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terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines 2003


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we …uh… we …. hold on a second guys. There is a large metallic ball forming in my office. I hope this isn’t a repeat of the Phantasm Incident…oh it’s really crackling and popping…I don’t like it…oh wait…a naked lady just emerged.

“Pardon me ma’am…it’s not my birthday and that is no cake you just popped out of. Can I help you?” What’s that? You like my glasses…well thank you… they are from the Elton John collection…fun fact…not all of his glasses are covered in glitter and shaped like……hey! Don’t take those I need those to read the rest of this….this….Jethro…no! no! Intro! yeah…Intro.

Oh wait…another ball is forming…It’s a naked guy! He seems equally pissed! Hey guy! Strippers around back ….and you really can’t call yourself a stripper if you are already naked! I mean what are you going to take off! Your head…oh my god he did it…

Uh oh…he must have said something because she is gesturing for him to “talk to the hand”…and he is doing it…literally talking to her hand…but that ain’t no hand buddy…it’s a flamethrower….

Hey Hey Hey…take that fighting outside…I’m seeing a lot of holes and dangly bits I don’t care to see in this context…aaand now there is a hole in my wall…thanks guys!

Well I don’t know what that was all about but it appears that fate is trying to murder 2020 and this episode of Filmsack. But I don’t believe in fate…so suck it ya naked…pissed off…. piece of poo… Randy




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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) – Like asking Arnold Schwarznegger to rob an AM/PM Store for 30 Million dollars. Talk to the hand. Wait..give me the money. I’ll be back.


