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Book of Eli (2010)


Oh hi,

and welcome to Eli’s post apo-ca-lyptic KFC where we fry by faith and not by sight. Am I blind…maybe! Whatever! Now what can I get for you today? … Mashed potatoes and gravy? Oh I’m sorry we are all out of that. Coleslaw? Nope, we haven’t served that in almost 30 years. Chicken? yeah…I wish. How about some hairless cat that the audience is ok with eating since it isn’t soft and fluffy like a regular cat and…. a complimentary … and surprisingly … still moist towelette from the year 2010?

Original or Extra Crispy? I’m kidding. Everything I cook is extra crispy. Cause I am blind? that’s not right! and what to drink with that? Soda? Nope. Tea? yeah we got that. I’ll just have Martha whip up a cup of shaky hand cannibal tea that will leave you with a look on your face that says… What the hell did I just drink? oh really, no shit. Your mom’s name was Martha too. Well that changes nothing.

Ok…your total will be an assortment of random shit you have in your pocket. Please drive around to barter at the first window. Randy, my shopping cart tipped over…heeeelp me!! totally not a trap.


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The Book of Eli (2010) – Like expecting Chapstick for your dry crusty post apo-ca-lyptic lips and only finding hairless cat oil. Meow.


  • Is this based on a book?
  • Winter or Nuclear Winter?
  • Meanwhile, it finally happened. The cat is eating me…and it is one of them bald cats!
  • I love they went with the ugly bald cat…no one complains when you kill the bald cat…if it were fuzzy fluffy no way. Also, that was a ridiculously large arrow to kill a cat. over kill
  • I already love the music…is this Blade Runner music?
  • Is this movie in Black and white? Or is the saturation that low? Low sat.
  • What is the possibility of running water in that hole. Not likely
  • What you doing in the closet? Hanging out?
  • Saran Wrap socks. Not a great idea…that keeps the heat in!
  • Feeding the rat the cat…that ain’t natural!!
  • Beats and a Zune? Gen 1 ipod?
  • A wet nap from KFC kind of a bath. Washing off the crotch chicken
  • Ipod dead
  • Never trust the cart lady.
  • The wheels came off. What a honeypot.
  • This man could smell us from 30 feet away.
  • Kiss him…I think he meant kill him.
  • That blade is pretty good at slicing off body parts.
  • This is totally like a video game.
  • It’s the unfinished bridge from Speed!
  • Stay on the path. It’s not your concern. Repeat
  • He’s going west.
  • J Crew is all that is left.
  • only black guy in the post apocalypse.
  • Let me see your hands.
  • Phantom 900 from the 90s
  • Got any Chapstick? I got cat oil … just as good
  • You got books? I read books.
  • Commissioner Gordon is looking for a very specific book.
  • Oh this is a treat…Shampoo.
  • Why you gonna burn the other books!
  • One of the Roker’s found it.
  • Outlander…let me see.
  • Eli and Cats…not a mix.
  • What do you do all day? I pump the water.
  • and to the dust we shall return.
  • People…from the before.
  • Playing chess against a blind person. Correction, losing chess to a blind person.
  • How old are you old man…
  • People had more than they needed…in the before times.
  • What’s in the book? Is it nuclear codes? I know we assume it is the bible…but what else could it be.
  • If you aren’t talking about the book. I’m not talking about the water.
  • We can share the food…like old people used to.
  • Now we eat?
  • So is his entire girl crew blind?
  • The world is so bright…I got to wear shades.
  • Nobody believes my gun is loaded.
  • hot tip. it is loaded. and it is loaded a lot.
  • and so is this one!
  • 1 before times is worth 10 after times.
  • Don’t shoot the booook!
  • I’m looking for a place where this book is needed.
  • The reluctant leader
  • Caranagie knows where the springs are…from the before times.
  • It’s not just a book…it is a weapon! Aimed at the weak.
  • Are you bargaining with me? I’m the devil.
  • I give you the book you give me the Kunis.
  • They got an armored vehicle or two.
  • We are headed west…
  • The cart lady is always carting it up. Also, she is afraid of the competition.
  • A voice in my head told me to do it.
  • I will share the word…but not my ipod.
  • He has been walking for 30 years. It would take about 6 months.
  • George is suspicious of everyone. My name is Martha…from the bible. Known for her bravery
  • Cannibals get the shakes
  • Martha is all like “We found some meat.”
  • Fuck the china Martha
  • Sofa full of guns. I’m just going to pull out the couch bed.
  • Enjoy my book bomb.
  • Your wife’s name is Martha?
  • not George and Martha!! Nooo
  • An armored truck full of Gatlin gun.
  • Smart. Back of the TV…he knew the young ones would not know what that was.
  • Lightening strikes as he is shot.
  • He is in shock. He has to question his faith now.
  • He shot him in the leg like he was shot. And eye for an eye…a leg for a leg.
  • probable shouldn’t pull the blade out. He was all like…let me out here.
  • Love the music in this movie.
  • These KFC wipes will fix everything.
  • Do for others more than you do for yourself.
  • Can you smell that? You mean my 7 day funk only cut by some KFC hand wipes…no…the salt…ocean!
  • He got a gut shot.
  • Are they headed out to THE ROCK!!
  • She could offer to row…thanks man.
  • I have a King James in my possession.
  • Fetch me the engineer.
  • Lock picking level 1
  • It is a Braille Bible
  • His wife is blind and has always been. Can’t she read it.
  • He is blind!! This whole time he is blind!!
  • They had a Book of Quaran right there.
  • Part 2?

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