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Skiptrace 2016


oh hi,

….and in this corner, weighing in at an astounding 425 pound and full of glistening Mongolian Beef…. it is MongoThe Manglerrrr….. and His opponent, now cowering in the other corner …with no honor, weighing in at a paltry 150 pounds a real jackass of a guy and a dude what makes faces that could be described best as constipated. It’s America Guy.

Now let’s get ready to….Nope… Wait! Player 3 enters the ring! Weighing in at 2 ducks and a chicken is the master of the two finger neck nap. It’s Too Old for this shit guy! Well, things just got interesting! and it’s over. That’s too bad.

Well, I’ve been your announcer guy and to answer your first question. I’ll have the chicken.


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Skiptrace (2016) – Like a two finger neck nap from Jackie Chan. Also, Not the brief nudity we asked for…but the brief nudity we deserve.


  • Jackie Ass Chan Ville
  • Saban! Thanks Rangers
  • Sparkle Roll Media. Sparkly Roll!!
  • The Matador is the bad guy.
  • Take this watch…so my daughter will remember me. Jump pop!
  • Pulp Comic intro
  • Who let Johnny Knoxville pick the soundtrack?
  • Nine Years later…still Hong Kong.
  • I’m the real thang…
  • Bennie Chan…what a departure.
  • Handsome Willie in the house!
  • Lingerie to the face and knuckles to the neck = Jackie Neck Pinch.
  • Doberman is foiled with a tennis ball.
  • Doberman out!
  • Jackie Chan and his damn ladders…Ladder fu
  • NOOO…Not the watch! wait…it has a leather band? I thought it had a steel band….and I thought he was supposed to give it to the guys daughter.
  • Not the brief nudity we asked for…but the brief nudity we deserve
  • Dang Police Drug Raid.
  • Victor Wong is the Matador…who runs the Hong Kong Underworld.
  • Even in Hong Kong the police chief is an over-stressed dick.
  • Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia…a jackass
  • Russian code…bowling for jackasses
  • Johnny Knoxville doing The Notebook
  • The Houses and the Porsche and the other Porsche.
  • “To answer your first question. I’ll have the chicken.”
  • A real lady’s man…scammer
  • Fat guy is easy to hate when he is being a dick to his kid.
  • Macau!
  • Johnny Knoxville does a pretty good “Taken by beauty” face.
  • A flavor you would never suspect that would be so tasty
  • Lady lady is running from her boss boss?
  • Gross Asparagus pee flush
  • Crash Fu…that is what Knoxville has.
  • Alpaca Taser
  • Shotgun Wedding…Bowling Alley Wedding.
  • haha…Jackie Chan finally grew into his old man run.
  • Were there any stunt doubles in this movie?
  • Hog tied Knoxville
  • Delayed ball damage
  • “Who is this man?”
  • That is no girl…she is a woman.
  • A factory full of Russian nesting dolls
  • Trojan is the manufacturer stamp?
  • Knoxville likes them Goat Nuts
  • Taser water shock
  • If he didn’t unlock the phone right away he may be screwed.
  • Is Knoxville the hero in this movie?
  • 3 wheeled scooter thing
  • Hit him in the ding ding
  • He is an honorable person. Very highly valued.
  • Mongolia
  • This is a road trip across Asia? Mostly just Mongolia
  • Fiance 9 years ago. before the partner death.
  • Rolling in the deep.
  • All you have to do is charge a phone in the middle of nowhere.
  • Horse apples! Horse taking a shit in a scene…we are keeping that.
  • The Chinese have a lot of sayings.
  • Alpaca Drama
  • The Russian foils that always manages to anti-save Knoxville
  • Pig Skin Float
  • Jackie Chan can’t swim
  • Take down the Matador…
  • That kid gave them a faulty wish
  • Geez man…even after your partner died and trusted his daughter to you…you still are more concerned with the Matador.
  • Mud Festival…good for harvest.
  • How do they keep finding us?
  • What kind of popcorn contraption is that?
  • The singing bridge…YOU SHALL NOT PASS
  • That is some terrible green screen
  • Easy on the ding ding
  • ahh…Alpaca is his dream..
  • 2 finger pressure nap
  • He never told him about his parents.
  • Try the other thumb!! Try the other thumb!!
  • haha! her father was the Matador?
  • what! She is like a kid! you can’t ask her out.
  • That phone has one job.. to show a QR Code to a laptop
  • acid and cocaine
  • was the watch a tracker?
  • Why is he knocking on the door…she can’t hear him
  • What a dysfunctional family….a cop and his crooked partner raise a daughter and come together to save the daughter…honor
  • A wise man once said….
  • uh oh…unibrow baby

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