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Hancock (2008) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi

The following intro is rated PG-13 for some naughty language and spicy suggestive imagery. Therefore: Parental Guidance for Children under 13 is advised.

Join us now for the adventures of Captain Asshole and Mrs Crazy: Apart they are unstoppable. Together they are weaker than a couple of new born puppies at their doggy momma’s throbbing 8 teets! GROSS

So if you find yourself in over your head and faced with the the prospect of mortal danger, for the love of the old gods, don’t call Asshole and Crazy, especially by name or you may find yourself on the back end of an unfortunate human centipede! Hey! That’s 2 movie references in one! Maybe you have seen one but not the other. That’s ok! I’m not here to judge you but you’re a terrible person.

and now 4 guys in a van listening to a podcast about rave music. Randy



Hancock (2008) – Get your head out of his ass and watch this movie. I’m not here to judge you but you’re a terrible person. Good Job


  • Hey is this that movie with the Super Hero who is no good at his job?
  • Reminder there was a time when it was a weekly event to watch a SUV chase.
  • What Boy? What…you want a cookie? It’s Brick!
  • Hancock on the bench.
  • Asshole is his name? or Hancock.
  • How he have a big ole scar on his leg?
  • Move. Get out the way. Move. Luda! Onyx?
  • Hero of destruction. Up Up and Blowed away.
  • 3 guys in a car…rave music
  • He just threaten them with a human centipede…him being the head
  • Fred Flintstones this thing.
  • 9 Million dollars for damage
  • Publicity shy
  • So is he alcohol resistant.
  • Bono
  • All Heart symbol
  • A good hearted PR guy and a superhero with a PR problem
  • Save the world
  • What is it, National horn day
  • You could have went straight up. Obviously, you should have flown straight up.
  • Thank you Hancock. Never hears that.
  • Meatballs!
  • Thursday is Spaghetti Madness for years.
  • Stopping by…eating meatballs…drink some whiskey…hit the head.
  • Hancock is not a people person.
  • Ray sees the good in everybody.
  • She knows this kind of guy…he breaks things…also, he sits on your house at night and listens to your convesations.
  • In a Trailer by the sea with a drum set.
  • He likes eagles! Eagle hat…eagle necklace.
  • Frankenstein ticket and dollar! Memories. I’m not a monster.
  • Hancock’s landings and take offs are a little rough
  • Michael is french. “Call me Asshole….one more time” Thickness/Goggles.
  • Interface with the public…
  • Everybody loves a Nutty Buddy….
  • Tossing whales…
  • Everyone calls him an asshole.
  • These generic comics are terrible.
  • She watches the news…a lot…Nancy Grace!
  • Hancock share..pass
  • landing…is your handshake
  • “Good Job…” Hancock. Gooood
  • Day 5 of increase of crime by 30%
  • She is falling for the bad boy
  • How to be a person Hancock.
  • 2 weeks…nobody is missing me.
  • Moment of decision. In or out.
  • “I’m Hancock and I drink and stuff.” Thanks for sharing.
  • Shaving with your fingernails…gross.
  • Good Job. Really…Good Job.
  • Some kind of detonator thing.
  • Don’t call him asshole.
  • Slow clap. No..You good job.
  • Like a Hancock Handshake…no a Hancock Smile.
  • All the food in this movie are balls and strings.
  • Her name is Angel
  • He is Miami born…woke up in the hospital with no previous memories. Showed up with a fractured skull.
  • Bubble Gum and 2 Movie Tickets. Boris Frankenstein
  • Asked me for my John Hancock.
  • He is at least over 80 years old
  • Nobody was there to claim him 80 years ago.
  • “Hancock…tucking me in.”
  • She is powered too!
  • Ray better not find out.
  • He is always asking if it is hot in there? Does their being together create heat?
  • gods, angels…superhero
  • We are brother and sister. No we are not!
  • Jiffy Pop Trailer
  • Persian, Greek, Brooklyn. 3000 years
  • Crazy is her trigger word. Asshole is his.
  • No one ever called here crazy?
  • She is stronger…Triple Twister!
  • He wants to put hearts all over the world.
  • A Matter of convenience…he saw it all. Green 44
  • I was flying
  • Pairing up and died.
  • Technically speaking he is my husband.
  • I’m Immortal.
  • Built in twos. Fate doesn’t decide everything.
  • Back to the sauce.
  • Kenneth Red Parker.
  • Former Psychology Student.
  • Zagnut bar through the head.
  • Uh oh. He is mortal.
  • Did she poison him with the Meatballs? She had been setting it up for years?
  • When the get close together he loses his powers? It is happening faster.
  • Made in pairs…when we get close together we become mortal and grow old and die
  • 4BC Came after her with sorts
  • Every time he saves her she pushes him away to save him.
  • 80 years ago there was an ambulance and Frankenstein with Karloff?
  • He is the gods insurance policy.
  • She is mortal.
  • He don’t mind killing a fool
  • He already had the kid before they met
  • They are E.T. up in here…she feels…he feels
  • She ded
  • Having a head up your butt must make you pretty strong.
  • Ha! He chopped of his other hand!
  • He got to go to make her strong.
  • Their weakness is one another.
  • 1 month later
  • Attila the Hun. Cross Eyed.
  • Look up….Hancock painted the moon. Good Job Ray.
  • He has a hawk/eagle? He is the god of hawk/eagle?
  • Everybody keeps calling him asshole and he is always threatening to damage assholes…this movie is obsessed with crazy assholes
  • Planes do not exist in this world

