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Heavy Metal 1981


Oh hi,

Dirty Deeds, Drawn Dirt Cheap, Animation Studios of Canada, this is Richard LocNar how may I help you today? Uh huh…ok…right…yeah…hold on a sec…. Hey! Can any of you guys animate realistic boobs? Ok…I’m seeing hands going up…but I’m not sure any of these guys have ever seen real boobs. Robert, you seem super excited about this question … describe boobs for me…ok…right…well you do seem to have at least a rudimentary idea of boobs…can you name your sources…your mom?…do you have pics? You do? … gross … but can you animate them 20 years younger in a way that defies gravity and common sense? “Your pleasure?” …. well that’s a weird way to say it. Whatever, Happy Mother’s Day to Robert’s mom and congrats on your freaky son.

Anywho, is that all you needed? uh huh … right… Do we have experience drawing space aliens snorting cocaine and then driving? Well…I don’t really think that is something that we as a company can get behind…. hey…you know what…whatever…I’ve already agreed to have Robert draw his mom’s over idealized boobs at 24 frames per second and he has apparently already completed 20 minutes worth since this phone call started … so bump it…count us in Eh.

Randy…stop looking at that reference material…we got a show to do!


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Heavy Metal (1981) – A shadow shall fall over the universe, and evil will grow in its path, and death will come from the skies. oh and my dork is hanging out. #boobies


