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Battleship 2012


Oh hi …. or as it applies .. ‘oh hola’, ‘oh konnichiwa’, “Oh Allo”…oh it is so close to the way we say it.

This week on Filmsack we take to the high choppy seas to take our shot to sink this 2012 “end of the world” movie based on the “hey no peeking Rhianna” table top strategy type guessing game that takes less time to play than watching this 2 plus hour love letter to the Navy…gooo Navy.

Sidenote, Earlier today I bounced a deep space “oh hi” off of that Elon Musk based satellite internet thingy no one is talking about and straight towards a “Goldilocks planet.” You know…a planet just the right distance from their star and most likely inhabited by bears.. and I’m pretty sure we are the little blonde girl taking a nap in their bed in this analogy.

Anywho, things have escalated pretty quickly since then and I’m pretty sure the whole thing may end with us all on a small floaty boaty with Rhianna firing a gun and screaming at some aliens. Just like a Saturday night at …. well … you know …

Randy, Play some AC/DC …. Which one? All of them… all of them Randy.


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Battleship (2012) – Thunder, do do doo do da do do thunder, do do doo do da do do thunder, oh it was too late for Chicken Burrito.


  • I hope someone sinks a battleship
  • Universal Theme Park Ride!! 100th Anniversary edition..
  • oh…Hasbro…they make the toys! Not the movies!
  • Digging this music so far…pluck-y and bass-y
  • I am hearing typing noises. but no typing. am I blind?!
  • Oh…observatory.
  • Today marks the day! Goldilocks Planets. Too hot…too cold…juuust right. Space bears and a space girl
  • Let’s blast a transmission to this alien planet…what could go wrong…Everything!
  • Pretty sure they are going to think we shot at them.
  • Beacon International shooting beams into space!
  • This bar is playing the news and STP…
  • Being especially free of admirers.
  • Light your cupcake and raise your glass.
  • “Closes microwave…” Sorry…kitchen’s closed.
  • Hungry damsel in distress….it is my birthday…my wish…please don’t waste it.
  • Johnny…Chicken Burrito her…Johnny…
  • If you give me 5 minutes I will get you your chicken burrito.
  • Sorry guy..too late for Chicken Burritos…
  • He is going to Pink Panther his way into Chicken Burritto.
  • Going to cost a lot more than 2.99
  • I got the burrito.
  • The crazy ass who does that is not the guy you want to be with.
  • That is Admiral Shane’s daughter.
  • You know that girl…the burrito girl.
  • He is 26.
  • A game change…you are joining me in the Navy.
  • Meanwhile in Hawaii..
  • mmm… RimPac…a military ballet. A little relationship building.
  • Two nations that have no excuse for being any good at Soccer.
  • By contact you mean he kicked him in the face.
  • Impose Will.
  • Two kinds of idiots…one who looks where he is kicking and one that looks where he is not kicking…which are you.
  • Stubborn…lost them the contest.
  • Mighty Mo… USS Missouri….Mighty Miso.
  • I fight the ship.
  • Allo…it is so close to the way we say it.
  • Having Liam Neeson tell you that you Have Skills is awesome.
  • Gets in a fight before he asks for her hands marriage
  • Play some AC/DC in your Military based film….but which one… Hard as a rock…nailed it.
  • Stay frosty.
  • He is head of the weapons room.
  • Donald-Trump Mike-Tyson Combo.
  • Who do I call to teach you humility.
  • So much potential
  • 25 minutes … 30 songs.
  • I don’t think this is how we treat our injured veterans…is this fiction.
  • She is a physical / mental therapist and used to eat burritos late at the bars.
  • Mustard is dead…he got hit by a dump truck.
  • This movie could have started 30 minutes in…that is when the aliens showed up.
  • I’m not saying you are a boob…but you are expressing boobish behavour.
  • Space aliens not smart enough to avoid satellites…but I suppose we do have a lot of space junk out there.
  • Oh I don’t like how much this looks like the 9/11 events.
  • 5 ships?
  • Home of Planet G.
  • We sent out a signal…and we got back a response.
  • “Yes…hello…earth calling Planet G. Sorry we missed your call.
  • What is tiny Ship Rhianna singing?