  • Will he be back?
  • Rumbly Intro
  • The Future has not been written…there is not fate but what we make for ourse…..NUKE! – Jon Connor don’t believe that.
  • They tried to murder me before I was born…and at 13…and at…
  • Mom said the storm was coming! 3 Billion Lives gone instantly…just us left.
  • We stopped Judgment day…but now…this life…
  • Living off the grid…no phone…no address…just this bad motoscooter a Terminator taught me how to use.
  • Is it always a skull intro for Terminator movies
  • Less than stellar CGI…but 2003
  • These bots are humanoid in apparence.
  • Bad Motoscooter in the dark dark wearing dark and going fast….Deer says…sup
  • Meanwhile in Beverly Hills. A store window.
  • Melty Manican
  • Terminators always show up nek’ed and with a bad attitude…
  • When a naked dude approaches guys laugh….naked lady….Can I get you some help!
  • Is she talking to a fax machine? “We need you to make your best 2003 modem face…”
  • This Terminator is not off the grid
  • In movies the police always talk to you from their loudspeakers in their car…happens in real life?
  • 20cc’s of cleveage stat.
  • I like your car…taken! I like your gun…taken…I like your cheeseburger….nooooo
  • She hates machines…she will be our love interest
  • Do father’s ever call their kids…kiddo? Hey Kiddo.
  • How many stars is her father.
  • She do no wanna get married.
  • Tricky Bastard Virus.
  • Use our AI! Noooo. Fly with a Bazooka
  • Skynet is not ready Daddy!
  • Now that is how you keep your Time Travel on the down low…pop your bubble out in the desert
  • Arnold Side Nipple!
  • Them dogs at the animal hospital be like…nooooo…those are my pills!
  • What kind of dog pills are good for on the run humans.
  • Stripper shows up naked is not stripper…he is just a naked guy.
  • haha…Talk to the hand! Hello hand.
  • Elton John glasses…I don’t think so.
  • T-1000 gear is pretty abundant…is that a choice when choosing your time travel landing spot
  • This drive thru is backwards.
  • Jose! You dead.
  • Global Digital Network
  • oh William…don’t tell crazy tracy who you are.
  • Just gonna do some doggy drugs and cutting.
  • We got a midnight (5:30 in the morning) sick cat coming in…that is some dedication.
  • Great we got junkies.
  • Chemical neuter dogs would be a bit risky
  • Crazy cat hairball lady’s cat’s name is Hercules.
  • Mike Cripkey’s basement…What does that mean!
  • His foster parents were murdered.
  • Catherine Brewster? A little late to ask…how about a blood DNA test. No!
  • Do Terminators have vision problems…they always looking through their eyebrows.
  • How does she have all the DNA database.
  • Catherine runs like a nerd
  • John Connor can not even break out a cage designed for a dog
  • Close range paint guns would hurt.
  • Gun or Truck. I choose truck.
  • Catherine Brewster…come with me.
  • Wow…she would just sell him out like that…
  • She is somewhere between mechanical and liquid
  • Good Terminator…or bad…Terminator
  • You can’t compete with that.
  • Hey son…your animal hospital van ain’t got no driver side door
  • Toyota Tundra…
  • Ok…Ok…I understand she could control electrons remotely…but how did she Maximum Overdrive mechanical things like shifting and steering.
  • Don’t yell at the driver
  • This is my company car…
  • Take this company car and shove it
  • ok…so she is a little bit OP
  • I am assuming nanobots?
  • I am the wide load champion…Who even needs a street with utility poles of people
  • uh oh…suburban neighborhood and front yard clearing could be easy kid death
  • Wiping Schwarzneggers from your wide load truck like a bug.
  • This is a massive care chase scene
  • How much large city equipment can we destroy
  • He is such a polite Terminator
  • Why can’t she just turn herself into a motorcycle and chase them?
  • No sign of Brain Trauma! nice check.
  • Drop dead asshole…I am unable to comply
  • A Tx was sent back? A Calculator?
  • We stopped Judgment Day…You only postponed it…It is inevitable.
  • Connor take the wheel.
  • Nano shit…there it is….
  • An Anti Terminator Terminator
  • Dropping fuel cells like tiny atomic bombs in the dessert
  • AM/PM store
  • This is Whack at the AM/PM Store
  • I need to shop like Schwarznegger at an AM/PM Store slamming shit into a basket.
  • She has a painful scream.
  • If she has Pet Doc 2…what is their other ride?
  • I have a fiance..he is going to be looking for me…I don’t like him…but he might.
  • Connor is a bit of a downer in the back of a beat up pet doc van.
  • Killing his captains.
  • Their paths cross every 10 years…or is that the convergence…they are going to be sweeties and make the baby that does the thing in the future.
  • TX is like a snake
  • Scott Mason Mask
  • Come with me if you want to Leave
  • I’ll be right back
  • No Fate But What We Make!
  • Don’t Do that.
  • Sarah Connor put a weapons stash in her will. They spread her ashes
  • Living in Baha. 6 months with Lukemia…fought for 3 years…long enough to make sure the world didn’t end
  • How did she shoot him in the face for him to spit out bullets
  • Thank gawd…just kill her already…she is all reasonable like a real person. I want fake movie people!
  • Anger is more useful that despair…basic psychology is one of his subroutines.
  • Right by the desert….Chest bursting hand for driving.
  • Cate…My name is Doctor Silverman…I’m a throwback…Hostage situation. Impossible things…crazy things.
  • hahah…Drop your weapon…and the coffin.
  • So is the doc in this triangle as well?
  • No Human Caualties…but a lot of pooped pants.
  • Contacts with military and his wife.
  • hey…that’s not my fiance!
  • Tx’s run fast
  • TX can take the form of any organic thing it touches…did it touch a snake? How about a cat?
  • We need a new vehicle. Valley of Peace is seen better days.
  • Primary weapon damaged..
  • Truck drive is nope….lady on the side of the road with a flamethrower for a hand…talk to the hand..talk to the flamethrower
  • Healthy Female
  • Termanatrix
  • Robert Brewster – Air Force Cyber Research Skynet
  • It is all about your father…only he can shut down Skynet
  • Judgment day is today? 3 hours from now.
  • Robot….Cybernetic Organism
  • Resistance Captured me and reprogrammed me. I was an assassinationer
  • If you die I have no reason to exist
  • She is in charge.
  • July 4th, 2039..you ded
  • So T1000 killed John and then she reprogrammed him to go back and protect him.
  • Skynet is taking everything down…
  • Is John actually doing anything with that C4? He is not making much progress.
  • Mike Crypkies basement….it was a good time.
  • Levity is good…it relieves tension and the ear of death.
  • Terminators are easy to spot…they all look pissed and on a mission.
  • Mr. Chairman. and Mr Brewster….all the monies you need.
  • T1-2 looks like a bad Johnny Number 5
  • Don’t press that Y
  • Daddy is like what….twins!
  • She’ll be back
  • Skynet has become self aware.
  • T1-2 is like a a gallery game….pew pew pew
  • no…the T1-8…oh they just have sequential numbers…no 7….don’t kill number 5…number 5 is alive!
  • the codes are in the the red envelope….you have to get to crystal peak.
  • Particular Accelerator leads to the runway.
  • Terminators need a purpose
  • 2003 CGI
  • Oh man…somebody blew up the toilet! Do not go in there.
  • Man down…all the man down
  • Everything on a swivel. Head…check…legs…check….arms…check.
  • Who let the drone inside?
  • Finally…Cate is a movie hero
  • You remind me of my mother…wrong thing to say?
  • Magnets…yes…magnets…take that you mechanical piece of liquid poo!
  • He has been reprogrammed.
  • She trained on her father’s plane…they are pretty quick to explain stuff.
  • CPU is intact but other things…not so much.
  • Desire is irrelevant.
  • Humans always reasoning with robots.
  • This truck makes me angry!
  • He shut himself down with his ass cheeks clinched in tight leather pants.
  • Reboot the machine! Virus gone…it was 2003…it is how we do.
  • Green screen run
  • Get a bigger chooper
  • I’m back
  • detachable legs
  • John’s limp explained
  • Fuel cell in the mouth
  • haha…conspiracy be splaining. It is just a fallout shelter to VIPs
  • Her daddy lied to get them to safety…cause they are the VIPs
  • They went all that way to get to a bunker when they were already headed to a bunker.
  • Daddy’s mission was the same as T1…which was like Johns dad. You can’t stop fate. Sometimes you just have to accept it.
  • All those bunkers with old isolated computers…this is the rise of the resistance. Fate…Crystal Peak.
  • I am in charge…screw Cate…I’m in charge…till I’m dead…then she is in charge.
  • It was software in the net…there was nothing to shut down.
  • Our destiny was to survive Judgement day
  • Daddy knew but I didn’t want to hear it.

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