Death Race 2050 (2017) – Filmsack Show Notes


Hello, Yes… this is Roger Corman!

Would I like to make a movie? Of Course I would looove to make a movie.

Do I have an idea? Of course I have an idea! I have thousands of ideas. Those ideas are all just racing around up there in my head…circling round and around and around… waiting to speed out and murder the world. Err…Entertain. Entertain the world.

Vroom! I know… How about a remake! I heard the kids liked that Hunger Games and The Mad Max Fury Road. I even heard that Scott Johnson kid in Utah has an unhealthy thing for Tom Hardy. I need to get in on some of that action! Yes sir-ree

Let’s do it! Let’s remake Death Race! Here…I’ll produce! Hold on let me see what I got in my couch…how does a bottle cap, some corn flakes and 1 million dollars in change sound? Can we make it for that? Wait, what am I asking you for…of course we can make it for that..I’m Roger Corman!

Go Go Go little ideas! Race from my brains and destroy the world….ENTERTAIN! I MEANT ENTERTAIN! 1000 points!

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Death Race 2050 (2017) – Like mid-west Ninja Assassins in a cornfield. You get what you pay for. Initiating bucket list protocol.


These guys are suckers…they should have gotten the large

United corporations of America

Pilgrims are still a thing in 2050

This guys jacket is my mom’s curtains.

It’s all about freedom. The freedom to sit on your big fat ass. also, competition.

Burnt Rubber and Brimstone

Tammy the Terrorist…focus on Terror.

Oprah never leaves bombs under your seat. 17 casualties.

Free Sterilization and eradication of cancer. But we are still over populated.

What kind of future cars are these?

Drive Drive Kill Kill…kill the white people in the car car car.

That is some serious mixed reality.

Virtual reality side seat.

Frankenstein is still driving.

A 500 gallon tank.

Frankenstein is a cyborg.

haha…when your DNA sleeps it dreams of me.

AI says…Tut Tut looks like rain.

The stars are now dollar signs

I do like how they changed the “cheerleader” to proxy. Less exploitative? Nope….lady jokes.

The president is the chairman.

The build up was pretty cool. The race…is shit. Sped up film for racing cars…and the cars look like shit…They missed an opportunity for some artistic awesomeness.

The Saint Rock Johnson.

Wait…that ain’t Frankenstein!! I need a knock off Tom Hardy.

There are a lot of topless ladies in this movie.

Upper Shitville…haha

haha! The proxy got smacked in the face by the drone.

How did Tammy get 180 points? that doesn’t add up.

Tammy is killing it! Literally.

West Virginia is now Biscuit Planet? Did they let the internet name it?

haha…kill the creeps…not the kids.

It’s a trap!

2 bottles of sunblock

“Am I not tough? Am I not a guy!” “Take it back! It’s still in the air!” – Perfection

“When Jim was a skinny kid….” – The Chairman.

No…the Chairman wants to kill the deathrace!

haha…singing in the shower…to hide the communication.

oh groat! She has a snapping bagina!

More shrieks! Like this! 500 men shriek!

So they sent the most bristly woman to try to entice.

Too much bad green screen!

Day 2…the pedestrians shoot back. The Red Zone.

It’s worth a watch if for nothing other than to see what they named the states.

Do you know how many times I have almost died because of a cat in the road…playing with a butterfly.

Better legs than the chimp?

There is way too much leather in Frankenstein’s car…the seats are leather…the outfits are leather.

Frankenstein is an animal rescue person.

Like Ninja’s in a cornfield. Do these midwest ninjas think they gonna beat Frankenstein. Light sabers!

I do not want a collar made of bubble wrap. Pop pop pop

Boys night out fight song. Kind of got me jacked.

What is this Tequila cover tune?

haha…initiating bucket list protocol. Abe is kind of a tragic side story.

In a movie with horrible people. Tammy is especially horrible.

If a racer dies…what happens to their points?

After a while. I stopped caring about the terrible green screen and the obvious studio in-car shots and the film speed ups. Almost.

A thousand points!


haha….our ride along character didn’t even make it out of the garage






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