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This week on Filmsack, the gang invites you to hop into their shagging wagon for a totally PG ride down to the coast to help solve the mystery of Scooby-Doo two thousand and two and the case of the “there’s somethings rotten about these tomato scores, man.”

Hey sackers in the back! Mind your manners and be careful around Randy’s vegetarian hash bar. Randy Randy Roo, how high are you?

Scott, can you pull over here. I got to take care of a situation brewing in my pants. Earlier, Ibbott and I were having a not so friendly farting contest and I think there may be a disembodied turtle head leaking protoplasm into my scooby-doo under-roos. If you know what I mean.

Wait! come back. Friends don’t quit. ohh.

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Scooby-doo (2002) – Like cleaning your beans at Don Knotts’ Christmas party. Rut ro Warner Brothers did’t have the scrote to make this rated R.


Luna Ghost is one of my favorites

Variation on theme. expect it.

Scooby is pretty good CGI

I would watch this weekly series.

This is the role Matthew Lillard was born for.

Poor Daphne plays most of her first part ass up

Pamela Anderson is driving the Mystery Machine.

Teamwork and a plan.

The creepy Janitor! How does a Janitor afford that Luna Ghost costume.

Friends don’t quit.

Implied pot head.

That is some weird vegetarian burger…which the original voice actor was.

Scooby in Drag.

Spooky Island on Spooky Air.

College Students retreat!

Mr. Bean fell out of that Tiki thing

Butterfly collar.

The costuming in this movie is an interesting mix of early 2000s and 70s apparel.

Carol has some crazy strength.

The music is ok. Interesting mix…it works…


Evil Best Pal From Tel-A-Mondo.

These people are brain eaters…more like brainwashed.

Shaggy has a crush.


no Scooby…you do not want a burgers in a sack.

Smart choice to go with an amusement park for the setting of this movie.

Fred saved the whole gang with his ass by hitting the switch.

Shaggy grossed everyone out with his.

Solving mysteries is good time!

Stop messing around with the Hellraiser Puzzle Box Velma

haha…they did it…they brought in Scrappy Doo.

No urinating … you don’t have the scroat.

“Clean your beans at Don Knotts Christmas Party.” -Fred

The hairless demon bunnies are not that great.

Something is wrong with Sugar Ray

Lucha is done got his girl.


Holy carp Mary Jane was scary as crap when she hit her face.

Friends don’t quit.

Disembodied heads.

Don’t steal my protoplasm! Those demonic bunnies who are light sensitive are capable of possessing bodies. Protoplasmic heads.

Daemon Ritus

Scoobert is actually Scooby’s name.

oh…it’s been a while since we have seen a setup montage.

Don’t you mean Melvin Doo?!

It was Scrappy this whole time. First he tried to ruin the TV Franchise…now the movie@

Shag’s claw skills finally paid off.

Bow Wow Scooby Rap

Too bad it was cut off by Netflix.



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