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Oh hi,

Yes this is 12 year old me calling from 1984 I just wanted to tell the older more experienced me in 2018….do not crap on my favorite things. You just keep your big mouth shut old man…and who are these people you are hanging out with in the future anyway…and where are my best friends Chuck and Amy…we said we would be friends forever and watch The Ice Pirates every day and play D&D every Friday night and drink Jolt Cola until we puked and then do it all over again!

Whatever, I don’t have time for this…The Ice Pirates is starting and we just got something called a “microwave” and I hear it is going to change how we make popcorn forever.

May all you haters end in thirst. Power to the people.


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The Ice Pirates (1984) – Like a favorite childhood memory getting it’s junk chomped by a T-2000. Scarred for life. #SpacemanChickenLeg.


I was like…13 when I saw this on Video Tape..I saw it a lot.

Dang Evil Templars always stealing our water.

That is one cool looking robot. Very Beefy.

Kind of dig this music…very ..something.

Hey! I like all these actors! I mean…you know.

haha…I can see the masking in the spacefield. Never saw that on VHS Quality.

FLy that spacecraft down the tunnel.

Man Ron Pearlman was young! It happens

This costuming is not too bad. I mean it’s kind of Robin Hood in Space with a bit of Mad Maxxx


Good ole Michael Roberts.

This made me laugh at 13…it still makes me smile…at whatever Age I am….Alien on the toilet.

Shit rolls down hill.

These robot designs are freaking awesome.

“You don’t belong on this ship!”

haha…the space Templars look like Knights Templar.

haha…Roberts does a great old white woman.

I like this music.

Every movie in the 80s…always trying to take a peak at boobies while they are sleeping. Was that a fetish?

Mixing all our mythos together…we got a sleeping princess beauty

No trees…no ropes…no problem! Swashbuckling.

Jason is full of one liners!

Oh wow…did not see Pearlman losing that hand.

Pirates can not afford high quality robots…

Karate Bots!!

He tried harder! Little guys try harder.

Aww… killed the little guy.

Albinos and space lycra spandex…there are always a future race.

Haha…those robots are  doing the Vader breathing.

I wonder if Solo is in carbonate in the ice

Chicken leg on a starship? What magic is this?

Roscoe is a good guy…even to the robots.

That did not work out so well.

Wait…is that not the alien from the toilet in the cage?

Roscoe wants to make robots…like building computers?

The explorer…the 7th world.

Templars…may they all end in thirst. Power to the people.

haha…the big thief thieved him some holy robes

Body parts out back.

I wonder what assembly line plant they filmed this scene? That would be fun…and break a lot of health and safety laws…power to the people.

Turn off your machines! Walk off your jobs! Power to the people!

That was the scariest idea I could image when I was 13.

Your highness saved their junk

The obligatory space ball dance with funky future music.

Excuse me while I get high…literally.

haha…he is the chameleon of thieves….also hungry….low blood sugar apparently.

ok…the chase scene is bad…except for robot murder….mommy…baby…mommy

Jive talking pimp bot…not sure how Roscoe feels about that…”This be my bad chariot.”

Garbage robot with licky lips…I need

oh my…space eggs with alien leeches.

Space Ship Closet…always jump scare

Space Herpes

They are getting some really good mileage out of toilet alien

Is that waitress the lady from

They used the N-Word..then corrected it.

Pirates Den Neon.

What are Solar Steamers?

This was the first time I ever saw the head roll back and roll off…freaked me out then…still freaks me out.

Cabbage head lady is very 80s alien she is spose to be a frog.

They are using Caddy Shack tech to control those space gophers.

Timewarp…lose 20 years in 20 seconds.

The 7th world is real!

He’s Obi Wan…always knew they would find me!

I love the viking land ship

That wheel pullup though.

Amazonians riding unicorns on a cloud planet?

He’s just a figure head.

That’s a pretty convincing head to carry around.

He brought the tape….but it’s a crystal

Wait…Jason has laser deflector bracers!

Time is slipping.

haha..that robot slipped on the other robots doo

That baby is not happy…what did they show that baby? was it really just the sight of Urich?

oh man…what a tragic end to Nana

Cool…time is fixed.



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