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Zathura 2005


Oh hi,

Ok. who’s turn is it? Oh yeah… mine! “Attention movie-adventurers, Filmsack awaits. Do you have what it takes to navigate the many worlds of shitty streaming services? It’s not for the faint of heart, for once you embark upon your journey there’s no turning back until Filmsack’s reached. in fact… I reach Filmsack at least once a week myself! It’s healthy! the school nurse says it’s natural… and finally … Viewers shake their heads to reset at the end of each movie. puke. Then Stream again and again for different crappy adventures.” Zorgons…take me away

Now somebody press play on my Bathroom Sony Boom Box with the makeup residue caked an inch deep, because we are about to launch this podcast into outer space and do our best to avoid Dax Shephard. Too late. Take Erasive action! Emergency! Emergency!

Anywho, has anyone seen my cryogenically frozen Twilight princess Kristen Stewart. It’s my 4 day week to take her home. You know…to toss the balls around…in the front yard…ya bunch of weirdos! Wait did I just win filmsack?

Randy, Still think I have beautiful eyes?


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Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) – Shipmate Randy goes into cryonic sleep for 5 turns. We never should have rented Thirteen.


  • we need more board game movies!
  • Columbia Pictures…do they even still do movies?
  • Jon Favreau! No wonder I loved this movie
  • “Attention space-adventurers, Zathura awaits. Do you have what it takes to navigate the galaxy? It’s not for the faint of heart, for once you embark upon your journey there’s no turning back until Zathura’s reached. Pieces reset at the end of each game. Play again and again for different adventures.”
  • Old tin toys and their retro future past.
  • Hands down…the best Board Game movie?
  • Such deatil…so much rust!
  • The gears stop at 6…what does it mean?
  • Z is for Zathura
  • Meanwhile, in Suburbia…Tossing the ball in the front yard…25…we get 25 pitches…then it is time to work for an hour.
  • Yeah it ain’t fair…if all of the throws are this bad.
  • Don’t be a dick to Danny.
  • Does anyone have a dumbwaiter in their home?
  • When I was 6 and three – quarters. Walter is 10.
  • Mom is totally dead.
  • X Games!
  • Danny has an incredible imagination…is it better than Walter’s?
  • I’m a better…different?
  • We just played catch…No football catch….
  • It is so unfair – Walter
  • ahhh…Mom divorce.
  • 4 day dad week.
  • Dad…I’m ready to play Smash Brothers!
  • Dad uses his imagination for his job. He imagines he has one.
  • Air Cannons are great.
  • No…You cheat…board game…no cheat.
  • I’m not mean….I’m in 4th grade and I have a girlfriend.
  • He draws cars for a living.
  • He worked from the chits.
  • Well…that is on dad for having red drink on his desk with no lid.
  • We don’t want to be alone…I’m waking up Lisa.
  • She sleeps till 2PM
  • We never should have rented Thirteen.
  • Everything he has is old and creeky.
  • Tartar Sauce.
  • Make me Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Danny is a trouble maker
  • People in movies always make a lot of money
  • 3 year old’s are scared of basements. Have you never seen IT!?
  • This kid is really into Ugly Dolls.
  • We got a real ET moment going on here with the Zathura discovery.
  • It’s called acting!
  • This kid is 6 and he can read and pronounce Zathura…he is smarter
  • Wind up my key and press the shiny red button …. moves the ship and shits out a card… of dooom!
  • can’t read Meteor Shower…but can read Zathura. Take evasive action.
  • They are living in Grandma’s house…grandma took a hit.
  • Take Erasive action!
  • That ugly doll did not take Erasive action.
  • Noooo! Not the TV!
  • It only hit the living room.
  • Night never looked so close before…plus it was just 2pm.
  • Yeah…if I opened the front door and we were in space…I’d be done.
  • Meanwhile, in orbit around Saturn.
  • Wind the key…push the button…then the number..9… blue ship… red ship. The CARD!
