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Greetings Earthlings,

We are here for the shark slayer. The one your people call….Dreyfuss. Ahh…there he is now…good good he received our mind mail…. there were concerns about compatibility. We discussed sending a DM via Social Media. But that is still decades or more away. Spoiler, it changes everything. With great power come great responsibility #excelsior

Anywho, The ladies up here have authorized me to offer you a trade for these 100 totally not shark slayers for your 1 Dreyfuss, Shark slayer 100 percent.

Excellent ah. It would appear the trade has pleased Dreyfuss. So suck it and thank you people of earth for your sacrifice…. the universe will love you long time.  am I saying that correctly?

Ha Now….to SPACE! Where we will engage the great space shark in a battle we will call Jaws X – little title Dreyfus in Space.

Oh wait. I almost forgot. Dreyfuss, would you like to say goodbye to anyone? No? perhaps your wife and kids? No? You sure…damn you are one cold hearted shark slayer…what’s that Dreyfuss..Scheider slayed the shark? You just poked it with a stick?

Well we got what we got. Someone get this human a stick….to SPACE!


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Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) – It’s like Halloween for grownups. No, it’s like driving while mapping. No, it’s like better than goofy golf. Yeah, that’s it. Like better than goofy golf. Thanks Jiminy Dreyfuss.


Meanwhile…in a dust storm.

Present Day 1977

“Are we the first?” – Sand Guy.

French people….

Reported missing in 1945. Flight 19

No one sits next to French Billy…he thinks the sun came out.

Its better than goofy golf.

he looks like a 50 50 bar

Everything has changed. Obsessed

“I’m not getting a job you know…” – Wife

“its like halloween for grownups”

Stop and be Friendly.

Things were hard before the internet. Globes and maps!

Give us Barry. We want the boy. Thank you!

I saw big foot once…Now I seen the ufo

Red suits are here!

No job. no problem. we have a butt ton of mashed potatoes

ooohh…my potato mountain making you cry? Yeah…it’s pretty sad…this means something

You should never sculpt angry…the nosey neighbor will be watching.

A man obsessed. Estranged from his family.

Dreyfuss is alway sweating

Not my plants!!

Who you calling crazy?

He couldn’t express himself in a less destructive manner?

Devil’s Tower?

Don’t map and drive



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