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Zapped! (1982) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi Chachi, Sorry I didn’t see you there.

Now I would like to read my poem about something that’s pretty important to me and that I get really confused about a lot. It’s called “Chachis.”

Chachis, sometimes I feel like I’m so much above ’em and sometimes I feel like I’m so much below ’em. Sometimes I hate ’em and sometimes I love ’em (hold on a sec. I’m having a puberty fueled fantasy about boobies. Oh yeah..) now where was I…right…Sometimes I hate ’em and sometimes I love ’em but if I was a caveman, I think I’d just club ’em.

Oh c’mon! Don’t boo the Cooter. You know the Gary Cooter is all about the love! Now hand me my trapper keeper. I got a raging puberty Cooter Boner that I need to hide. Oh hi Scatman.



Zapped! (1982) – First comes the woman and then the whiskey and then the unfiltered tweeting. My old lady won’t let me have salami.


  • Oh hi, I didn’t see you there Chachi
  • God Bless Merica!
  • Zapped! Lightening!
  • Schools out
  • That rat is scuba and anatomically impossible.
  • Come on Edgar! All the rockstars love this stuff!
  • School wants to know the effects of alcohol on divers.
  • He has the Ultra Grow Formula
  • Coke Bottle glasses.
  • “You know what you need? A girl!”
  • Oh…boys will be boys.
  • Yay! It’s the Ralph Waldo Emerson High Penguin Cheerleaders for the baseball team…
  • That band…they are pure comedy gold…especially the trumpet guy.
  • Gary Cooter! It’s Gary Cooter and the band
  • The Baseball team is winless.
  • Rabbit Doo-Doo.
  • Oh Peyton…your camera is a metaphor for your penis
  • Scatman!
  • haha…Scatman gonna drop some super gro into the Cannabis
  • The Devil’s Double Wammy. Women and the Booze.
  • No salami, no weenies.
  • Then a little beer.
  • Radioactive Spider….no! Beer, Cannabis and Super Grow….you been zapped.
  • Time for the comedic music.
  • ‘Barney Bonehead’ retort ‘Up Yours’
  • Roll up his sleeves…check between his toes.
  • This was something my parents did.
  • Alvie did it and his dummy.
  • Specializing in Botany.
  • She sure is pushy…ladies shouldn’t be pushy! We all knew that in 1982 because it was still 1950s US
  • Gary Cooter has no room to make fun of Mrs. Burnfart. and your 4th year as a senior.
  • It’s called Chicks and this is my Gary Cooter song.
  • The ladies boo the Cooter.
  • Barney Boner don’t call on me
  • All you need is a good opening line
  • Ouch…Barney go with your mice.
  • Tee Winkle College (Rob Robert)
  • Nerdy Botanist and his rich unpopular friend
  • haha…the closed captions says [zapping]
  • Is thought sweeping easier than real sweeping…it looks harder to me.
  • Triumphal Music
  • oh snap…he broke her 5 glasses and now she is an 10
  • There was an explosion that knocked me out and I came to and didn’t think anything of it.
  • And now the circle of trust is created. The fellowship is created.
  • Relaxo Prune Juice and Rum.
  • Spam with Cream sauce.
  • Zapping…
  • I has Telekinesis and I can phase stuff
  • Haha…they have glitter Nike Swooshes on their space uniforms.
  • Poor Alvie…eh don’t deserve this.
  • His mom is a monster and his dad is a chump
  • Edgar has it too…the Zappinging. You little shit.
  • Well we have established that Edgar has long term effects of the Zapping and will probably get sick or die first?
  • Alan take your fingers out ya noise…now suck it!
  • Nathan ‘Too Mean” Levine…tha brute keeps rubbing his crotch.
  • Look at me…my bat is a penis!
  • I have never understood mooning.
  • The best way to hassle ladies is to expose their boobies.
  • The principle can’t access the lab!
  • Burning Pot to dispose of the evidence is never a good idea.
  • Trope Sex Comedy “Overheard conversations are always mistaken for sex talk”
  • My old lady won’t let me have Salami and chili dogs.
  • Help Me Mr. Einstein
  • You ugly Spasm
  • High School Popular girl is always dating the College Dude
  • Freddie is Robert’s older brother who went to Africa on Safari and married a Pygmy Girl
  • Drink a 12 pack a piece and try not to puke on the spinning teacup ride.
  • …Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me..
  • Fighting with your Zap powers.
  • Barney is always trying to eat something.
  • Robert is taking me to Hawaii for graduation.
  • Peyton is playing Jane like a fiddle.
  • Jane has got to see all the lady pics on the wall and know this guy is a creep.
  • Weiner food is referenced a lot in this movie. Wonder Weiner.
  • Bernadette had 3 crushes a year
  • Mom and her cross
  • We need a music montage…here…here…and here
  • This is a more intimate moment that I wanted to see
  • Excuse me as I slip under the table
  • He grew a conscience
  • Flying Roulette Wheel of science!
  • First come the woman and then the whiskey – Scatman logic
  • Tranquilize your kid!
  • “I think I’m going to throw up.” retort “That is one of Satan’s favorite lines.”
  • This is Heaven Prom Theme.
  • Revenge Porn in 1982
  • Watermelon to the head
  • Let’s get naked…..This is hilarious…let’s get naked! This got all Rape-y real quick.
  • A chemical reaction to get zapped powers and then a physical hit to remove them…nope…he was just kidding.
  • The rise of a new superhero? Nope…use your powers for exploding clothes.
  • How the hell was Gary Cooter and band not the band at the prom.

