Young Guns (1988) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Look, no intro that I could write imo would be funnier than us live sacking the Time-Life Books “The Old West” Commercial from the 80s.

Scott, Roll that beautiful bean footage.

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Hmmm, well apparently I was wrong. Maybe I should have went with a “where are they now” angle…winning.

This has been great experiments in Sacking! that can’t all be great.


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Young Guns (1988) – Like a game of “hey don’t look now….but Emilio is showing you his finger penis and now you are violated.” A game nobody wants to play in 2018.


Were these credits filmed in the 1800s….nope…the 1980s

I dig this chill music.

These are the most pretty cowboys I done seen.

now shoot the guns!

Uh oh…looks like another hanging.

Keifer is Doc

Fight fight. Navajo…Navajo. Mexican Indian.

“Who are them?” – William

Chavez has 3 throwing knives.

Pigs are smart as dogs. will this come into play?

Chavez Chavez. Why do they keep repeating his names.

Regulators mount up. I can’t hear that whole spill without singing the song.

Charley Bowdre: We work for Mr. Tunstall as regulators. We regulate any stealing off his property – we’re damn good too! Mr. Tunstall’s got a soft spot for runaways, dareless, vagrant types. But you can’t be any geek off the street, gotta be handy with the steel, if you know what I mean, earn your keep.

William can read!

Stop hacking on me.

Billy does not do well with hogs

Jack Palance always eats up the scenery.

That’s a Farging lie and you know it! – Dick Brewer

It’s always about the government beef deals.

or…is it a family thing? Old school mafia.

Let’s go talk private like over by the pig stalls…

Kicking Chickens! This guy! – Jay (one of murphy’s boys.)

We done made gentlemen out of William.

Spinning guns…it’s a hobby in the old west.

Shooting shit ain’t funny Billy.

Emilio Estavez laughing is always upsetting.

Was this the first time I heard the term Talywacker?

Some of this is somewhat true…very somewhat….as far a legend goes. It helps this movie if you know cowboy lore?

I actually like how Keifer is playing Doc.

“Dance with Susan…it’s safer” – Locke

The proper use of You and I has been the subject of many fist-a-cuffs.

No fireworks for the New Year? No problem. We all have guns and bullets are cheap…apparently. Pew pew pew.

That is one fance bird.


Boys will be boys… Yeah…this music has taken a turn…nothing good can happen here.

There are too many and we are still drunk! Get out of here.

Deputize these fools. Are you crazy

Bad Medicine? Is it time to break out the Bon Jovi?

When you want somebody killed…you send in Billy….if you want him retrieved… send someone else.

Billy takes a little too much pleasure in the killing.

Penis Pistol Shot

Did Billy land in the pee and shit outside the lean to toilet?

You weren’t supposed to smoke anyone. We are the law.

Blood, Brains and Balls.

How much Chaw is McDermont going through in a day.

oh man.. Doc does not take “no” very well.

Well that escalated slowly.

Can they not cover up the murders? I mean…surely you could hide a few bodies.

Chavez Chavez gonna take the boys on a trip.

Keifer is tripping balls

Prolly not a good idea to do guns and Peyote.

Cocka doodle damn doo…hey guys! Hey guys!

I’m here butterfly.

Don’t Peyote and mount up.

Hey dog…dog…did you see the size of that chicken?

I have a feeling them Native American’s have seen some shit.

Peyote makes Dermont hungry.

Chavez is sitting right there! Don’t call it a heathen religion.

When the Young Guns meet the Old Gun.

Regulators done f’ed up.

We got to keep the gang together.

“Hey Steve!” … Whaaaat!?

Has Doc killed anyone yet? or just the horse?

i seen red smitty hang

“does a horse piss where she pleases?” guy in a bar

It’s John Kenny! Ride!!

Sow the wind. Reap the Whirlwind and it’s a whirlwind out there.

…It’s a 100 against 5

Pals is like family and it ain’t easy having pals.

Oh Charlie…you should have stayed.

Thank you very much Charlie.

Now that was overkill shooting Locke with a Gatlin Gun.



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