Film Sack Filmsack Notes Podcasts

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Filmsack Show Notes


[oooh…yes I’ve made some poor life choices that’s for sure Scott]

[Hey, you done with that soda? Mind if I dip my comb in it. Thanks!]

Oh hi,

Yes, this is Spielberg. What am I doing right now? Well ‘m just sitting here chilling and eating some fried chicken with my good buddies George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy like we do every Saturday night.

What’s that? Do we want to do another Indiana Jones film? Nah…I don’t think so…..wait…hold on. George is handing me something  something he wrote on the inside of an empty KFC Family Meal Sized Chicken Bucket. Oh it’s really greasy….and now I can see that it is an outline for Indiana Jones 4….

So…maybe…I mean I don’t think we can top the first 3 movies. Those movies had Nazi Face Melting Arks and Stolen Power stones in the hands of a mad Voodoo Heart Doctor and then that one with the cup of everlasting life with the caveat of having to live alone forever in a cave full of cups you can’t drink from….

but I’m sure we could come up with something…

Uh oh…Hold on..George is ransacking the fridge…. hey  George stop throwing all my food on the floor ya freak..nooo… don’t crawl in there…… and now he shut the door. Alright, looks like I’ll have to get back to you on this Harrison. Capital Idea old boy. Highest Marks! Gotta go.

Hey, Kathleen grab that prop E.T. finger over there and let’s see if we can prod George to open that fridge…ah crap..look out. He’s got the poison darts I keep in the fridge.




Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) – and I’m out of characters…wait…If reacting is acting…then Spielberg captured all of that and a greasy LaBeouf.


Prairie Dog?

Them kids and their V8 hotrod ain’t up to no good.

Elvis is a hound-dog…eating peanut butter sandwiches all the time.

ahhh…some weapons testing going on today.

Them is Ruskies!

Who dat in the trunk…

ahhh…we know who dat is. Nice use of silhouettes Spielberg. so icon. GET YOUR HAT before I staple it to your hand Indy.

Great transitions Spielberg. RUSSIANS!

We were younger…we had guns…- indy

Warehouse 51

Always loved the Indy punch sounds

Mack and Indy were in Mexico digging in the dirt looking for this stuff. Now in Nevada

“I’m sorry…I meant drop dead comrade.”

Wubble-U’s…Highest Marks

Irina thinks she is psychic.

10 years prior…1947…where does that fall in the Indy time-line?

Magnetic box…let’s go find it…gunpowder points the way.

If reacting is acting…then Spielberg captured all of that.

Spielberg is great at noir type lighting

“You don’t know him…You don’t know him….you don’t know hiiiim” -Mack

The red scare? 1957

I need a picture of Sean Connery looking off into space on my desk.

Enter LaBeouf on a motorcycle.

Hey old man!?

LaBeouf just dipped his comb in the soda on the next table over.



Film Sack Filmsack Notes Podcasts

Speed Racer (2008) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

First Name Speed…Last Name Racer.

…and now it’s time for “What you talkin’ about Theme Song?”

Where I will do my best to present talking points and avoid singing along the way.

Here he comes,  Here comes Speed Racer.

Hey, thanks for the heads up song writer. That’s not ominous at all.

He’s a demon on wheels, He’s a demon and he’s gonna be chasin’ after someone.

Let’s break that down. A “Demon on wheels;” Well, that is a thing we say about people who are driven.

However, the second mention of demon is not qualified with any sort of type. Which leads me to believe that this song is implying that Speed Racer is an actual demon. Well that changes things.

Oh what did you do Papa Racer!?

He’s gainin’ on you so you better look alive.

Holy crap.  The “chasin’ someone” is now no longer in question. It’s “you” who the demon racer is chasing!

Oh man!

Also, there are rumors circulating that Speed Racer lures little kids and monkey’s with Candy into the trunk of his car!

You nothing but evil Speed Racer!

He’s busy revvin’ up a powerful Mach 5.
And when the odds are against him
And there’s dangerous work to do

You bet your life

Speed Racer, Will see it through.

A Life wager! Nope! Nuh uh! Nope!

Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer, Go!


Straight back to hell ya doe eye’d demon!

Randy, what movie did you watch?