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Raw Deal (1986) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

Alright Oldfellas, the Don has ordered us to take out Sleepy Joe Marcellino before he can testify against the family. But the FBI has him stashed away in a remote location. However, I have a plan.

First we take a Train….then we take a walk…..then we take a boat….then we take a car….then we take a helicopter….hold on Tony, I’m doing the plan over here…now where was I…..oh yeah…then a station wagon…then The Oakside Boys Club bus….no wait…that’s next week….back the bus up….

Alright. we get off at the station wagon, shoot some feds…play some Trivial P, seal our fates by whacking the son of an FBI Agent and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Sleepy Joe Marcellino takes his last nap. Any questions?

What’s the P stand for? (Pause for effect) Pursuit…geez guys…we are Oldfellas…we keep it clean. I mean we still kill guys and stuff…but they probably deserve it right…hey Tony what are you making over there that smells so darn good? No…I do not know what a Cow’s only contribution is…is this one of them Trivial Pursuit questions?

Ah crap! Everybody down…Tony’s got a Shit Cake and all we have are these guns!



Raw Deal (1986) – spelled backwards is Lead War. That is all. #shitcake


  • Hey wait a minute…this ain’t Red Heat!
  • Studio “Ear” Canal has a weird intro
  • De Laurentis film
  • Amtrak coming at ya!
  • Funky Music….crew walk montage…Train…Walk…Boat…Car…Helicopter…Station Wagon….are we there yet?
  • That is the longest silencer I have ever seen.
  • Who is this Motley crew of middle-aged to fairly-old white guys.
  • Green Lite.
  • Oh…is that Trivial Pursuit..
  • How many times was John Wayne Nominated for an Academy Award?
  • Sleepy Joe don’t want to be awake to testify.
  • Italian? So you want to be a witness? Witness this…
  • Harry…his birthday was in 2 week.
  • They’re Dead…
  • Meanwhile, some backwater industrial town and some country music.
  • Why is this cop running from Arnold.
  • This railroad planks chase scene is the kind of thing you don’t just think up.
  • Hey…I know a shortcut through these woods
  • Arnie Cigar – Flash Bang
  • “You caught the bastard” – some cop
  • Book ’em…and lying to the sheriff.
  • This is a shift in musical tone.
  • Amy is jamming and drinking mid day
  • …and making a cake…
  • Amy…are we having a party?
  • 5 years in exile…
  • They left NY cause of something that happened! What happened!
  • What’s for dinner? A frosted pile of shit.
  • You think just because we are in shape doesn’t mean we are not fat.
  • A cow’s biggest contribution…Shit Cake!
  • “You should not drink and bake.”
  • Aww…it’s ok…you just sleep off the drunk honey…I’ll put you in bed and get drunk!
  • Hello Mark….Hello Harry…Mark….Harry…
  • “Hold it…that’s Baxter!”
  • Half the bones in the body broken.
  • Chicago Mob. Bad!
  • All them mob bosses taking the 5th
  • My son Blaire…he dead
  • I want Petrovita!
  • FBI ain’t doing squat.
  • for $45K I want you to break up the Chicago Mob.
  • Comingski! Investigating his own break in
  • What kind of petrol place is this….they just got huge pipes that anyone can turn on.
  • Poor Irvin…he ain’t never done nothing to you.
  • Holy crap….he just blew up a bunch of private property to set up his fake death.
  • $25k for initial expenses.
  • Wife beater and hair tonic….I’m a new man!
  • Magic or magnet! This table ain’t straight!
  • Money grabber guy….I ain’t afraid of no Terminator
  • This chump brought a gun to a truck fight
  • The Oakside Boys club. bus…lots of guns…poor shots…poor Tony…he was a good kid…You son of a bitch.
  • Down…there is no down….I’m not a cop…I’m a player…MONEY!
  • Cigars are fun to watch on film…not so fun to smell in real life
  • Taking Max Kellars job
  • Miami…I’m in the computer.
  • That was one hell of a tip…
  • These alley’s have rats.
  • What’s the P stand for ….pregnant pause….
  • The FBI and their crazy questions….”when is the last time you took a piss?”
