Speed Racer (2008) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

First Name Speed…Last Name Racer.

…and now it’s time for “What you talkin’ about Theme Song?”

Where I will do my best to present talking points and avoid singing along the way.

Here he comes,  Here comes Speed Racer.

Hey, thanks for the heads up song writer. That’s not ominous at all.

He’s a demon on wheels, He’s a demon and he’s gonna be chasin’ after someone.

Let’s break that down. A “Demon on wheels;” Well, that is a thing we say about people who are driven.

However, the second mention of demon is not qualified with any sort of type. Which leads me to believe that this song is implying that Speed Racer is an actual demon. Well that changes things.

Oh what did you do Papa Racer!?

He’s gainin’ on you so you better look alive.

Holy crap.  The “chasin’ someone” is now no longer in question. It’s “you” who the demon racer is chasing!

Oh man!

Also, there are rumors circulating that Speed Racer lures little kids and monkey’s with Candy into the trunk of his car!

You nothing but evil Speed Racer!

He’s busy revvin’ up a powerful Mach 5.
And when the odds are against him
And there’s dangerous work to do

You bet your life

Speed Racer, Will see it through.

A Life wager! Nope! Nuh uh! Nope!

Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer, Go!


Straight back to hell ya doe eye’d demon!

Randy, what movie did you watch?

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Speed Racer (2008) – Like a plate full of PB&J’s that Mom Racer brings out to the garage to get you all thirsty for the milk that you can only drink if you win.


I think this kid needs Ritalin.

This kid day dreams a lot.

Testing is not a race.

Dad is a race car designer and his brother Rex is a racer.

The kid’s name is Speed Racer. What the hell do you expect from the kid.

Outside is a nightmare! Is this all in this kid’s imagination or is this reality for these people.

Rex is a great big brother….

Wait the kid’s full name is Speed Racer Burns?

I haven’t seen this as kind of commentary since Podracing.

Fast Forward life…

Oh no…he killed that guy…nope…bubble air bag. That guy looked like the bad guy from

Let’s go back in time….to Rex. What happened Rex! Did you

8 Years ago when Rex got killed and Speed Racer was 8 or 10

The Burns family brough their Monkey to the race.

Ahhh Trixie…young love

Trixie is in his class.

A young Goodman.

A 68 Fenderson.

Good thing Rex has great timing…or they would have killed the neighbors.

Ben Burns poster on Rex’s wall

They are really getting their money’s worth on that theme song.

Rex is just gonna walk out!

Rex Racer was dirty racing!

That was a pretty cool looking wreck. more like Wreck Racer. Dead Racer.

He is Ghost Racing…love that in video games.

Wow…Speed did not want to beat Rex’s Record…nice…

haha…the boy is wearing monkey jammies…and the monkey is wearing kid jammies

“Don’t make me laugh…your Kung Fu is so-so”

The kid’s name is Sprital? Who names these kids.

RI is a gross Pancake eater.

RI started on a Commodore 64…that shifts that time line a bit in the Speed Racer universe.

RI likes limited things. 3 blooms. 6 licenses.

2008. Segway was super future.

These special effects are a visual onslaught.

hahaha…the guy doing the nose touch while doing rings.

This reminds me of Spy Kids in the visual effects.

All the characters at Ri Racing are spastic

WRL Racing. Jack Canon Ball Taylor

With all this greenscreen work these actors could not have any idea how things were going to look.

This guy is getting all the slaps.

Bad guys with piranha tanks.

haha…why is Chubby Boy George Driving the Irish Gangster bus?

Is this a rescue attempt? or is it a hit?

Rex number 9. haha…it’s Jack! Racer X?

You do not talk about Justice like that! Get out!


Maggie Manafold. Canon Ball

T180? Is that the car?

A Tire Burn that spells out your name…geez..obsessed with cars much.

Sprital is always hiding in the trunk.

The Transponder market?

Sprital is really into Candy.

Speed says Racing is like a religion in their house and sponsors are like the devil.

2 perspectives to racing.The racer vs the owners. Reality vs dream

Bad Guy outlines his plan. nice.

Little kid shoots the bird!

43 Prix was set up!

the only reason he survived was because he was wearing red socks

Racing is art

Cross Country Rally Race…it’s deadly…and where Rex died.

Did the Monkey change his cereal to cheerios?

Theme gangs. Some can be bought with money…other furs.


What would be theme for our Team?

Rubbing is racing.

Favorite car cheat? Bee Catapult?

The who is driving the Mach 5

Yeah…you too Chim Chim.

That ninja folds up like luggage now.

Those Ninjas are wearing trash bags.

haha…pops is an old school wrestler. Comedy.

More like a nonja. Haha…she said Cool Beans.

So the Snake themed gang is no good at turns? Aren’t snakes supposed to be good at turns?

Trixie gets her chance!

There are a lot of drifting here.

Monkey Dookee!

This movie could have been about 30 minutes shorter if you took away some of the fight scenes.

Worst mafia ever.

Snake Oliler!

“Buh Bye little Turd”

haha…everyone is shocked at a gun? They have been trying to murder each other for the last hour.

Speed racer pose is almost a dab.

Racer X is not Rex!

Not enough stories about Families that work together .

Also, I love the fact that we have a hero who has a girlfriend and there is no major drama.

A convergerator is better than a transponder?

Mom makes a killer PB&J…also, she made like 20 of them.

Wait! Number 6…that is not the Mach 5! You are not going to race the final race in a car other than the Mach 5!

WRA Charter

haha! Who the hell is the happy dancer on that screen? 1:49:21

“Looking forward to that cold milk” – Sparky How is that not a thing.

Speed racers’ Race Face

That cheater! He’s using a spearhook!!

The “remember what they said” montage!

“It’s a whole new world baby….it’s a whole new world.” -That Guy

In the speed racer universe Milk is an unheard of rarity that can only be enjoyed after winning a huge race.

The cootie sensitive viewers.


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