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New Year's Evil (1980) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Switchblade open. Switchblade closed. Switchblade open…switchblade…shhh… quiet evil. Do you just want the pretty lady with the hair beads and white leisure suit to know I am hiding behind this shower curtain just inches away. The answer is… Not Yet! So, Switchblade open. Switchblade closed. Switchblade open…switchblade …oh it’s time! I just need a little redirection…a little cold water drip shower drip should do it. Oh…here comes the hand…the hand is here! oh wow…would you just look at that manicure…that’s nice…I really don’t take near good enough care of my nails. ah crap. Hand is gone. Focus Evil Focus

Switchblade open. Switchblade closed. Switchblade open…switchblade…oh I think she left the bathroom…let’s try this again. Cold water activated.. oh too much too much…stupid hotel shower handles and their mysteries. oh… She’s coming back! and now here comes the hand! focus… Happy New Years lady! Reek Reek Reek and Booby stab!

Great. Now I have blood all over me. But no worries…I’m already in the shower so just turn on a little water and too much! too much! Oh how I hate you hotel shower and how you have castrated me and that is not nice.



New Year’s Evil (1980) – Like a punk rocker with a switchblade comb standing toe to toe with a police officer…Tickets…Let’s Have your Tickets….Oh that is Evil.

Show Notes

  • Call me evil
  • For Christ Sake…do you know what time it is? Take my ludes!? bup that.
  • That is one mighty risky outfit Ron is wearing.
  • this music…bud duh dum.
  • Richard is in Palm Springs loaded and coked up.
  • Somebody fix that leak!! Reek Reek Reek
  • It happens. The drippy faucet mangler strikes again. He know you can’t resist the dripping water.
  • Since he attacked after the main door creeping open I can assume nothing.
  • What is this song…it is so late 70s
  • Do you reckon that is his grandma’s Lincoln? What would Matthew say.
  • So these are punks? too early for Goths?
  • That cop does not like the look of this punk scene. Tickets…Let’s Have your Tickets…
  • Switchblade comb….hilarious with your friends…good way to get ass stomped with the police
  • Spaceship America…Totally hot show…got to be on it moms. My part…series…mom…mom
  • NuWave Rock!!
  • Blaze is the first lady of Rock…The first VJ?
  • We call our’s New Year’s Evil…
  • Hollywood Hotline. This is Claire…my vote is “We don’t need no education”
  • You sound like the phantom. You bad honey? No! just Evil…Set the stage
  • Seattle Band Shadow
  • Crawford Sanatorium
  • Always some angry kid dumping food working in the kitchen
  • Sanatoriums be just like this. Spot on.
  • Jeff Winters is going to charm himself right in the front door.
  • Jeff Winters always comes prepared…Wine…Music and Game.
  • Did we step into a porn?
  • He counts every second shuffle dance
  • Derrick Little Lord Fauntleroy can’t get no attention from his mommy…let’s turn to drugs
  • meanwhile back at the Jeff Winters room. bow chicha bow wow.
  • I guess every movie gets at least good idea….this one is killing during the new years hooting and hollering.
  • This group of fans are doing something between moshing and parquor.
  • This is Evil…remember me…Exterminate!
  • somewhere in the Sanatorium…have fun
  • Does everybody in the movie carry a switch of some sort. Either a blade or a comb.
  • Son…that is not how you wear mommy’s stockings ahh hoes no.
  • You ever see a real mustache that looked fake.
  • This cop needs to learn the term “personal space.”
  • The plan. Kill locals for every timezone passing through New Years
  • Erica Estrada Parta!
  • Oh goody…2 for 1 deal
  • Do you know what you need TM to Zen…Nervous Diarrhea
  • Riding the dumb blond in his Mercedes.
  • When A girls doesn’t have a date for new years…she is in shit city.
  • The biggest bottle of Champagne they got…as long as it is under $100 bucks.
  • Hey…smell my weed I keep in this baggie…closer…closer…that’s it..bam…suffocation!
  • He’s not real good at hiding bodies.
  • Well I must admit…I didn’t see that Oscar The Grouch scene coming. A real Swinger
  • blood…more blood…we better get some help…that’s too much blood for 2 guys
  • oh no…he stabbed her boob!
  • This guy has a weird manifesto
  • Distracted driving! Nun of your business.
  • This plan went sideways when you plowed down a biker gang.
  • Blood Feast! down at the drive-in
  • We don’t pay for tickets!
  • Hey…they ain’t watching movies! They are doing dirty things ! Blowing pot and touching private areas
  • I am a man of God…not a man of violence…Stab Stab!
  • Where are the Fing keys? “In the ignition man!”
  • Listen Mister….I only got 3 dollars.
  • and my body!
  • haha…how this blonde runs. Brillant
  • A sequential part
  • Mutilated Breasts…that’s a mother’s fixation.
  • Hey Officer can you give me a hand over here…I think I found a drunk…nope…it was just a brick
  • Orderly, Swinger, Priest now Cop…He’s living out a pornstar dream.
  • Like Father Like Son
  • Did her screaming knock the police offer out?
  • Instant Replay. Miracle of modern technology!
  • “Ladies are not very nice people.’ – Very Very Selfish.
  • You castrated me and that is not nice.
  • me and the kid are going to the RoseBowl and you can sleep in.
  • He knows a lot about bypassing elevator crap
  • he considered it!
  • Jump.
  • Twisted Ending. I CRAZY FOR DADDY!