  • A big pile of money…100 Million Dollars on the streets…take a few weeks according to number 2.
  • In movies…people chew up their pills before swallowing them.
  • You are temporary probie.
  • Max don’t like you none.
  • She likes a take charge kind of guy.
  • Man…he has a type…alcoholic.
  • but he can’t handle his booze
  • Well…he got in her bed..but he didn’t sleep with her….
  • Man…all this sleuthing is hard when you don’t have a cell phone with a camera and the internet.
  • What is up with that hair! That was big even for the 80s. Time to Tik Tok on stage
  • Hey ya Cretin!
  • Down at the Drag Show
  • haha…this chip shot on the golf course from the sand trap.
  • Monique!
  • The Family…it’s large and full of rats
  • Max…maybe you are having too much fun…maybe you need a snack.
  • How many people have you killed? 3…
  • “Smart I like…Smart Ass…I don’t”
  • Haha…those guys just happen to be walking by the dress shop in the mall and notice him.
  • 50 cops in that place. Bomb threat!
  • It’s not a horrible idea apparently.
  • Fancy…Soda Bomb.
  • Man…Half Life Pro Life Whale Loving
  • Hello Marvin…
  • Justice…right Harry…Justice…F* JUSTICE
  • and this was a terrible to attack mob boss rival…
  • …and now he killed 3…and 4…
  • Cops again cops
  • All the cops are corrupt! including the
  • Ha…He said “I’ll be right back.” Close
  • Friend-zoned
  • He may have went overkill on Maxx
  • haha…Harry…was like…”It’s ok…you shot me…it’s ok…”
  • How did she know to come save him?
  • Did I mention the pit! Don’t go…Now towel dry yourself…ahhh…that’s it…pat it dry.
  • Now it’s time for the “Personal War” part of the movie.
  • Cocked and loaded montage.
  • Alright….Arnold…in this scene we are going to have some saxophones and need you to look roided out and cock all these guns…sexy!
  • ahhh man…Windshields are hard to kick out.
  • Time to put in my No Satisfaction cassette in and kill it down at the pit.
  • He should be smoking a cigar.
  • haha…did that guy fall in the rock crusher?
  • cocking face!
  • 01:27:30 capture
  • Do they big green industrial sized trucks turn into transformers!?
  • haha…1:28:30 ye-ag—ag
  • That guy bought a big green truck to a gun fight.
  • A tale of bringing the wrong things to fights is what this movie is all about.
  • These dead people make me happy
  • Mob War my Ass
  • Don’t think.. pray.
  • Schrodinger’s Elevator
  • This would have been a lot shorter movie if they had just paid Arnold to kill the mob from the get-go…but nooo…he had to get all motivated.
  • What kind of candies are those.
  • This is what it must mean by “Poetic Justice.”
  • A quarter million dollars for an alcoholic gambler… why not just shoot her.
  • Back at the FBI and his wife.
  • Get up Harry!
  • My reunion with Amy was great…baby on the way.
  • Harry…be a godfather….give me my chair!
  • ouch…did you ever quit in front of blaire!
  • It’s a miracle! All he needed was a pep talk
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Nighthawks (1981) – Filmsack Show Notes

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New Year's Evil (1980) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Switchblade open. Switchblade closed. Switchblade open…switchblade…shhh… quiet evil. Do you just want the pretty lady with the hair beads and white leisure suit to know I am hiding behind this shower curtain just inches away. The answer is… Not Yet! So, Switchblade open. Switchblade closed. Switchblade open…switchblade …oh it’s time! I just need a little redirection…a little cold water drip shower drip should do it. Oh…here comes the hand…the hand is here! oh wow…would you just look at that manicure…that’s nice…I really don’t take near good enough care of my nails. ah crap. Hand is gone. Focus Evil Focus

Switchblade open. Switchblade closed. Switchblade open…switchblade…oh I think she left the bathroom…let’s try this again. Cold water activated.. oh too much too much…stupid hotel shower handles and their mysteries. oh… She’s coming back! and now here comes the hand! focus… Happy New Years lady! Reek Reek Reek and Booby stab!

