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Oh hi,

This week’s Film disaster tries to destroy my dream of owning a home with Tom Hanks, the last known decent human being in Hollywood and living bobble head.

So bring in your Mad Max wrecking crew and do your worst. Tom and I will find a way to survive an onslaught of Karmic like retribution brought on by the sins of the father.

let’s keep this brief, I have a chic waiting in the Jacuzzi and a turkey in a bucket.

Hey Randy, how long do you think it will take you to complete your intro?

Hasta La Vista


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The Money Pit (1986) – This movie won’t forgive me and I can’t forgive this movie for that. You duck fart.


Them are some big pearls

Aww…a wedding in Rio

and now we dance!

Produced by Stephen King (what…no…Steven Spielberg…why did I write King?)

Past Due…Final Notice

Dad stole the money…ran to rio (Brazil). got married to a young lady

No leading actors in the first shots. Just to fill in the blanks?

This….80s…but not good 80s

Dear Walter

2.4 kids

Tom Hanks loves to roll his eyes and bob his head.


Meistro is back!

Tom is an entertainment lawyer.

Going to run a 1K…that is a lot of sweat.

pulse monitor…that thing is giving me anxiety.

Girlfriends ex-husband.

She still plays for her ex-husband…and lives in his NY apartment…and still goes to lunch with him.

NY is expensive

Walter is poor

Max Meistro

What did they say…cause it wasn’t Meryl Streep.

Too good to be true house

She is going to sell everything. She is drunk on Mojitos?

She is going over the list of things that are going to break. Steps. Floor. Bath.

Carlos was Hitler’s Poolman. and their pool looks great.

This the short line at the DMV….

Tom Hanks is great with GREAT

Benny (Vinny?) Himself.

The Train is coming right when we decide to buy the house. This is an omen.

Benny is a kid. His mom is the maid. Benny has a chick waiting in the jacuzzi. He smokes.

They need 200k

Tom Hanks is great at escalation.

What kind of car is that…it’s a Lincoln. Wonder if mcconaughey is in there.

Thing that grossed out Scott. Sleeping in the old lady’s bed.

haha….the racoon in the dumbwaiter. Still made me jump.

Man, trying to keep that positive attitude. It’s hard.

Moving furniture to the second floor sucks

She good looking wool

Gas scares me

two weeks

“won’t hold a screw..” reminds him of his next job.

Watching Tom Hanks swat at insects through a window to the sounds of a frantic violin is amazing.

“We have very weak trees.”

Art’s brother

He is surrounded by Italians?

Turkey in the bathroom bucket.

Tom Hanks Seal laugh after the tub collapse is great

sinking into the money pit! the name of the movie!

Mad Max wrecking crew

Hasta Pronto

The carpet trap is a great visual gag.

Fielding is a duck fart. Montgomery Shrat.

I thought the care bears were here

4 months..not 2 weeks

“We have stairs!”

Theory. Walter is jinxed.

She started smoking again “2 weeks ago.”

She slept with him for clean glasses and a shower.

She asks him to trust her a lot.

Middle of the night confessionals are terrible.

He won’t forgive me and I can’t forgive him for that.

2 weeks

Hasta La Longa

I would need more than a simple ‘I didn’t sleep with max” explanation.

haha…Carlos and his wife. Hasta La Vista? like Shirks head construction guy. This whole thing is a racket!



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