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Oh hi,

“Local South African dance choreographer and ass blaster impersonator Chance Naidoo here.

Please step back white people. I am about to blow your collective minds as I light my ass on fire and rocket skyward as if….well… as if my ass were on fire. Be envious as I do those really sweet vertical leaps using only my crazy strong calf muscles…yes…just like in National Geographic.

Uh oh. Things have gone horribly wrong! It appears instead of lighting the fuse to my home made phosphorus device… which I have stuck in my bum… I have mistakenly lit my penis on fire. Which I sometimes refer to as my “Graboid.” Damn these authentic South African Tribal Dance Attire and their crotchless fashion sense.”

Said no South African ever. Always be running.

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Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015) – Like pure protein from Burt…it’s a yummer from the Gummer. Also, don’t forget “always be running.” Mmmm…that’s some good Tremors Potluck. If you watch all five you would be laughing by now.


Just a quick recap 10 years later. Also, foreshadowing…we are leaving the northern hemisphere.

My Foot in your bum.

Going to drop the kids off at the pool…in the middle of nowhere.

Tip. Do not poop near a cave hole.

This guy hurt himself before we met him and almost as soon as we met him.

Ahh…the ancient paintings of the graboids.

Stop telling me what you are going to do with your rope and do it!!

I need some everyday goggle wear

ohh…movie title…5 minutes in…just like the previous 4

oh’s Jamie Kennedy…as Superman rider

A yummer from the Gummer.

Jamie Kennedy is just as annoying as you would expect.

“I did some dirty things in Florida” look.

The Gummer in Africa.

Tremors goes to Africa.

“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up…in Africa when the sun rises you better be running.” -Scary Chopper Guy

Who wants to be on the cover of National Geographic?

Jamie Kennedy is a Barista on safari

What kind of geologist/archaeologist are these?

Hot passionate death scene

I have to say…2015 direct to video quality is much better than 1996

All the Gummer name variation gags.

can’t go on african safari and not go to the tribal la la la dances.

not ass blaster….lightening bird. Which we have known about for centuries…but you white folks are dumb.

aww…but i liked that guy. Dobber.

good throw bro

Standing a row to minimize heat signature.

There is always some moron who wants to capture a monster instead of killing it.

“You fire farting son of a bitch.” – Gummer

Bunch of gun nuts.

Roger that Poacher.

Naked Gross in a cage. Urine as an insect repellent. Burt going stir crazy is the best.

“Cue the freaking lion” – Gummer

Lion peeing on Gross has to be the thing for Scott.

Michael Gross calling a lion a pussy was pretty odd.

Momma carries a bow.

…or binoculars tommy techinical.

Time to get Jurassic Park up in this kitchen scene. Owning it.

The Critical Need To Know Information never reaches Burt Gummer

Tremors have gone Free Range.

Jamie Kennedy is truly living the dream of movie lovers …all the one liners from movies.

Burt likes to blow shit up. Graboids explode real good.

10 meals ahead…20 craps behind. Spat me out.

Meanwhile back at the camp….a more interesting story or at least a cooler if remake of cooler movies.

Always be running.

I’m your boy! Grown ass man boy.

He wants this egg!

I do dig the new graboids. They look good. I like the corkscrew effect.

1.1 Gigawatts.

What a finale! Exploding Graboid All over the South African Camp…literally.


A huge ole graboid cookout. Eat what you kill.


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