she’s been on me all day like some kind dingle berry caught in my ass hair. Oh I’m “Harry” down there let me tell ya… in a very non ironic way…I wanna see Morissette sing about that, don’t ya think.

Anywho, what was I babbling on about?  oh yeah…I just can’t die and come back to life and eat your flesh without telling you something first.

cough cough…I just want you to know…clear throat…I told ya so.

CELLAR FOR THE WIN. You’re in my house now bitch.

“Let’s stay upstairs…board up the windows and doors…blah blah blah…” How is that working out for ya Ben.

Ghoulie Attack!

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Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Like dying in a truck fire while everyone else is dying from Zombie attacks. #RoastedJudy #NotATrendsetter


Dramatical music!

Hey, this movie is so old it is in B&W…but they had color! Why no Color Romero?

Is this 4:3 Aspect? Nope…35mm Academy

Meanwhile, down a winding dirt road….

very twilight zone/star trek tos music

why is night all hollowed out in the credits!

Wait…is this before or after Psycho? how many credits are we going to see upfront? A lot.

THE ANIMATORS! did the titles.

That Cemetery Entrance has seen a lot of buck shot.

Down a winding dirt road and right into a graveyard. This ought to be rich.

Car? Pontiac

Ok…2 things we don’t do anymore….Smoke Cigarettes and wear driving gloves.

1 thing we still do…talk about the time change.

The time change should be the first day of summer…whaaa.

Sunday night…8PM Still light.

Yeah Johnny doesn’t want to blow a Sunday on a scene like this.

3 hours from pittsburg

It’s a Pontiac.

So are they brother and sister?

They had been having radio trouble….turned it off just in time to miss an important announcement.

Geez…what was that car drive like on the way down. 3 hours and at least the last bit there was no radio. Talk like Time change and Johnny complaining.

The flowers die and then the caretaker takes it away…is that a metaphor for life?

C’mon Barb…church was this morning.

“I mean praying is for church…c’mon”

Was Johnny’s Grandpa Jewish? That is his impression. and yes Johnny…you are going to hell. Remember that…when I used to jump out at you in the graveyard.

Oh…he has more…he does a Bella as well.

“Stop it…you are ignorant.” – Barb

Damn you Johnny…you are such a shit.

Wresting with death Johnny? – Metaphor

oh c’mon Barb…are you really going to trip and fall…

These Zombies are faster and smarter than I remember.

Question…will a car traveling down a hill using gravity and momentum be able to outrun a Romero Zombie?

Who’s Pontiac was that? Cause…that was probably half the film’s budget in body work right there.

Where was this filmed?

Oh a house!

Man…some of this camera work is beautiful! Fast but still trackable.

Barb was running in her stocking feet. Probably her Sunday Best

Grab a knife Barb.

There was a great battle fought here.


Zombies do not like clothes lines.

The phone is dead Barb..

Wait…there are more! He called his buddies…but the phone lines are out.

Wow..that was intense…the dead head at the top of the stairs!

Do we still play loud obnoxious sounds when we see something scary.

NOOOO…A BLACK MAN! Oh…he’s not a Zombie….but it is 1968 and she is a poor defenseless white woman.

Do you have keys to the pump? So this is a house/gas station down the hill from the graveyard. Convenient.

Weird…what is wrong with the phone…aliens?

Splorp splorp splorp blood noise.

Who me? Just raiding the icebox.

These Zombies hate headlights! Wait! My headlights! Where is my tire iron.

Barb is playing the part of the distraught woman.

owww…pointy end of the tire iron right to the forehead.

Bathrobe Zombie is the first zombie who didn’t look like he came from a grave.

“Don’t look at it Barb.”

I’ll show these ghouls…I’ll burn one of them right in front of their eyes.

Wow…ghouls/zombies are really flammable.

Barb is pretty much useless at this point.

My man has a plan.  Hammer and nails.

December 1966 on the Calendar…did they never get a newer Calendar? or was filming that long?

Why are there crickets in the house!!

and now I want that music box.

No Barb…not the firewood kindling. Real boards. I’m over here pulling off interior doors and you bring back kindlin!

That’s good…she actually helped hold the door…NOW MOVE BARB!

Ben said the Zombies are not that strong!

Zombies are not strong and do not like lights and do not like fire.

Beakman’s Dinner. That is where I got the truck.

10 or 15 of those things chasing a gas truck.

Ben is real good at disassemble

I am really digging Ben’s story telling…top that Barb. Oh…your story is lame.