Great. Now I have blood all over me. But no worries…I’m already in the shower so just turn on a little water and too much! too much! Oh how I hate you hotel shower and how you have castrated me and that is not nice.



New Year’s Evil (1980) – Like a punk rocker with a switchblade comb standing toe to toe with a police officer…Tickets…Let’s Have your Tickets….Oh that is Evil.

Show Notes

  • Call me evil
  • For Christ Sake…do you know what time it is? Take my ludes!? bup that.
  • That is one mighty risky outfit Ron is wearing.
  • this music…bud duh dum.
  • Richard is in Palm Springs loaded and coked up.
  • Somebody fix that leak!! Reek Reek Reek
  • It happens. The drippy faucet mangler strikes again. He know you can’t resist the dripping water.
  • Since he attacked after the main door creeping open I can assume nothing.
  • What is this song…it is so late 70s
  • Do you reckon that is his grandma’s Lincoln? What would Matthew say.
  • So these are punks? too early for Goths?
  • That cop does not like the look of this punk scene. Tickets…Let’s Have your Tickets…
  • Switchblade comb….hilarious with your friends…good way to get ass stomped with the police
  • Spaceship America…Totally hot show…got to be on it moms. My part…series…mom…mom
  • NuWave Rock!!
  • Blaze is the first lady of Rock…The first VJ?
  • We call our’s New Year’s Evil…
  • Hollywood Hotline. This is Claire…my vote is “We don’t need no education”
  • You sound like the phantom. You bad honey? No! just Evil…Set the stage
  • Seattle Band Shadow
  • Crawford Sanatorium
  • Always some angry kid dumping food working in the kitchen
  • Sanatoriums be just like this. Spot on.
  • Jeff Winters is going to charm himself right in the front door.
  • Jeff Winters always comes prepared…Wine…Music and Game.
  • Did we step into a porn?
  • He counts every second shuffle dance
  • Derrick Little Lord Fauntleroy can’t get no attention from his mommy…let’s turn to drugs
  • meanwhile back at the Jeff Winters room. bow chicha bow wow.
  • I guess every movie gets at least good idea….this one is killing during the new years hooting and hollering.
  • This group of fans are doing something between moshing and parquor.
  • This is Evil…remember me…Exterminate!
  • somewhere in the Sanatorium…have fun
  • Does everybody in the movie carry a switch of some sort. Either a blade or a comb.
  • Son…that is not how you wear mommy’s stockings ahh hoes no.
  • You ever see a real mustache that looked fake.
  • This cop needs to learn the term “personal space.”
  • The plan. Kill locals for every timezone passing through New Years
  • Erica Estrada Parta!
  • Oh goody…2 for 1 deal
  • Do you know what you need TM to Zen…Nervous Diarrhea
  • Riding the dumb blond in his Mercedes.
  • When A girls doesn’t have a date for new years…she is in shit city.
  • The biggest bottle of Champagne they got…as long as it is under $100 bucks.
  • Hey…smell my weed I keep in this baggie…closer…closer…that’s it..bam…suffocation!
  • He’s not real good at hiding bodies.
  • Well I must admit…I didn’t see that Oscar The Grouch scene coming. A real Swinger
  • blood…more blood…we better get some help…that’s too much blood for 2 guys
  • oh no…he stabbed her boob!
  • This guy has a weird manifesto
  • Distracted driving! Nun of your business.
  • This plan went sideways when you plowed down a biker gang.
  • Blood Feast! down at the drive-in
  • We don’t pay for tickets!
  • Hey…they ain’t watching movies! They are doing dirty things ! Blowing pot and touching private areas
  • I am a man of God…not a man of violence…Stab Stab!
  • Where are the Fing keys? “In the ignition man!”
  • Listen Mister….I only got 3 dollars.
  • and my body!
  • haha…how this blonde runs. Brillant
  • A sequential part
  • Mutilated Breasts…that’s a mother’s fixation.
  • Hey Officer can you give me a hand over here…I think I found a drunk…nope…it was just a brick
  • Orderly, Swinger, Priest now Cop…He’s living out a pornstar dream.
  • Like Father Like Son
  • Did her screaming knock the police offer out?
  • Instant Replay. Miracle of modern technology!
  • “Ladies are not very nice people.’ – Very Very Selfish.
  • You castrated me and that is not nice.
  • me and the kid are going to the RoseBowl and you can sleep in.
  • He knows a lot about bypassing elevator crap
  • he considered it!
  • Jump.
  • Twisted Ending. I CRAZY FOR DADDY!

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Christmas Evil (1980) – Filmsack Show Notes

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Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) – Filmsack Show Notes

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