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Christmas Evil (1980) – Filmsack Show Notes

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Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) – Filmsack Show Notes

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The Gate (1987) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

oh oh uh looks like someone has been messing with my 80s Big Bird Magic Slate board that I use or my show notes. I know. I know. it’s risky to keep something so important on something designed to be reused over and over again. But I do love the sound of peeling back the acetate sheet from the slate as the words are ripped from the page and the comfort in knowing that everything I write about Scott can easily be erased from existence with a simple flick of the wrist. Scott is a poopy head…rip! Scott smells like a poop…! BTW most of my Scott insults are poop related…But he will never know…RIP!

Anywho, Perhaps my Magic Slate board is trying to tell me something. Aca-Kuto-Alla-Eta…hmmm…that’s just nonsense. Rip! Alright, I guess I’m winging my intro this week.

oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we are opening “the gate” to pure 80s horror in this low budget film by Hungarian director Tibor Taka…Whaaaaat in the fresh hell is that..

Hey little demon minion..may I assist you on your travels? Oh I see. Yes…I believe you are looking for the Johnson residence. oooh ooh ooh ok. Yes…Utah…right…Here, I’ll just write down the address on my backup Magic Slate featuring Kermit the Frog…..I know…you minion guys love these hold still.. Oh…just let me clear this first slate real quick..Scott eats poop. Rip!

Good hunting my tiny demon assistant friend.



The Gate (1987) – “Demons aren’t going to ring the doorbell Glenn…Well apparently they do Al. Now throw that bible into the hole like some kind of holy hand grenade. Somebody get this dog a beer.


