The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) – Filmsack Show Intro


Oh hi,

…holy crap it’s time for yet another round of Theme Song Fact Check… where I will attempt to validate the facts of this weeks title song without singing along. God save us all. It’s this again.

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones

No thanks!

and yeah…i’m singing it!

They’re the modern Stone Age Family

I can’t do it! This is the 3rd time I have done this stupid routine in 2 months!

From the town of Bedrock

It’s a fictional town!

They’re a page right out of history

At no time did man and dinosaurs live together!

Alright! I’m skipping right to the end!

When you’re with the Flintstones

Hold on Scott  it’s almost over!

Have a yabba-dabba-doo time

Hey! When are we going to sack Scooby Doo? What we already did?!

A dabba-doo time

We’ll have a gay old time

That used to mean happy! and It still does….in Vegas!

Oh wow! i think I’m gonna be sick. Randy get me some Vitamins… No….not those!!!

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The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) – Like some prehistoric prequel set in Vegas that promises a Yabba-Dabba-Doo Time. But what you get is like 10% Yabba-Dabba and 90% Doo. Which I guess isn’t technically a lie but you still feel #Gazoo’d


It’s Gazoo. In Space! I actually think this is a better movie than what I am about to watch.

This bridge is a dinosaur!

Is this a prequel?

Broncho simulator!

That Broncho has a backfiring problem. Aka…a gas problem.

Congrats Flintstone…you killed the professor

So the boys are graduating school

Wilma is high society.

Chip! How cannon is all this? It’s been forever since I watched The Flintstones.

Everything is a stone joke.

We will be just like our mothers…EEEEK

So we explained the actor change because this is supposed to be in the past…no…even more so.

It’s like they always say “It will happen when you least it expect it.”

This is the best prehistoric movie we have watched since Caveman

The Great Gazoo. I need to visit some rubes and title myself The Great Gadoo

Why are aliens interested in mating rituals.

The Flintstones were The Honeymooners

Bronto King! They could have went with any Fast Food takes….but they went with Burger King.

Barney and Betty both have goofy laughs..

Betty is poor folk. Wilma is from the upper clash.

I would so watch a Betty and Wilma movie.

Everybody calls him Kazooo.

Barney and Fred and their mating rituals.

Boy…life was hard as a caveman. Even the teenagers looked like middle aged folk.

Food on wheels.

Gazoo is a freak

animal prints are so passe….animal prints are so past.

Homana Homana…sorry…no substitutes.

The ole teenager double date where you end up swapping the dates.

Wait! Is this whole movie a bunch of stone and dino puns!

What! who is that on the dunk booth?

Ahh…the classic Hannah Barbara sound effects.

The most disturbing thing in this movie is the weird floaty thing they do on their tiptoes while bowling. Makes my skin crawl for some reason.

“Your eyes are like two big eyes…” – Fred

DINO The Dino!!

Dogs are always nudging human relationships in the right direction in films. In real like they are always interrupting.

Man…I got the music in you…

The Family Guy is The Simpsons is The Flinstones is The Honeymooners

A lot of people live in apartments…but it doesn’t make it right.

Barney really thought Fred was giving him a ring?

haha…”Your house has a name?” – Barney

What! Trek connection. Sulu is the Valet!

Harvey Korman! The secondary cast is better than the primary casting.

Rock Vegas…where an ordinary man can get rich!!

Chip is a man in trouble. The plot thickens.

Is Betty (Rosie O’Donnell) doing a cameo as an octopus masseuse rubbing the younger Betty?

I didn’t know Betty was a flat earther.

My uncle the gambler!

Fred needs to learn to keep his mouth shut…what happens in Vegas and all…If Barney wants to head to the buffet with a show girl.

Hey..Gazoo is two parts. Mick Jagged? That’s a stretch.

Just as I always suspected! The Casinos keep a Win/Lose switch behind a painting in the office.

Fred was set up! He did not steal those Pearls! Dangit Chip!

What is your confession?

Why is the remote control a racist stereotype?

Fred is just a self proclaimed big Dum Dum

Two giant emotional men.

Barney must be smaller than the average caveman. Fits right through the bars…rib cage

Oh yeah…I forgot that was a thing…Gazoo would do alien magic when he sneezed.

Dressing up guys in show girl outfits to perform a heist or getaway. That’s a thing.

“On with the show” this is it…wasn’t that a Warner Bros thing…not a Hannah Barbara thing.

“Nobody pinches my bird.” – Mic

We had a lot of cross overs during late 60s and early 70s cartoons where the British invasion bands were used.

The henchmen are henching wearing their cactus suits.

Joan Collins spit take

So the Flinstones got married in Vegas? or back in Bedrock? Vegas.

The priest is the man. Does the voices.

I am overcome with information! It makes me cry.




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