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Oh hi,

How you doing? What do you say I buy you guys a cup of coffee. Perhaps talk about our careers and poor life choices?

What’s that Randy? Additionally you want a slice of pie? and instead of black coffee you want a  Cappuccino? Yeah…that’s not going to happen. Now drink your cold nasty drip coffee swill and shudd’up.

Huh Scott? A guy once told you “don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat… if you feel the heat around the corner.” Well…I believe they call that podfading Scott and I was the guy!

What Ibbott?! Something about a woman’s ass…

Alright, I think we’re done here. Who’s got the check? No I don’t have facebook messenger. Split bill pay…it’s 1995 ya goon all I got is this here beeper that ruins marriages.

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Heat (1995) –  I am alone…but I’m not lonely…ok…I’m a little lonely…hold my hand you tiny Italian-American firecracker. Give Me All You Got.


In the City

mmm…gross hospital stuff.

So is he an emergency driver or is he stealing it?

Nice hair Kilmer. What is he picking up?

She is smoking…he is chewing gum…did they have sex!?

Everyone is so young! Natalie Portman is a kid.

Does she have special needs or is just dramatic?

I don’t want to wear the blue ones!

It’s a heist!

Well that could have went worse slick

Do we buy the complicated cop instruction scene anymore?

You can’t shoot Houdini

Val Kilmer is the demolitions expert with a short fuse.

Dead Beat Dad is Dead Beat

Book about metals….

I am alone…I’m not lonely.

Kissing in front of the green screen.

The Lonely Leader.

“Give me all you got!!”

Rule…Nothing you can’t walk out on in 30 seconds when the heat is around the corner.

Go back girl!

Tone Loc!! Rat!

Slick…right Slick.

Uh oh. They found out who is who.

This will not go well.

De Niro in the shadows is a pretty cool shot.

Oh man. That guy who is impatient at the stakeout. Just slap him.

Walk. Walk.

The “30 second out” discussion was a great scene. As a viewer I was pulling for them to abort.

Something comes out of me when I think about butts? What is wrong with Pacino. He totally has small man syndrome.

Poor Hank. He just wants to diddle.

That some some mighty intense shit at that cup of coffee

I can see Pacino’s skull.

Danny Trejo is easy to spot. Can’t shake his tail

I can’t remember phone numbers for shit. These guys have no trouble.

You’re in Good Hands. No driver…no problem.

In this age of Cell Phones. Geez…how do you rob a bank with all the people you have to worry about.

He could leave anyone on 30 seconds. But not Val Kilmer.

Perhaps they should have just let them take the money. Was the money worth the lives?

They used Trejo’s real name?

Trejo’s head hasn’t looked this bad since it was on the back of that tortoise.

John Voight’s Phone is Gross.

Poor Ralph. He can’t even watch TV…13″

Hello Vincent…what is going on?

Durn Pacino has anger issues.

The Heat was off…but he just had to turn it back on didn’t he

The heat of all those airplane lights.

I was really wishing there was going to be no final showdown.. I didn’t want either of them to die.



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