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Oh hi sir,

Welcome to Discreet Delivery Services, where we promise to not ask you “What’s in the box…” yeah

With that being said….I do have to ask…is there anything fragile in the box? There is….alright I’m just gonna slap a few fragile stickers on the box…wow…this box is pretty heavy for it’s size. Ok, that’s weird something seems to be rolling around inside…is it a bowling ball…no wait! Don’t tell me. We have a strict policy on not asking “what’s in the box.” yeah

However, I do have to ask….is there anything perishable in the box? Oh there is. and you need it delivered by 7…this afternoon! That’s same day delivery dude and I’m the only one here until 6. Seriously though, this thing is sloshing around like a rotten cantaloupe…is it a cantaloupe? NO DON’T TELL ME. Policy. yeah

Alright, based on the size, weight, vague content description, strict deadline on delivery and the fact you are covered in blood and creepy as hell. I’m gonna go ahead and ask for $500 dollars up front all of which will go straight into my very 90s “wallet on a chain” wallet. Screw you greedy corporate bastards. yeah

Oh and Dude, be safe out there. It’s been like raining for a week and everything is dark as hell…a storm is coming yeah.



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Seven (1995) – Like late night switchblade darts. Hey, I’m trying to sleep over here and I can’t stop thinking about What’s in the box?


Setup. Over the next 7 days he has to prove himself

Listen to all the things. Will you be able to deal with it long term? let’s start the metrognome so I can go to sleep.

NIN closer

You got a flakey booger

Is he breathing spaghetti?

Is his sin Spaghetti?

Wait…finish telling us the story about the guy who stabbed himself in the back?

Does the glutton not have any lights?

That ain’t rain…hitting that windshield.

Yeah Morgan Freeman…not jerk me off.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…we have ourselves a homicide.” – Mills

Rookie Mills.

Sinning starts on Monday?

Gluttony, Greed…

“This is not even my desk.” – Police Captain

The doorman….he’s the bus driver from Speed?

What library is this?

This is the most beautiful investigation ever.

You’re welcome. I did all the work…here you go Mills…an envelope

fucking Dante!…pretty sure the cliff notes aren’t going to cut it.

Mills and Pepper have 3 dogs

That is the most I have ever seen Morgan Freeman laugh.

Yell fire…not help. People come running for fire.

Post-it note redacts.

so many corpses go unrevenged

He’s got a little forest in his kitchen.

Dicks! He’s yelling for the detectives…dicks…

Wednesday is Sloth?

Sloth scared the crap out of me.

FRIDAY! I’m missing my 1 sin a day deadly sin.

Tracy hates this city…and she’s pregnant.

Somerset had a relationship once…and she was pregnant. But he convinced her to have an abortion?

Apt. 306.

Brad Pitt is guilty of all the sins.

Brad Pitt being antsy helps ratchet up the tension.

Paranoid much…Flag book for suspicious and put it into a FBI database.

This is one intense foot chase. Maybe the best…also, call for backup!

Freeman is like Frankenstein cop….just slowly walking and still keeping up.

2 rooms…together but apart.

A little late night switchblade darts

Did they really have to shave their chests at the same time together? Is that the official chest shaving sink?

This movie doesn’t show as much as I remember. The violence is graphic…but it’s mostly in our imagination.

Brad, Yeah, Pitts, Yeah.

Dead dog…I didn’t do that.

7:01…is the time.

What in the box….whhhaaaats in the box.

somebody call somebody.



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