  • I think this movie has boobies in it. Cartoon Boobies.
  • “A shadow shall fall over the universe, and evil will grow in its path, and death will come from the skies.”
  • In the form of a green ball!!! Xbox.
  • That Heavy is so heavy it is dipping into the metal font.
  • Did this groovy space music man.
  • It is a space shuttle!! This came out the first year that the Space Shuttle Columbia launched. So space…so modern.
  • Uh oh…don’t let Elon Musk see this.
  • They dropped that Corvette Stingray out of the shuttle using a chain noise.
  • Looking for some action! RIDER! Radon? Radar? Right on? Freedom?
  • Oh hi MTV Music Video!
  • What is he wiping off…pretty sure that would just be melted everything if entering the
  • I think you were late on the parachute dude.
  • This is so that scene in the Star Trek
  • That space suit is French Cut.
  • So…oxygen in the house? Not outside? Or was he just wearing that.
  • Honey, I brought you home a present….DEATH!
  • I am the sum of all evils…look carefully! All Lives, All Galaxies, All Dimensions.
  • A green jewel they must all possess.
  • We gonna use the torch vacuums.
  • This bucket dozer has 3 heads!
  • Oh look! The green gem of evil…buried right here…guess I will pick it up….aaaaaaaaahhhh…it burns!
  • Sexy Future Saxophone
  • Paradise Playhouse…Yeah…New York…big deal.
  • Subjects of Aliens…no real aliens.
  • Jet Drive…in my taxi cab.
  • U.N. is no more…now it is just low end housing.
  • Don’t mess with a cabby with a backseat dematerialize.
  • The Loc Nar!
  • July 2031?
  • Normally my rules are don’t get involved.
  • So the taxi driver and the dame? So he is a noir Detective Taxi Driver who picked up a narcoleptic lady. Wait…now she is wearing blue tights? oh…no…they are just thigh highs.
  • Kiss my ass…. for $20 bucks.
  • Harry has a problem…and lots of prostitutes.
  • The cops charge for investigations.
  • The Loc Nar….an ancient relic….the Venutians really want it… (people from Venus?)
  • Wait…her father hit it…yet it was on display at the museum?
  • You can sleep on the couch if you want…and there is beer in the fridge.
  • Gary can I sleep with you? Sucker play or not. The carpet matches the drapes.
  • I was giving this girl the Star and Stripes forever.
  • What Go’a’il.
  • Rudnic is grody to the max. But has a deal he can’t refuse.
  • Mr. Cannon…
  • Jaws 7
  • Hot dog stand Robbie the robot.
  • Dang message drone…delivering messages while I am driving. Time to put on the Jet Drive! vrrrooom.
  • 300k Rudnic dollars.
  • Cabbie will take 50% of the take.
  • I hear some ghostbusters music in this movie.
  • Daddy is dead…time to sell this bowling ball of evil.
  • So that dematerialize does not destroy money?
  • Here…look into my orby ballness and check out these morality tales that aren’t really…morality tales at all.
  • John Candy found a thing!
  • This evil bowling ball sounds like a tea kettle
  • I was experimenting with natural electricity…I just need a little juice..
  • The orb was like…let me help.
  • Naked John Candy Cartoon Character lapses into another dimension.
  • No Hair…Big….my dork is hanging out.
  • All my tales involve big boobies….Like really big boobies.
  • Hold onto my beefy body with your legs……now let’s swim….like a really long ways. I hope she ain’t dead
  • haha! She had the most beautiful eyes.
  • I too am from Earth.
  • Good lord…how horny were these guys making this movie?
  • There was only 1 problem…these ugly dudes.
  • “Well aren’t we fierce…” Castrate him!
  • The sacred Loc Nar.
  • 6 inches long…sorry…16 inches long.
  • haha…this is the dumbest one…something feels weird…boobies.
  • If you please me I may let you live.
  • 18 years of nothing…now twice in 1 days.
  • The rising moon climaxing our love.
  • Kid Wolverine fighting with his sister queen?
  • I like it better here…here I am dandy?
  • he refused the outright power.
  • Someone always finds me….even when I shrink down to a marble.
  • Lincoln Stern…you are a bad chin.
  • 37 counts of rape and 1 moving violation.
  • This 3rd story is some Warner Bros looking shit.
  • Shutup Charlie…I’ve got an angle. I’ve got an angle.
  • Hanover Fist…
  • 30k Zoolax
  • Uh oh…Liar Liar moment. All the times he sold dope disguised as a nun.
  • Hanover Fist is hulking out.
  • That steam punk robot egg bailiff/sidekick? is gassy.
  • Hanover is defeated with monies.
  • It’s like a heavy metal album cover came to life
  • Nelson…you dead in there? Yep
  • We are being followed by some green meteorite! Even in death…Zoooombies!
  • What…no tits in this one? See ya chumps…I’m out of this Zombie infested death plane
  • Land of the dead pilots. Whyyyy. From 1 war to another.
  • Meanwhile at the Penatgon.
  • The Jupiter 6 project
  • I keep randomly hearing John Candy…like in the Pentagon.
  • Oh look…DeadMaus!
  • Busty lady is wearing the Ran-Col Loc-Nar
  • Giant Smiley Face Space Ship.
  • Nose Dive…some drug use depicted.
  • haha..home to tripping balls and seeing the Enterprise
  • Robot Sex…e
  • I got a boyfriend.
  • We had highly proficient sex.
  • One way ticket to midnight…heavy metal… love this song and that fly by of the giant space station…tight.
  • You know your perspective is fucked…you have to let your hands work the controls as if you are straight.
  • Space traveling robot planet.
  • She is chosen because she is the future that could destroy him.
  • Destroy your race…and then prepare to die! So humans could stop the universal evil…
  • We must harvest the evil….yeeees! evil….yes.
  • We make our pilgrimage you bunch of Heavy Metal duuudes
  • We are flooded with evil? Glarb.
  • Death…Death to all who oppose us!
  • Council Chambers that looks like a vagina.
  • Elders! We must arm ourselves…we must fight!!
  • Statesmen and Scientist… Taarakians (Taarna the Taarakian?)the defender…it is dead…on is said to live.
  • Summon the defender!
  • Hey look it is Dr. Strange!
  • Diaper wearing door man…..Bar the door…with the floor pump!
  • Who is this warrior! Who could it be who rides the giant bird? Oh…it is naked lady of the pool.
  • Gray but not dead.
  • That is some pretty dramatic nudity.
  • To defend…this is the pact…but when life loses it’s value…then the pact is to avenge!!
  • Joust bird is a little bummed by all the death.
  • Oh no…they killed Dr. Strange!
  • They left their medallion bad move.
  • This has to be Devo as the house band…right?
  • Armor 0. Sword Sharpness 10
  • I sure hope Scott captured the Joust bird freaking out.
  • Taarakians looks like Mandalorian Mark!
  • Noooo! Don’t kill the mount you bastard!
  • My whips…
  • Sometimes you fall in the pit and it is all cool…sometimes you fall deeeeep.
  • You underestimated my mount!
  • haha!..is her mount dying or taking a nap?
  • Slowest fight ever…damn that mount….stop underestimating my mount!
  • This is for killing my mount! Oh he’s not dead…damn…this mount won’t die.
  • Hey stabbed mount…can you fly me…thanks little dude. “blood seeping everywhere.”
  • She gonna sacrifice herself!
  • Noooo….low moan.
  • Run bitch! Now where you gonna live? Your daddy dead and your house blowed up.
  • Soooo…is this her origin story? I think maybe I snorted some of that space coke?
  • The spirit of time is transferred. and another generation is saved…what the fuck.
  • On March 15, 2019, the reboot was released on Netflix as a reimagining titled Love, Death & Robots.[39]

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