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Oh hi,

Dearest Del Toro. Please don’t start weaving me a story about a one armed Elf King and not reveal what happened to that freaking arm!

I mean, was he born that way? Did the humans take it to fill their empty heart holes? Did he lose it in a cookie baking competition up on Keebler hill? C’mon man, I need details!

You can’t just drop a bomb like “one armed elf” and run away laughing maniacally. Hold on…was that it…did he lose it in some mythical high school prank gone wrong. Perhaps he cooked that cherry-bomb too long before tossing it into the toilet? BTW, I heard that is how Randy lost 40% of his hearing in his right ear.

Anywho, just need closure on that arm thing man.

Yours Truly,

Both Arms Brian


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Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) – Ted Danson would have made a really great HellBoy. A challenge must be met.


In 1944 a team of paranormal researchers,
together with the US Army, rescued a strange
creature during a classified mission off the
coast of Scotland.

Secretly adopted, this creature
now lives among us.
It loves candy and TV.

CodeName: HellBoy

New Mexico Christmas Eve 1955. Douglas Army Base

Will you turn off that wretched puppet.

Mr. Dee Dee Doo Doo.

Child Hellboy is even scarier than you would imagine.

All creatures under the Father Tree.

Man has a hole in his heart…nothing to fill it.

Elf, Ogre and Goblin. The one armed king! Nuarda..one armed Elf King..He don’t trust men…for good reason.

A Challenge must be met.

Man this opening story animation is so good I want to watch this instead. LOTR did this great as well.

Just gonna horde my Golden Army.

Gee I wonder if someone will find that crown?

HellChap is such a dweeb

Meanwhile…in a sewer somewhere… A night elf fighting water! DAMN YOU WATER!

What did he buy? Mogwai? Don’t feed them after midnight!

Mr. Wink.

Manhattan Sept…of late.

Chibbi Stone Statues.

Nothing better than a late night art auction during a bad storm.

This auction would be better with a texas barker type auctioner.

Found Security.

I need more Wink in my life.

Belors kids have been hanging out with the bad folks


The Bureau

These all seem like American locations…but full of English folk.

haha…Tambora Hates YouTube.

Hellboy is the catlady

Ted Danson would have made a good HellBoy

A Gas Pocket. Going upstairs with special gas equipment.

Don’t Call Me Abe.

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