The Whole Nine Yards (2000) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Man, all the ladies in this week’s filmsack movie are “smoking!”  am i right? High five guys! Seriously though, why are all the ladies in this movie smoking tobacco products? I have concerns.

Oh….and Amanda Peet…more like Amanda’s Teets! Yeah, Ibbott knows what I’m talking about. You paused that so many times that even Blockbuster couldn’t rewind it. Up top brother! What…c’mon! Don’t leave me hanging!

Well, can I at least get a shout out to inappropriate mentor/student relations? Bruce Willis…40s hooks up with Amanda Peet in her 20s using his influence as a hitman hero. Wow, That whole story line just touched me….inappropriately…and deserves to go to jail.

Overall, I give this movie two teets up.

My eyes are up here Randy.

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The Whole Nine Yards (2000) – This movie…it’ll kill you for a quarter. #NoMayo #ThereWillBeMayo



TV and Movies have always taught me Dentist are a joke.

Dental products are gross


French Canadian newspaper

Only Dentist who can’t make money.

Her father was a dentist.

Lovely wife and mother-in-law…smokes!

She needs 5 thousand dollars.

Anger management via steering wheel aggression.

Amanda Peet!

…No Drill…I hate the drill…gas me and pull the teeth. Man those teeth.

Oz. His name is Oz. The dentist’s name is Oz.

No mayo!

Life insurance. He’s worth more dead than alive.

Jimmy Jones has thing a thing for faces.

The Tulip montage was interesting…I recognize a few of those pics from other movies and publicity photos.

Oz has a beeper…it’s 2000

The Gagolac gang!

Tulips were his flower of choice to send to his victims.

All dentist are suicidal.

Dear old dad groped a patient and had to embezzle for hush money.

This is the worst French-Canadian accent ever.

Rosanna Arquette looks like a who down in Whoville

Oyster Bar for Chandler

There is no Dave.

Michael Clarke Duncan is a pleasure. I miss him.I don’t miss that purple suit though.

Ahh…The comedic device that is the mob.

Mob bosses have anger issues…

“Man of Wision..and Character.”

Yimmy. Wermin. V’s are W’s and J’s are Y’s

All the lady’s smoke in this movie.

“This one…he’ll kill you for a quarter” – Cynthia

“I’m going to need a bigger bottle of scotch.” – Oz

30 pieces of silver….for finders fee.

A cock knock…that would hurt.

Ha! They point out vomit breath. So much mouth grote in this movie.

Yimmy is a hitman with morals.

Cynthia is the key to the money. Yanny, Cynthia and Jimmy all have to sign for 10 million.

Cynthia has until midnight to get it on.

No one has made love in 5 years

Chandler is the slapstick comedy in this movie.

They are living up in Montreal

Pepsi is all up in this movie…but Bruce Willis still managed to say Coke…they serve Pepsi

What an uncomfortable angle and lighting with Oz and the Giant

Chandler has a lot of product in his hair.

How high  is Bruce Willis’ pants

The assistant is a contract  killer wanna be

The ole Fly Sucker move

“…I hate it more than mayonnaise…”

Dont blong

Amanda Peet shooting a gun topless….well then.

the replacement hitter

“You are just all kinds of fine ain’t ya.” – Big Guy

Uh oh…contract killer is a cop.

Oz has a plan!

This here is the flame that sparked the story for the writer.

A dentist is involved with a contract killer to fake his death.

Poor dentist car

Weirdo Canadian cops

This turned into a heist movie

Hard choices

Love resolves it all…even murder

Crazy love marriage during stressful situation





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