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Oh hi,

What? This scratch? It’s from Lethal Weapon 3. But that’s nothing. We haven’t even started with the pain of doing Filmsack for over 10 years!

Take a look at this!  A knife you ask? nope. A Glaive. Some guy mistook my head for a cave that looks like a vagina. Natural mistake.

ohhh… Be gentle with me.

and this? it’s freezer burn from a run in with a couple of Ice Pirates. Feel that texture. I almost ended in thirst! that one…same thing but over on Third and Highlander. But to be honest I don’t like to talk about both since there can only be one.

Oh…that….yeah…now that one WAS a knife. yep, I got into a knife sizing competition with Crocodile Dundee and there was an accident and the knife ended up in my eye. I was seeing Blood Bubbles for a week. It was disgusting. Blood Bubbles.

Hey Word Scott…. Word Randy. Word Ibbott.

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Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) – Like finally getting just the right amount of Pesci in your movie burger but discovering the director didn’t wash his hands. #HoldTheHair


I am afraid this credits scene may be the best part of the movie

Riggs Homicide! Nobody’s dead. The Night is young.

There is a bomb in that building. Oh…this is the “I am retiring soon. setup.”

Bring in the Sexophone.

More plastic than Cher? Has she had a lot of work done?

Who uses a Lincoln to blow up a building? I mean it has a roomy back seat and all…but still.

“Trust me.”

Nothing creates a more tense moment than a saxophone.

Grab that cat!

International Control Systems Inc.

When the building collapses…is that King Kong scream?

and from the smoke…emerges Coca Cola.

I think the bomb squad had time to get there…maybe…was about 7 minutes left when he clipped the wires…bomb squad was just pulling up in no hurry.

Now they have a cat.

7 Days till retirement.

Busted down to beat cop.

He has a man girdle.

These cops need a body cam. Shutup Yeah!

Do I need a walking license?

That off the handle routine doesn’t work on a beat cop level.

“Hey…you aren’t the regular guy!”

This is C.H.I.P.S. where crime finds you.

over the top super sex aggressive black lady stereotype..check

Where does this soundtrack want to go? If it is wanting to break up the action with discordant silliness. Success.

Windows in armored car…bulletproof…bad guy proof…nope.

Sho Nuff.

Riggs is always trying to confuse Roger.

Full disclosure. Ok ok ok. They are selling the home. ok ok ok. Leo.

I am the law.

Don’t front yourself man….

Nick is going to try to sneak off.

Word…hey word nick.

4 letters. Starts with a W. Or in the middle and D at the end.

Tyrone is a Menace to Society! Is that movie out?

I don’t think Smitty is going to make it.

Tyrone is not liking it.

So far this movie is full of crazy white people. So the usual.

So….does Riggs just attract bad guys. Oh…it’s a film.

aww…has to cover up for his buddy.

He really is getting too old for this.

I hurt my back this morning lifting weights.

“Pay particular attention to the tip.” – Riggs

Cop Killers. I think this was the first time I heard of that term.

“We busted our buns.”

“Hi Billy. Bye Billy. See Ya Billy.” – Phelps

“Are you trying to bait me?”…” I’m a master at it.”

There are several references to Cappuccino in this film.

“Go back and beat your street.”

Oh no. Roger has Termites

Leo knows stuff.

Big Party…somebody brought a monkey….I got it!

Leo was a favor maker.

“2 minutes for high sticking”

Man Riggs is reckless. Inciting a maniac to feel surrounded at a hockey game and become aggressive.

Way to go Riggs. You got Leo shot. Blood on the ice.

A Dum Dum wound. Why are they keeping Leo in the hospital for 2 days? To set him up.

How much of a dumb dumb is the doctor?

Fast Eddie had never met his partner?…how long has it been.

man…What does Roger have over Fast Eddie that Fast Eddie would let him use this kitchen.

“He’s a comedian…yeah…when is he going to say something funny?”

mmm…whole onion.

Cut the fat…kill the burger.

What the crap…I mean Riggs runs across all the crimes.

Damnit Darrel!!

Why does the office psych have a cold.

Meet me in my office…aka the men’s room.

How often are things stolen from Police lockups? It’s common movie trope.

Close is a lingerie shop without a front window…what does that mean…still thinking.

Riggs can not shoot a dog. Rules.

Wow…these are the worst cops ever. Do they never check the flank? FLANK!

Bub’s Tires. Is it Tyrone’s place?

Why does Tyrone have out his Amex Gold Card while yelling at the bad guy on the phone? Membership has it’s privileges. Product placement?

Who has a No Smoking Sign as a decoration.

A 3 Stooges Computer game?

The Three Stooges is a video game originally released by Cinemaware in 1987 for the Commodore Amiga personal computer,

Let’s compare scars!

Did someone ever verify Riggs scars based on the films.

Kissing a lady like that…isn’t that how we got where we are today. #YouToo

On a boat. Get off my boat!! How much does Rog make!? LAPD! Does his wife make all the money? Riggs ain’t got no money.

What is a good buddy cop movie without getting emotional.

I know dad. Shave with the grain! also, I forgive ya.

It’s so hard…ar..ard to say to Goodbye to this song in the 90s

This could have been a much stronger angle for the plot of this movie. But I guess they didn’t want to tackle it too hard. Baby’s dying. Baby’s Killing Baby’s.

Time for another beat ’em up rally. Let’s find them guns!

Poor Tyrone. He just wanted to be a big shot.

That dude looks like a skinny buff Stephen King.

Hey chump. you alright…TWO FINGERS! I don’t want to play Two Fingers!

Ok ok ok. He’s back.

This is where we spent all our budget. This highway chase scene.

Mel Gibson had fluffy hair.

Ok ok ok…Don’t shoot my tires!

Real Estate is where you put your illegal monies. Everybody knows that.

One, Two…Three….don’t she know how we count!

Let’s burn this place down.

Gas Siphon? Is that the gross thing for Scott?

Cop Killers can shoot through CATS Bucket. But not double bullet proof vests. But they do knock you out for like 20 minutes.

Go To Hell…You First!

Ok…this bathroom scene is uncomfortable. What if he just took a deuce. You don’t want that lingering.. Deuce Cake.

No retirement.

Three Stooges Humor.







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