  • Who sponsored this kids jacket…everyone!
  • Typical 80s suburbia
  • Kid home alone…nothing scarier
  • No Pleasure…It stinks…no pleasure MTV video
  • That is a big hunk of red meat.
  • Momma doll…up in the tree house. I had a tree house.
  • From dusk to dark in the matter of minutes.
  • Chainsaws are the worst to be awaken by.
  • It was just a nightmare. or was it.
  • That tree laid an egg. Geode..
  • How much can you get for a big one…geode.
  • Like worst fear as a kid while digging.
  • The size of that splinter! Don’t bleed in the old gods demon hole!
  • Look at the size of the geode
  • Alexandra..don’t call me Al. Al is all grown up…no time for little brother.
  • Ever since I burn a hole in the roof…dad won’t let me shoot any rockets.
  • Demon Moths!
  • dammit Glenn..this hole is getting worse
  • 3 whole days.
  • If Terry jumped off a bridge…sure…Terry has great jumping skills
  • Grounded for digging holes!
  • Dad made Glenn cover the hole and then is grounded.
  • Terry’s Mom died last year and is weird now.
  • There is a construction guy possibly buried in the walls
  • Why did I bring these demon moths into my room! That’s cruel…and now they are dead.
  • Give the dog his pills…and no parties…PARTY!
  • “Somebody get this dog a beer.”
  • No one has ever had a house party while their parents leave for the weekend.
  • This dang Geode will not split.
  • Glenn Power this geode.
  • The dog is 97
  • Don’t read the words ! What the hell is wrong with you kids
  • This Ghostbusters sounding scary music during the scary
  • “I believe it girl…” We made up stories to explain the extraordinary…I BELIEVE IT.
  • Time to levitate
  • Let’s see if we can levitate Glenn…c’mon Brad.
  • One Asian Guy…One Black Guy…a collection of white kids from the 80s
  • Dad is going to be so mad at me….first the roof.
  • I believe girl is a witch…burn the witch!
  • Stubblefield pants me too. I barfed on Steve Slavick.
  • We are scared…we levitated Glenn.
  • Do these pajamas make me look fat?
  • No Terry! That ain’t your mom!
  • Dammit…You killed Angus! Why Terry! You hugged to the death.
  • He was 97…they don’t live much beyond that.
  • Killer Dwarfs …thanks Terry.
  • Are we eating Angus…don’t worry about Angus…you just eat your bowl of meat Glenn.
  • So he loves rockets…is his name really Glenn? or is he named after the restaurant
  • Heavy Metal dialogue….lip sync The Dark Book album.
  • Convenient …Terry has the one album that explains it all.
  • Who keeps a bag of garlic hanging in the kitchen.
  • Woo…dropped the F bomb.
  • Stupid Al…I’ll just launch this rocket I was going to give you.
  • “Sorry Glenn…you got Demons ” – Terry
  • Sacrifix!
  • The old gods…those are the demons.
  • Terry is insane anyways…he doesn’t even have sheets on his bed.
  • The hole. The Geode. The Levitation. THE SACRIFICE! …and straight into the hole you go Angus.
  • The Gate is just cracked open
  • This album has it all…even back masking to close the gate.
  • We accidentally summoned demons..but don’t worry…we got it…we used the album.
  • awww…’re back…No beach…just good quality family time.
  • 2 human sacrifices!
  • “Demons aren’t going to ring the doorbell.”
  • Suck my nose until my head caves in…foreshadowing.
  • But if Terry is behind us…then who is in the bed? eek
  • Scariest part of this movie is the 80s hair
  • Everything catches fire
  • what now…THE BIBLE
  • They need 2 human sacrifices
  • Relax…I’m gonna read the last verse.
  • Terry just threw the bible in there like some kind of holy hand grenade
  • Don’t jump on the gate! are you insane
  • She put the boom in boom box
  • They keep reconstituting into some kind of demon Voltron
  • If it requires 2 D cell batteries we are all dead
  • Happy Birthday Al
  • That may be the best flipping I have ever seen in a movie
  • and nobody else in town even noticed.
  • Al will never be allowed to babysit again
  • Wait. Angus is alive!?

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Red Dawn (1984) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Listen up my young parachuting Comrades. We will be dropping you off in Colorado onto a mostly unoccupied field. Worst case scenario…the wind blows you to the parking lot of the local school where we are told that we could encounter some very light resistance. If that does happen….please do not shoot kids in the face who are simply looking out the windows of the school house. Remember, we are the good guys here.

Any questions? Yes, Ivan? “What do we do if some of the Jocks escape in a truck and head to the hills and create a troop of guerrilla fighters that force our hand to kill locals as retributions and as a result create a vicious cycle of revenge that never ends.” Ok Ivan, that is some serious foreshadowing. Just remember, we are the good guys here.

Yes Ernesto you have a followup? Will we meet any Young American Ladies that we can rape and pillage? Would someone please push Ernesto out of the plane. Thank you. But to answer his question. Just remember, we are the good guys here…so if you do rape and pillage be sure to wear a condom.

Ok…you know what….I think we may be the bad guys…so just forget all that stuff I said earlier….Let’s just go be bad guys!



Red Dawn (1984) – Hey! Don’t cry. Let it turn to something else!….just like a Saturday Night at Ibbott’s House.