  • Shipmate goes into cryonic sleep for 5 turns.
  • Play to the end. Pieces reset at the end of each game.
  • When we play this game…bad things happen.
  • Don’t be a baby…
  • You rolled an 8 trillion.
  • “Your Robot Is Defective.” We don’t even have a robot.
  • Give me a juice box, Beyotch.
  • Emergency…Emergency. That is about all robots now how to say.
  • The game is cheating! It allowed the key to be removed!
  • “What did the card say?”
  • Bad robot!!
  • This house is a space ship! It wasn’t designed to handle this! How are they breathing? Is Grandma protecting them?
  • Oh…good thing that kid didn’t bust through the window.
  • Quick….hide in the fire place.
  • It’s Lisa…has it been 5 turns already?
  • Who gets to take
  • Captain … now Admiral!
  • Who took home the frozen Kristen Stewart
  • There is no water…we are in space… no gas…ok…gas and water…fine!
  • My Demands. Not to be mean to me. Don’t ignore me and treat me like your brother…
  • You are visited by Zorgons.
  • The bad stuff seems to happen mostly on the 6 year old…because of his imagination?
  • Maybe they are friendly. They’re not friendly.
  • The Fireplace is the safe place.
  • this game has a hurry up mechanic.
  • Reprogram!
  • Rest on standard Astroturf…I know how to read! Rescue Stranded Astronaut
  • Good lord…that is a lot of light switches…for each and every light!
  • Don’t be so quick to sell our your brother.
  • That’s dad’s nap couch…flame on.
  • Burning couch in space…but what about oxygen! or reality.
  • Big gnarly lizards. They never stop eating…or heat seeking.
  • Dude… you’re meat.
  • Like watching Dax Shepard eat a sandwich in space.
  • Lupe just went shopping…they have a house keeper!? Cripes..they are rich
  • Eating paste out of a tube.
  • I passed through a time sphincter to get here.
  • Hungry enough to eat a carpet shark.
  • He spun me.
  • It’s just a card bug nuts.
  • Bikes in space!!
  • Stop saying Cheated.
  • uh oh…he broke it!
  • Caught Cheating…automatic ejection….
  • This kid doesn’t know how gravity works.
  • He moved back to the spot he moved himself to.
  • Lose map of galaxy…go back 2 spaces.
  • Dude…don’t crank the thermostat like that.
  • 9 is a great roll…it is the highest. Gold Card….shooting star make a wish.
  • Don’t wish it kid…don’t wish your brother away.
  • It’s all your fault.
  • You wished for a football…signed by Brett Favre…. can you wish the game over?
  • Played it with my own brother … 15 years ago.
  • I had wished my brother had never been born.
  • There are some games you can’t play alone. Like Zathura!
  • My Gerbil was in there.
  • 2 kids yelling…this movie should be called…2 kids yelling…or a lot of people yelling.
  • Don’t fall for your brother.
  • Those Zorgons are harpoon crazy.
  • We’re meat!
  • The Dumbwaiter.
  • The older brother could totally fit. Hell Lisa could fit twice.
  • So was Zathura Grandma’s game? or dad’s game as a child?
  • Danny is a real impatient shit
  • Why did they think the game was back in the box…why would the game be in the box?
  • The Zorgons be like…MOAR THINGS TO BURN!! WE NEED MORE THINGS TO BURN…like tin toys…and tricycles
  • Let’s burn these space goats…. its just a goat…its not a goat … its not a goat.
  • Me Space Goats are getting away!
  • They got goats with 4 eyes!
  • Alien lifeform… must destroy … reprogram…
  • You wished for 2 of me!?
  • Multiverse of madness.
  • yeah…you can’t do that…you can’t touch your alternate self….you go bye bye.
  • De-morphing Dax Shephard…I was not prepared.
  • Lisa has a realization…Oh My God!…and I wanted to.
  • You can’t spin a 10 morons…it only goes to 9.
  • plus a cheater card…move forward 10 spaces.
  • Zathura Ball sparkle spin.
  • Game over. Thank you for playing…
  • Zathura is a Black Hole!
  • Don’t push that button.
  • They named the gerbil Richard…hilarious… as in Richard Gere urban legend.
  • Still think I have beautiful eyes, Randy?

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