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Death Race 2050 (2017) – Filmsack Show Notes


Hello, Yes… this is Roger Corman!

Would I like to make a movie? Of Course I would looove to make a movie.

Do I have an idea? Of course I have an idea! I have thousands of ideas. Those ideas are all just racing around up there in my head…circling round and around and around… waiting to speed out and murder the world. Err…Entertain. Entertain the world.

Vroom! I know… How about a remake! I heard the kids liked that Hunger Games and The Mad Max Fury Road. I even heard that Scott Johnson kid in Utah has an unhealthy thing for Tom Hardy. I need to get in on some of that action! Yes sir-ree

Let’s do it! Let’s remake Death Race! Here…I’ll produce! Hold on let me see what I got in my couch…how does a bottle cap, some corn flakes and 1 million dollars in change sound? Can we make it for that? Wait, what am I asking you for…of course we can make it for that..I’m Roger Corman!

Go Go Go little ideas! Race from my brains and destroy the world….ENTERTAIN! I MEANT ENTERTAIN! 1000 points!