  • This is so and so… I am attempting to communicate with you… prepare to be boarded.
  • I do not remember aliens while playing Battleship.
  • Rough Rider just had a bad time flying
  • I think their ships are probably tougher than ours…
  • hehe…let’s give them a warning…blows the horn…hoooonk.
  • What kind of Chuck Wagon … boooom
  • Battleship…nah….floaty boaty with Rhianna firing and screaming…yeah…that is it.
  • I love that the alien bombs are giant pegs.
  • This is a Japanese story… The cooler older brother gets the loose cannon little brother into the military and then older brother dies and loose cannon goes takes leadership and goes ape shit.
  • Who is next full senior…you are…
  • That one guy keeps dropping the silent F bombs.
  • There are sailors in the water sir….
  • They only fire if fired upon.
  • What is that shit?
  • Always with the surprise attacks in Hawaii.
  • oh look…we went from Battleship to Crossfire
  • This movie could have had about 15 minutes less of scary razor balls. Check out my laser razor balls.
  • They don’t attack non military targets. Like little scared kids on a baseball field.
  • They appear to be humanoid.
  • I don’t know…people are saying aliens.
  • Finally…Mick is on it. I ain’t ever seen an alien. Going to walk on these replacement legs until I see some aliens.
  • If you can’t, who can…captain.
  • Not dead…not dead…
  • Like we are going to need a new planet kind of a bad feeling.
  • Rhianna daddy said they would come
  • Aliens share by telekinesis
  • Green good…red bad…or red fooooood.
  • Noo…Rhianna is pregnant! You can’t hit her.
  • We truly are the tiny pink fleshy things of the universe
  • Mahalo mother trucker…cause they say all the greetings! Oh Mahalo mother Truckers.
  • This is some Destiny shit right here.
  • haha…are those horses shoed? That has to look like a weapon to Aliens.
  • Is he a Cyborg!?
  • It’s going to be like Columbus and the Indians.
  • A flying telephone crashed.
  • E.T. wants to phone home.
  • Why am I staring at a lizard.
  • The helmet is just an extreme pair of sunglasses.
  • That book is Chinese.
  • Water Displacement.
  • I ain’t sitting in your chair.
  • Looking for patterns in Water Displacement…I don’t need your radar.
  • Bouys make it like Battleship…however….Battleship never had a “Fire and they know where we are.”
  • It’s a miss…it frog jumped out of the way…cause…they are amphibians?
  • Acquiring courage.
  • The aliens have 4 fingers
  • Also, fascinated by glasses?
  • Stupid Nincompoop idea.
  • Captain Nagata…
  • Out of all the people in the universe…found you hopper and girl.
  • They are taking Erasive action…all over the place.
  • Summer Campu
  • Suck my razer balls!
  • ok…send in the razer balls.
  • Is climbing to the apex of a sinking ship ever a good idea?
  • yes! we got a battleship….made to take a beating…
  • If the current tech ain’t working…get the old analog bullshit fired up.
  • One more tour of duty sir…this is so dumb…then why am I getting chills right now…lame.
  • I need to borrow your boat.
  • Ok…which AC/DC song now? THUNDER!
  • Best montage in a long time.
  • Oh Brother…somebody is gonna kiss the donkey.
  • I didn’t think that one moved…me either.
  • it is red…you gonna kill all them poor old me…and give them the thrill of their lives!
  • Art of War…
  • That is some hard lifting.
  • Do they have any anchors left?
  • You’re gonna die…I’m gonna die… we are all going to die…just not today.
  • haha…slid that bitch in.
  • Let’s drop some lead on them mofos.
  • release the anchor
  • They ain’t gonna sink this battleship… no way.
  • Fight the enemy where they aren’t…that is not what that means…not even close.
  • How is her driving skills? mediocre.
  • Come on beast…earn your name.
  • Take off them sunglasses.
  • Saved by a scientist and his personal property
  • Calm down ok…I’m going to freaken save you.
  • I was an honor serving with you.
  • Bonus…side effect…blew up that trouble maker of a interstellar communication device.
  • Oh…we are still screwed.
  • Mick…Metal Legs Mick!
  • Thumbs up. That helps.
  • Meanwhile … If Jimmy says he is getting in…he is getting in.
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