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Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Psst…Ben…over here…it’s me…your pal Harry…Listen..dying here on the cellar floor has got me thinking about what’s important in life and our roles in society.

It’s like the universe is trying to tell us something man.

I mean, the dead are coming back to life and You, a black man, shooting me, a bald white man named Harry…irony… and my ghoul of a child eating my flesh…. and then there is my wife…she’s been on me all day like some kind dingle berry caught in my ass hair. Oh I’m “Harry” down there let me tell ya… in a very non ironic way…I wanna see Morissette sing about that, don’t ya think.

Anywho, what was I babbling on about?  oh yeah…I just can’t die and come back to life and eat your flesh without telling you something first.

cough cough…I just want you to know…clear throat…I told ya so.

CELLAR FOR THE WIN. You’re in my house now bitch.

“Let’s stay upstairs…board up the windows and doors…blah blah blah…” How is that working out for ya Ben.

Ghoulie Attack!

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The Producers (1968) (Show Notes)

The Producers (1968) –
like the granny porn that comes up when you search for dancing Hitlers.
You don’t expect it. But you are intrigued.

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes. Listen Now

– FilmSack Edition

Opener: Oh hail Hitler, For my feature film directorial debut I think I will make the “inception” of comedies by making a movie about  a jewish accountant and a jewish broadway producer taking advantage of a hundred little old ladies by overselling a comedy about Hitler. kind of life this podcast. Also, Mr. Belvedere cross dresses. I seriously need my blue blankie.


The Producers (1968 film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Twitter:  The Producers (1968) – like the granny porn that comes up when you search for  dancing Hitlers. You didn’t expect it. But you are intrigued.



The Producers (1967)


Stuff I Loved:

Straight from StudioAnal

Max Bialystock is humping something with a giant chin.

Nope…old lady with a hat

Checkies…need the checkies

Singing the “doing stuff race song”

A cabinet full of old ladies

Hold me touch me…sounds like the lady who played Granny in Bugs Bunny Tweety when she runs

Who names their kid Zero

Jackie Gleason surprise look and scream.

Fat guys breaking coffee tables. I thought Chris Farley invented that. Guess not. Why is it so fun.

Papa’s neck is broken.

Old lady cat.

Wow…his cat impersonation is amazing. Reminds me of another fat actor…Paul Blart.

What is that instrument they used in the late 60s that makes that sound. Electric Harpsichord

I wish I knew what all those posters were on the walls of his office

Dick Shawn as L.S.D.

Gene Wilder is so young! Uh..huh..huh…huh

Screwing old ladies for a living.  I’ve done worse.

Milk Maid and Stable boy

Thursday…we can play on Thursday.

The Contessa and The Chauffeur.  Wasn’t that the plot behind Driving Mrs. Daisy ….Crazy. The granny porn nobody wanted to see.

Why is he driving Speed Buggy on that old lady’s lap.

Hold be touch me. Gouge my eyes out.

The classic “not enough hair for the top of your head so let’s grow out what we do have” and swirl it around and get really sweaty.

The cruel rape of Lucretia. I’ll be rape.

Landlords are bad.

Scared. can’t talk.

Love Wilder’s semi nervous smile.

I’m having a rhetorical conversation

Hundreds of little old ladies…the best business plan.

He was a once was…now a has been.

The clean freak in me was dying during the coffee window cleaning.

You reckon that was Justin Bieber down in that fancy town car he was yelling at?

Cough cough…literal.

Fish faced man of the people.

Stage acting. Yelling is comedy.

My blue blanket!

I don’t like people touching my blue blanket.

This is a Bugs Bunny toon if I ever saw one.

Octagon glasses.

Creative accounting

Worst play ever

Step 1 through Step 6

Rio by the sea-o

oooh…I fell on my keys.

Like Nero jumped on Poppaea

Neurotic performance. Hysterical attacks.

The scary smile…I have seen it as recent as the newest terminator.

The hot dog vendor is a biznatch.

War and Piece? was that a real movie?

The corruption of Leo Bloom.. Money and power is calling him away from his drab gray existence.

The Metamorphosis…Transformer into a giant cockroach. Too good.

Springtime for Hitler.

A couple of Jews robbing old ladies to make a film about Hitler

Trope: Lady on the bottom floor window in the city as the gatekeeper. Concierge. Rollers and all. She is such a muppet.

He keeps birds…filthy birds.

Trope: Birdman on roof The Kraut.

Kissing pigeons on his roof…sending letters home. Bird shit on his helmet.

Winston Churchill was not nearly as awesome as Hitler.

Naaaazeees. – Churchhill

Checks to cash.

Trope: We hate musicians who try to bring romance to a business meeting.

Lee Meredith. One of Mel Brooks favorites.

Some weird pointy booby bras they used to wear in the 60s

Brooks loved to use that low brow sexism humor.

Treating a man like a baby was all the rage back then.

The Monocle Maniac of the director Congavia? Personal secretary.

The Foley work in this movie is weird.

accidentally touching a man’s statue ass made people uncomfortable back then. Touching other men was uncomfortable. So homophobic.

Cross dressing Belvedere. My favorite.

Shutup. He thinks he’s witty.

Dancing Hitlers.

Ballet Hitler made the most sense visually.

We are only seeing singing Hitlers!

Cutting Hitlers short

Boomerang Baby.

Beautiful Dreamer….

Respberry’s were all the rage in the late 60s

Beatnik. Always, calling Dick Shawn “young man”…I think that was his thing.

Dick Shawn. Never knew of him before this movie. But he had to influence Robin Williams. His stream of consciousness comedy. Trivia. He died on stage…literally at a performance at San Diego.

Campbell soup can. High art in the ordinary was only visible if you were high as fuck. That was the attitude of the average person during this time period.

This is rated PG…but the sexual stuff is right on the edge. Those pasties barely cover up anything on the World ladies in the musical

This was to be inappropriate for the time. To Celebrate Hitler.

It’s hard for me to relate for my generation. Now put up a cold war villain and I am in.

Well the Broadway play was not a flop.

Screaming Nazi trying to kill the boys.

We are blown up

Scott Johnson is a crook who has taken money from little old ladies

They continue to do their thing even in prison.

They never learn their lesson.

Interesting bookend credits.