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Mask of Zorro (1998)


Oh hi,

and come right on in Senoritas. I am your party host Capt. Harrison Love and I welcome to you to my humble little abode….. “The Love Shack.” ahhh right.. come on in. Let me take your coat and any sharp pointy sticks you may have…

Now I can see some of you look a little confused. You may be asking yourself “where is that smooth talking, sun kissed god of a guy in the mask” that my soldiers may have promised would be at this party. Obviously, I am not he…no..not this loud splotchy peckerwood you see before you…but don’t fret… I’m about to change all of that….cause we are about to get so hammered that by the end of the night I will have gone from a 2 to a woooo…

Now, would you ladies care for something to drink? I have a tea pitcher full of Tequila with a man’s head in it. No? How about a pickle jar with Three Fingers of Jack…literally…those are the three fingers of jack.

Well boys it looks like it is just another night of angry faces and Settlers of Catan…drink up!…. ptt…pttt… Oh I got a hair..


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The Mask of Zorro (1998) – Like hugging a giant cactus with your junk. A bit painful at first but so exciting!


  • Mask of Zorro
  • It’s Zorro and Amblin! The Mask Of Zorro
  • clip clomp clip clip clomp clippity clippity clippity! faster!
  • Like eye holes in a leather tent thing.
  • I think they are yelling for Freedom.
  • “What are you doing cutting holes in my Wagon!? – Senior Lopez!
  • Senior Lopez makes the funeral boxes.
  • yay! it’s the leader! We are cheering!
  • Snuff box…snuff!!
  • All the Dons get their lands!
  • The Children want to see! But we don’t want the children to see!
  • 3 peasants pulled at random from the crowd to lure Zorro!
  • these 2 kids love some Zorrrro
  • oh no! The ass poke of Zorro.
  • Zorro is good at making his opponents appear foolish
  • Balcony full of sharp shooters…no match for these two young men.
  • Zorro wins because the people love him and support him
  • Zorro does math and acrobatics!
  • It was a good day…now give me the pendant…I wear the pendant of Zorro on Tuesday and Wednesdays.
  • Tornado is the horse. Way better name than Roach…and he has been using the curling wand. Zorro is way to busy with the fancy
  • Zorro had a baby…and has to settle down. It happens
  • Zorro is a Prince!
  • She broke the little clay horse! That little Zorro shit kid.
  • 5 Children…will he make it? Not at that age.
  • Don Raphel in my home!
  • Zorro was the Batman of his time.
  • “Blood never lies…Zorro” Traitor his County and his Class…Class warfare!
  • Zorro is better with his mask
  • you shot our love…stab the chunky guy
  • Your child should have been mine! Too bad
  • Well I guess he is just taking the baby.
  • Hairy Banderas
  • Nobody is tuff as Jack
  • Horse Thieves! The Murrieta Brothers
  • When Bulls start wearing …something something.
  • 3 Fingered Jack and his 2 toilet roll fingers
  • hugging a cactus bush neek’id that ain’t no good
  • That fella is a pretty good shot.
  • Spit and shoot yourself in the chest. This ain’t no kid’s move.
  • Bury the body…Bring the head.
  • The warden was trying to get some sleep!
  • Silence I am Zorro! I am Zorro!
  • Poor record keeping down at the jail
  • I am Torro! I am Gorro!
  • I see Zorro has been using his yard time for working out.
  • Time to play the deadman! Didn’t they do this in the 3 musketeers?
  • ha! Made me jump when he burst from the grave with that weird cat scream.
  • Don Hector. Don. Don…oh hi Don.
  • Can we stop clapping now? This is the best fake clap we got.
  • How much did they pay for that clap? Is that a 5 peso clap?
  • Where is your Zorro now? He is among us.
  • Lets be Californians!
  • Ready for some blood shed until he sees his daughter.
  • This flower only grows in California…it’s the Californian.
  • What about this? Silver!!!
  • Old man strength
  • You are trained to drink…ya drunk
  • Zorro was dead
  • My revenge is complicated.
  • “The pointy end goes into the other man.”
  • The master’s circle is like battle royal
  • Practice…drink…gymnastics
  • pushup over candles; boots on the back.
  • Learn by the whip
  • Lesson Number 1: Never attack with anger.
  • Lesson Number 2: come with me..I’ll give you bath
  • Lesson Number 3: get to lesson number 4
  • Horse Whisperer
  • Be careful senorita …there are dangerous men about.
  • Zorro likes to run to the top of steps and twirl around for one last look before he zips off.
  • “Listen…I am going to give you the great honor of being my horse.”
  • This horse is feisty
  • Son…You done wrecked our clubhouse…get ’em
  • Always so much fun with the Zorro fight scenes. Which one is your favorite? Clubhouse?
  • The big guy….shaking up Zorro. Hilarious
  • mouth full of teeth..spit
  • Zorro the legend has returned…a simple horse heist turned into a full on assault.
  • 3 days since my last confession. How many sins could you have completed in 3 days.
  • 4th commandment – Dishonor your father
  • Outsmarted by a horse.
  • Don’t forget to leave your mark
  • Ole Zorro likes to smoke and whip. Whip it real good.
  • Stop undressing me with your whip!
  • Learning to fight…no worries. Charm…now that is going to take a lot of work
  • Here hold my tray of drinks while I hack up a lung. Punch
  • The silly woman routine.
  • oh crap. He let the Dons get gone while dancing with Zorro’s daughter.
  • Smoldering dancing!
  • She was dancing…he was trying.
  • Real dad is cool with it…kidnap dad is a bit bent.
  • That is how they are dancing in Madrid these days.
  • Buy California from Santa Anna . I have gold bars!
  • El Dorado. Shame on you to cheat Santa Anna
  • Gold from his own land!
  • Who me? Just a kid with a basket strapped on my filthy head.
  • 3 fingered Jack.
  • You steal people’s lives….Damn ya and the horse that brung you. Ahhhhhhh…Suicide by Peckerwood
  • Peckerwood?
  • She recognizes her daddy’s voice…isn’t that sweet.
  • heads in jars and hands in wine pitchers
  • Pretty sure it would be a horrible idea to drink alcohol from a pickled head jar.
  • What! that mustache was fake! and apparently held on by spit.
  • Captain Love!
  • What do you do with hate? You hide it with a mask.
  • Hate mask
  • Captain Love knows then why does he not act.
  • Zorro in the beams stealing maps
  • The much debated Zorro
  • Bend down and touch your toes so I can kick your ass
  • Such exciting swords play…and when that doesn’t work…gymnastics!
  • swordplay like a dance…like a making love.
  • He was young and vigorous…he was very vigorous.
  • such exciting horse riding.
  • I don’t think his horse likes him very much.
  • old Z taught new Z so he could be free to do his own thing
  • at the tip of the sword a man will apparently do anything
  • now she knows…
  • The only way to light a fuse…shoot it
  • Love is so stupid…he has a gun and sword…he is a great shot…why play Zorro’s game.
  • Shovel slalom
  • Love has entered his circle
  • a most spectacular end to the bad guys.
  • old Zorro can’t die! Dad gives his blessing. No pressure.
  • Little Wookie! They named the baby Wookie!
  • Fighting as safely as possible
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