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Willy's Wonderland (2021)


Oh hi,

Hold on a second. I’m about to go on break from my Scooby Doo inspired nightshift job where If I can survive the night cleaning a haunted character stage show birthday party place then I can get new tires for my car to get the hell out here. But first I need to slam one of these energy drink Punch Pops that I usually keep in the trunk of said car…mmm…warm trunk soda….gross… yep “a fistful of caffeine right to the kisser” …. a kisser that is attached to a face …. and a face that is attached to a beard … and a beard that screams “border line douche bag” … apologies to the feminine hygiene product…

Yep, I’ve entered into a whole new stage of my life where I don’t know what to do with my facial hair much less my Libido… and now my one night solo cleaning gig has been invaded by a bunch of CW inspired attractive teens trying to hook up with one another and all I have is this bottle full of all-purpose cleaner to spritz myself with. Fine, I’ll just take out my sexual frustration on these evil serial killer possessed stage show animatronics and make love to this Pinball machine. Come on and Vogue! Man I’m old.

Randy, Stop Tea Bagging Demon Tinkerbell and put these Punch Pops in the fridge.


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Willy’s Wonderland (2021) – was found in bed as chewed up as a McDonald’s hamburger. Now hand me my bag of soda, I’m fighting my way out of here.


  • ?I wonder if this will be weird?
  • Good lord…how many money handlers I have never heard of who made this movie possible.
  • Hey Kids do you know what time it is? It’s birthday song time…ok kids…clap your freakin hands like there is no tomorrow.
  • So we have Mechanical Animal cam.
  • I just want the Willy’s Wonderland Merch.
  • Gone in 60 seconds…oh man. 4 flat tires…that seems intentional
  • Isn’t this how Jeepers Creepers Starts
  • Punch Pop I keep in my trunk…warm obviously…shotgun this thing with my borderline douche beard…apologies to the feminine hygiene product.
  • What is up with the colors in this movie.
  • I tell everybody who attempts the 50.. kids stole a zig zag to ruin your day.
  • Mr. Talky Talk truck driver. Is he smoking a slim Jim? It looks like a Slim Jim.
  • What is Willy? Looks like a weasel. I bet he’s a weasel.
  • That look. She knows he is Nicholas Cage.
  • Chips on the coffee table and a bucket to piss in…
  • Meanwhile down at the trailer park.
  • Why is he working on his engine…he has 4 flat tires.
  • Cash only…in advance…who is that guy!
  • Hayesville….the ATMs don’t work… we were going to get the internet…but didn’t get any.
  • How in the hell are you going to work off $1000 dollars.
  • Weasel in overalls and a beanie.
  • Spend the night cleaning “Willie’s Wonderland” for $1000 dollars…if you spend the night in Willy’s Wonderland you will get your car back…Scooby Doo this shit.
  • Arty The Alligator…
  • Tex MacAdoooo
  • Locking me in to clean up.
  • “I saw the bait already.”
  • Do this as a mission and not as a field trip. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!
  • Go! Is he timing himself?
  • I guess he is taking his work serious.
  • Them shits are alive back there!!
  • Bad Bait Willy… Bad Bait
  • oooh…now he wants cold Punch Pop.
  • Are those punch pops keeping him alive? He has his alarm set to take breaks.
  • Sexy Pinball is sexy.
  • He isn’t really cleaning as much as smearing everything into a fine paste.
  • I don’t speak…that is how they got Cage on the cheap?
  • I’m going to feast on your face! Face off!
  • Ozzie is out..
  • Each kill requires a new fresh shirt?
  • Deputy Dumbass.
  • Duct Tape bandaid
  • This movie is for people with cleaning fluid fetishes.
  • gross…spray and a rag don’t clean everything!! not the inside of toilet and then the walls.
  • It’s your birthday and we want you to have fun..
  • I’m gonna eat your eyes out and eat your soul!
  • Gorilla Greetings!
  • Plunger to the face!
  • Duct tape man. It fixes everything.
  • Why is Willy’s gang all taking turns. Is there only so much ectoplasm to automate one at a time?
  • Each Drink equals 1 bad robot.
  • Sandpaper your nails!
  • How many breaks do you get on the 3rd shift.
  • The teenagers are here to take revenge.
  • You are pouring gas on top of my gas.
  • Chris is such a kiss up.
  • Those are huge air ducts! I mean I have seen some large ones in movies before…but damn!
  • See ya later – Arty Gator?
  • Them animatronics is leaky!
  • Willy’s Needs more than a cleaning. Pretty sure it has some structural damage. How to get out? How about the giant hole in the ceiling.
  • Wasn’t there 8 of them?
  • Dance Dance Dance…like there’s ants in my pants.
  • 1996 Jerry Robert Willis … Serial killer … and finding more serial killers.
  • Eat this cake…and die!!
  • “The Super Happy Fun Room.”
  • Satanic Suicide Ritual.
  • So they pulled a Chucky.
  • 10 years later…2006…Macadooooo
  • Ahhh yeah…doing it in the Super Happy Fun Room!
  • Oh you a freak freak.
  • Chris go…
  • Do is Cage an angel sent to balance the world?
  • Too old to have sex with any of the other cast members…but not too old to make love to that pinball machine!
  • Put your balls on Evan
  • Don’t ask too many questions…like…deal with the devil only applies as long as your don’t die as a robot?
  • French Ally Gator
  • Those kids are filled with a lot of blood.
  • oh c’mon Chris…don’t fall for that shit…I’m not like the others.
  • Willy the Dancing Rat.
  • Chewed up as a McDonald’s hamburger!
  • Make a deal with the monster. We will feed you.
  • Nope…no amount of damage to my car would keep me.
  • We just kill those with low moral character…we choose.
  • ooooh….there was a kid. It was the little girl!!
  • The plot thickens…
  • Who is this guy…Ultraman?
  • Chris didn’t make it.
  • Lasso’d with a toilet snake.
  • Does Disneyland know what you did with Tinkerbell?
  • Head…Shoulders… Knees and Toes … legs and lips
  • They have escaped the Wonderland!
  • No Mas Por Favor
  • Tea Bagging Demon Tinkerbell
  • He’s almost out of Soda, Clean Shirts and Willys.
  • A fistful of Caffeine to your Kisser
  • Nicholas Cage…clapping and Voguing while playing Pinball…
  • That G-D-S-O-B
  • “All you had to do was die…was that so hard.”
  • Willy is obviously a lot stronger than the others.
  • Single Swipe Cop De-Torso.
  • He needs his spinach!
  • Proudly serving families since 1984? I thought it started in 96….or was that just the local store?
  • How are there more Punches! There were not that many.
  • Prison rules … bag of soda and and sticks.
  • Wooo…that is a whole lot of fun right there.

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