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The Italian Job 2003


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we head back to 2003 to steal this remake of a 1960s classic heist film with the same name all the while zipping about in our chopped down mini coopers with no abs modules … who needs to stop anyways! Not me … or frankly … this movie … Thanks a lot late-team-add-car-shop-guy who can do anything car related and only that … what do we call him again … oh yeah Wrench … but why not screwdriver or jumper cable how about… spare tire … yeah … mine would totally be spare tire. I’m not your first choice but in a pinch I can get you home, if you don’t mind keeping it under 35. Ok, Don’t mind me…I’ll just be in the trunk waiting to be useful.

Anywho, let me introduce the rest of team Funky Bunch … we have Handsome Rob … He’s both handsome and he likes to Rob things … like the ladies hearts … and our explosives expert, Mos Def, who lost his hearing as a child screwing off with firecrackers in the boys room and who we obviously named Mosley Deaf in this ear … nope …that would have actually been clever … so we went with Left Ear … alright fine! I guess nicknames aren’t our strength. Right Steve … Steve? I knew we shouldn’t have trusted a guy with no imagination.

Speaking of imagination, I’m just thinking about naked girls and leather seats … I had a bad experience! i said i had a bad experience, Randy.


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The Italian Job (2003) – Know what I am thinking about right now? The look on Steve’s face when he sees Now You See Me 2. #betterwithmagic


  • I am sending it to you from the store.
  • Hello daddy…send me something sparkly.
  • Just one more job.
  • She has Daddy issues.
  • I love this music…very 007
  • Never send it before the job…
  • So young…so Marky Marky
  • That is a lot of birds.
  • Still no word from the garbage men.
  • The young man is taking over the reigns
  • Mos Def!
  • How to think like Leonardo DaVinci
  • Ed Norton and a cat.
  • Meanwhile on the
  • We are in Italy, Speak in English.
  • No Word from the Garbage Men.
  • Trust everyone, just don’t trust the devil inside them.
  • Nothin suspicious here…just some American’s riding along with computer and headsets down the narrow canals of Italy.
  • Charlie…this is your puppy…Laser sights to nail the this safe down through the floors
  • They’ve got the safe!
  • ha ha…that safe would not floaty on that boaty.
  • There was a time when Statham was always the transporter driver.
  • Just driving my gondola down the sleepy streets of Italy…eeeek!!
  • From one exotic location the to the next.
  • Austria! Split-up….
  • I wanna propose a toast…. to us!! to Charlie…Everybody gets a bottle of wine
  • Don’t spend it…invest it.
  • I’m just thinking about naked girls and leather seats
  • It’s a big stereo that blows the clothes off women
  • One who steals to define their lives… 2 types
  • Clinks bottles together…
  • Thanks John…Thanks Charlie
  • Let’s play the Money Song!!
  • Steve betrayed us!
  • Let John float…float on john…and so help me if you show back up at the end…ok..yeah…John is dead.
  • There is nowhere you can go that we can’t find you.
  • One year later in Philly….
  • You always work in the dark?
  • She loves the danger of driving that mini like a bat out of hell.
  • Safe cracking business is cracking..
  • Skinny Pete Sent me this…
  • John was like a father to me…but he wasn’t
  • Worthington 1000
  • I invented Napster on a floppy…my roommate stole it.
  • Left Ear…m80s blew it out..
  • Handsome Rob … We love you rob.
  • I’ve been a thief since I had baby teeth.
  • This is how we got our names.
  • I had a bad experience…damn I thought I was the deaf…MOS DEF
  • It is a unix system…no…I wonder how much they paid for that ad placement.
  • Turn in your badge and your weapon..
  • are you taping me?
  • Gold with the Ballerina on it
  • I will buy the other 2 from you on Wednesday…and I will pay you for my Cheeseburger on Tuesday.
  • Who watches a big ass TV
  • Got all that gold and can’t move it.
  • It is because of his nappy hair…it was because I was napping!!
  • Handsome Rob is going to get that shirt!
  • Thanks Becky for the night of Sex and the key mold…oh an this form fitting shirt.
  • His one weakness….Cable and the internet….noooo…not my Lynksys! Son of a bitch…how many bars of gold to fix this shit.
  • Look at all the TV extras in this….we got Guard Shack Oscar from the Office and Whats His Face from 30 Rock.
  • That bastard stole my dream car.
  • Left ear had an experience.
  • Come on fake Becky…you can do this…but watch out for the dogs.
  • NAD T77 … That is my stereo. He bought all the things that the other guys said would bring them happiness.
  • I am not calling you Napster.
  • What is the distance to the front door Napster…
  • Put all of Marky Marks weights in the back of these minis!
  • Dude…Seth is getting a Dell.
  • Wrench….even the shop mechanic guy gets a handle.
  • Charline is immune to the come on.
  • What is up with Grid 34…red light…green light..
  • We got to lighten these minis!!
  • 6 foot wide mini…no problem.
  • This movie made me want a mini cooper so bad…this whole movie is an ad.
  • Know what I am thinking about right now? The look on Steve’s face….
  • Skinny Pete is opposite town.
  • I am into Skinny Pete’s girl…and how are they doing it?
  • I wonder what Skinny Pete smells like…I bet he has trouble reaching skinnier pete
  • Your Golf cart awaits.
  • It is going to take a lot of axe swings to chop down Skinny Pete.
  • This movie has a lot of heist music.
  • Going on a date with Edward Norton and his upside down Hitler.
  • Uh oh…The gig is up. She said the thing…she gave the toast.
  • The only thing worst than a thief…a coward…
  • Put a leash on your cat.
  • We’ll do it like “the Italian Job.”
  • He just told Norton that he had no imagination…and then he does the same thing he did before.
  • Wrench is in.
  • Napster in position.
  • What is Spiderman doing there?
  • What the fuck happened to my truck?
  • This isn’t the Worthington 1000 … I think I just cracked the glass
  • No more drilling…I got to do it by touch.
  • 27 Million…day it again… 27 Million
  • Oh good….I was worried Wrench was going to turn on us.
  • You killed my cousin Yeven.
  • How many sucker punches can we get in on Steve (Ed Norton)
  • I’m make a deal…
  • Time to make another toast.
  • Stella was right…it wasn’t about the money… Handsome Rob got his car….and his women.
  • Left ear got his dream house and his Shoe room and a guy to wipe ’em
  • Napster finally made it on Wired Magazine and got that stereo he wanted…so loud it would blow a women’s clothes of…but they didn’t show it… Weird science did it better.
  • Aww…he found love…Johns daughter.
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