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The Way of the Gun (2000) – Filmsack Show Notes

filmscore’d –  5 / 8


Oh hi,

This week on The Way of the Sack I learned some brand new lore. The lore of the Bagman…specifically…James the Leprechaun Caan… Lepre-Caan..

Yep, He’s got bags of monies and I’ll be damned if you can have them. He’s a flat out trickster that Leprechaun Caan..caan. Luring you into his wishing well of broken bottles and shattered dreams. “There is cheese in that there trap” as best as I can tell from what Del Toro was mumbling. The Cheese of Death and whining. oh I got glass in my arm.

Anywho, best be on your guard. Because, even if you are lucky enough to get close to the Leprechaun Caan’s monies you will surely have to fight his league of extraordinarily old Gentlemen. They ain’t much but they’re all survivors…well at least the next 15 minutes or so.

Caaaaan! You clever girl. Don’t you walk away from me with your monies and your stiff neck.