Hahah…you are killing me Barbara…Ben unfolds a tale of horror….and you tell him about your pitiful experience.

Do we really need Barb’s story? I mean…we literally just watched it.

I will say that Barbara is better at selling drama!

Are we still slapping hysterical women in 1968.

Emergency Network Hookup

Oh wow. Ben is going to end up burning them all down.

oh no…a secret door!

Ben found a gun!!

Hey Cinderella will these nasty slippers fit your feet?

That corpse face was a lady.

Turn off the Zenith. Fake news

oh goody…the white men are here..

“How are we supposed to know what was going on….” – Excuses

Mr. Cooper is a Spaz.

Conflicting reports…are ghouls strong?

The cellar is a deathtrap!

Metaphor. Old Guard…box yourself in.

Oh no…Ben is about to prove Mr. Cooper right.

Harry Cooper…

Shooting them in the chest does not do the job. Between the eyes…check.

Now we got naked people!

That lady is eating bugs off trees…Romero did not even ask her to.

“We got a right…” – Mr. Cooper.

“it is tough for the kid with his dad being so stupid.” – Ben

Tom totally excluded all the women and children in his helper equation. 3 working together.

Harry can’t get any respect even in his cellar.

Mr. Cooper has to be right. Call him out Mrs. Cooper!

I like Helen…she has had enough of Harry’s shit.

Helen has a Julia Roberts thing going on.

Barb…stop playing with the lace.

man…does Harry ever shutup! Yeah…tell him Helen.


Ben is yelling what we are all thinking.

Explorer Satellite to Venus. Radiation!

Scientist and Military can not agree.

Poor Karen.

Tom is not a good actor.

Dr. Grimes Do you have any answers?

You tell Judy with the big ole booty (thanks LL Cool J for always prompting me to think that.)

Dr. Grimes tells some gruesome stories about a limbless cadaver

Cremation is an answer.

Within minutes is how long it takes.

Dr. Grimes is a real pill.

Ben is all like “I can’t drive a stick.”

Toss the cocktails Harry!

The Television said that was the thing to do. TELEVISION!

Tom is getting better.

haha…Barbra was all like “Oh yes! I would like to leave!”

oh wow…Harry almost movoltov’d the truck.

That look on Judy’s face once she was outside and harry locked her out.

Geez Tom. I thought you said you could drive…then drive already!!

Ben didn’t need the key at all.

OMG…really…You gas’d the truck Tom…what is this Zoolander?

Oh c’mon Judy! My dress is caught….you could have died by Ghoul…but you choose to die in a truck fire instead?

Run Ben!! ….oh man…they really stirred up the Zombie’s next.

Damnit Cooper! I’m gonna kick your trash. Let me in!

I love how everyone is always helping Ben after the fact. oh…were you putting up this door…let me hold the other side.

C’mon Ben…don’t waste your punches.

I like how the ghouls started out all dressed up…and later on they are all naked or in gowns.

At least they waited for Tom & Judy to be cooked before they ate him. Also, gross.

How did people handle this gore in 1968

Haha…Barbara has lost it…she has gone bye bye. It’s 10 minutes till 3…but it’s 5 minutes till 3 Barbara

Barb is like….nope…you can’t start it.

I think some of these ghouls could go on a diet.

Kill the Brain…Kill the ghoul.

Chief McClelland is a real go getter.

Beat them or burn them if you got no gun.

haha…”Yeah they are dead…they are all messed up.”

“Hello? Anyone home?” – Ghoul

Haven’t you had enough Harry…. Nope.

Oh wow…Ben shot Harry…I did not think he would do that. A gut shot.

The Cooper’s are a damn Greek tragedy.

Finally, Barbara is up for the task.

intense…Karen is in the house….man this movie went to the next level with that stuff.

Oh no…Johnny is back! bye bye Barb.

oh man…it’s the original Zombie…he is back.

No Ben…don’t go into the Cellar! Harry is down there with a “I told ya so” smile on his face.

These people are all like…this is how Zombies will be portrayed for at least 50 years or more.

Dangit…you already killed Harry one time.

Do you reckon Ben is more conflicted about Harry being right of the fact that he is about to die?

There is that weird space music again.

What’s more dangerous to a black man than a ghoul? White Police Officers.

Oh man. Poor Ben…just like that. Boom…right between the eyes.

The “keep rolling moment” in horror films…like a newsreel. Makes it like real history.



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