  • Soviet Union Suffers Worst Wheat Harvest In 55 Years
  • Labor and Food Riots in Poland. Soviet Troops Invade.
  • Cuba and Nicaragua Reach Troop Strength Goals of 500,000. El Salvador and Honduras Fall.
  • Green Party Gains Control of West German Parliament. Demands Withdrawal of Nuclear Weapons From European Soil.
  • Mexico Plunged Into Revolution
  • Nato Dissolves. United States Stands Alone
  • Cloud City Flyover.
  • September…
  • The Rough Rider Statue
  • Charlie Sheen saying good bye to Bud when he has already driven off.
  • History Teacher. Mongrols Young Son of the Khan.
  • “Well now my friend…” “Very unusual” Do something Mr. Teasdale.
  • Rocket Launcher right into the school
  • This movie wastes no time. Right to the invasion.
  • The nerds did not survive …just the jobs…..
  • Piss in the radiator
  • October
  • Never shoot twice
  • drink the blood of your first kill
  • Remember the swings when you were kids…well I ain’t gonna be around to pick you up no more.
  • Mr. Eckert is a stone cold truth telling machine.
  • “Boys…Avenge me.”
  • FA – Free America
  • Robbie’s dead dad
  • I want you to take my heirlooms…they is lady folk…
  • The Chair is against the wall…John has a long mustache
  • “Yeah I can read this sign…no I can’t”
  • Arrow to the Ass…I’m dying Comrades!
  • Don’t cry. Let it turn to something else!
  • Wolverine tags everywhere
  • Soviet American Friendship Center.
  • These insurgents find Jennifer Grey irresistible.
  • China and England stuck by us. Canadians are a non-factor?
  • “Hey, get out of that plane! No…then God and this grenade are your co-pilots.”
  • Nobody let’s baby die under a tree with a gernade
  • They died where their daddy told him he wouldn’t pick them up no more…Daddy is never coming.
  • Guerrillas, mostly children

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The Dark Crystal (1982) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Hey you guys…hey have you looked outside today? The suns are almost in conjunction! and you know what that means! It’s time to sing the song of our people! Late 70s and early 80s kids join in..

Conjunction Junction what’s your Function? Hey! I can’t do it this alone ..Alright…Alone then.

Hold up…did anyone happen to catch Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s appearance in this week’s film? Yep he played all the Gelfling parts. Jen. that was him. Kira…also him. Whaaat. Boys don’t have wings silly! What are you?!

also, I enjoyed Bob Ross’s head as FizzGig… rolling…rolling…rolling around like a happy little tree ….that wants to bite your ankles.

Well the suns are all lined up. Time for the next intro. Alright, together then.



The Dark Crystal (1982) – Like a Landstrider’s tongue striking at the lobster back of my childhood memories. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. alright, alone then.


Lord Grade

This is more Lord of the Rings than Lord of the Rings

That fat Skeksis. Never noticed him before…

1000 years ago.

The Skeksis story

Now the Mystics Story. There are only 10.

3 or 4 arms?

There is a balance in the force.

Gelfling – Jen. The Journey of Jen!

Before the 3 suns merge?

Augra! Give us the shard! Follow the greatest sun.

The Skeksis live on a power sub station

Stop making that mmmm…noise ya freak,,,mmmmm…mmm…Lord Chamberlain. M

Mine!….Mine!!! Emperor no die…..he died.

Mystics just sparkle out. Skeksis decay to dust. Heck…they even send the mystics his shit in the afterlife. The greedy Skeksis gets nothing.

“I can’t do it alone…Alright…Alone then.” – Jen

Trial by stone!!

Well…the general did it….but I got to say…that stone looked it it had already seen some good whacks.

Shame…Shame…Shame Chamberlain.

The Crystal Calls. Ahhh…they Skeksis thought they had killed all of the Gelflings. Not so.

Steven Tyler grew up to be a Geflfling.

Augra is missing an eye….Do you suppose she lost it by holding it in her hand to peek around corners?

I want a Fizzgig

Gelflings can share memories with a touch.

In the shapes of kindness.

Sent the crabs…check…send the bats

Oh you hurt your arm…let me rub some moss on it

oh master…nothing is simple anymore.

wait..please make peace

I want a landstrider

“alright, together then.” – Jen

Kira can talk to all the creature of Thra

Come on Podling…look into the great shaft of the castle….feel the power of the dark crystal.

You are very lucky…only the emperor can drink your essence.

Liar…Slave Squeezer.

They locked Aughra up!

Kira lives with Podlngs.

Those land-striders have some kind of acid tongues.

Wings! I don’t have wings!

yes…this face shaped hole must be an entrance into the castle.

It’s almost time for the Conjunction Function .. Conjunction Function

Durn Garthims

This castle is built on a lava tube!

So you can look at the crystal….just don’t look up the crystal’s skirt.

Rolling rats…a lot of rolling furries in this movie

Kira didn’t even get to watch the Crystal Show!

Heal the crystal Jen!

cool cool…the podlings got their essence back. Does that mean so does Kira? Cuase she was looking rough.

Got to save the FIzzGig

They turned into the thing.

The Two made one.

We give you the Crystal Of Truth? Make it’s world your light?

You weren’t even of Thra!

Dude…do you even Thra.

I really enjoyed the head of Bob Ross as FizzGig