The Way of the Gun (2000) – Filmsack Show Notes

filmscore’d –  5 / 8


Oh hi,

This week on The Way of the Sack I learned some brand new lore. The lore of the Bagman…specifically…James the Leprechaun Caan… Lepre-Caan..

Yep, He’s got bags of monies and I’ll be damned if you can have them. He’s a flat out trickster that Leprechaun Caan..caan. Luring you into his wishing well of broken bottles and shattered dreams. “There is cheese in that there trap” as best as I can tell from what Del Toro was mumbling. The Cheese of Death and whining. oh I got glass in my arm.

Anywho, best be on your guard. Because, even if you are lucky enough to get close to the Leprechaun Caan’s monies you will surely have to fight his league of extraordinarily old Gentlemen. They ain’t much but they’re all survivors…well at least the next 15 minutes or so.

Caaaaan! You clever girl. Don’t you walk away from me with your monies and your stiff neck.


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The Way of the Gun (2000) – Like almost forgetting you punched Sarah Silverman in the face almost 2 hours ago… You’re going to hell Ryan Philippe. #adjudication


Meanwhile down at the Dive Bar

What is Carrot Top gonna do?

Leaning on my Mercedes.

Whip you silly…Fuck you stupid.

it’s Dick Pope!

What font is this?

Rules of life are set.

blood 50….300 for semen

What is your job? Semen Collector Questionnaire Guy?

“It’s not what you say anymore…it’s in how you say it….” – Mr. Parker

Listening is what you do to be criminal.

What’s on the video?

“Can’t you people see there are guns here….” – Mr. Parker

Move! Moving! Move! Moving!

She walked right into that. Why!?

All Taye Diggs cares about is winning.

Who is dead in the parking lot? Is that the doctor and nurse?

Is he doing the get out of the car and dance thing? Dangit Drake….you ruined everything.

Weirdest care chase ever.

What do you think deaf people things? That is what I call it.

How many car changes is that?

Does anyone look more guilty than Del Toro shopping in a convenience store?

Del Toro corrupted that girl pretty quick.

What’s on the tape Del Toro…what’s on the tape?

Was that the security system that the girl in the store watching Dirty Dancing?

what’s in the note Mr. Parker? Who ya calling?

A doctor that does house calls between 2 semis?

Is that the doctor’s baby making kit?

She went from 8 months pregnant to Jiffy Pop pregnant.

How did they get so savvy?

from the point of view of the listeners

The pinwheel of guns and back into the sack you go…

Who is calling me while I am playing sack of guns?

Attention to details. That is their biggest strength.

James Caan is a Bagman.

The people in the parking lot were 2 more body guards.

Art of judification

Doctor Son is a whipping boy for every side.

12 fucking hours….

Let nature take it’s course….once you see the child.

1 is backfire…3 is gun play.

Looks like a bagman. You can’t trust a bagman.

Does James Caan have a fused neck?

Plate full of shrimp. GROSS! SHRIMP BREATH

What did Caan show Del Toro in his wallet?

This game of hearts is complicated and sounds like the plot of the movie. Foreshadow! Almost impossible…but maybe.

It’s the doctor’s baby. Who is now in the business of making things right….it’s still a grandkid.

How much did Caan pay for that word? Judication. ajudication adjudicate

I suggest you let send CYourA…See Your A.

Money is what you take to the grocery store.

What happened in Baltimore?

ohhh…She is the bagman’s daughter

What was Mr. Parker’s Confession in the parking lot?

That was a pretty good shootout.

Trust me….but the movie said that we weren’t supposed to do that.

wow…did not see diggs going out like that…good job

Always  free cheese in a mousetrap.

Toro is hard to hit.

Old guys in the shootout.

Son of a bia-otch. Glass to the forearm. What did he think was going to be in there?

This should have been called…bagmen. I would have watched that.

In the end… Ahh…the mythical creature known as the bagmen…it’s like trying to take gold from a Leprechaun

James Caan has the medics on speed dial.  HAHA…I love that the bagman let the bad guys live long enough to see the resolution to the baby question…will they or won’t they.

Until that day….

Your prayers are answered in the orders they were received.



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